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Halloween 2013

shutterstock_155981804Are You getting ready for Halloween Twenty Thirteen? Halloween is a favorite holiday for some.

Did You know? Halloween is a worldwide multi-billion dollar industry!

Imagine the combined commercial interests/(monies) of all popular holidays; staggering figures for sure.

I had relatives who lived in Salem, Massachusetts and that’s one town that goes all out. Celebrating all month long and then some. “Much of the city’s cultural identity is reflective of its role as the location of the Salem witch trials of 1692.” ~Wikipedia: You can read more on Salem/witch trials there IF You choose.

Partners and caregivers (and all of us) have so much on our plate already. Hey, I’m all for celebrating when appropriate, e.g. Partners in Wellness: It’s a Celebration! and having some balanced diversion/refreshing recreation helps with wellness.

However, when a holiday turns into an excuse/reason to openly stigmatize/discriminate/depict the mentally ill as “monsters” to be afraid of on Halloween: I’m NOT into that at all! Check it out: Haunted House Psycho Asylum or KKK – Which Perpetrates more Hate Crime?


What is one thing (just about) every government, religion and business have in common??

Special-nationalistic days and/or holidays throughout the year, right?

What purpose do these really serve??

Which of these elements really rule the world: Government? Religion? Business? Technology? Spooky Supernatural Forces?

All of these elements i.e. business, government, religion are intricately intertwined. All are in bed together and making lots of money off of you, me and the global masses of humanity. (Yet, so many of us unfairly: go hungry, homeless and without much needed mental or physical care.) Where does all the money go?? or may be ? we should ask: Where is all the money wasted??

FY: i’m not anti-government or authority, technology or business or celebration or fun. I do respect authority when authority doesn’t exploit and/or abuse its position. It can serve a compassionate purpose. Ideally: one of maintaining peace, order, structure, organization, life and care.

However, patterns of man cruel government and man cruel religion through the centuries have caused countless Breathingfragilelife to suffer mentally and physically…resulting in death!🙁

Over-consumerism is killing us, as well as modern-day fake/non-compassionate religion and modern-day fake/non-compassionate government working together/side-by-side and hand-in-hand. (For some related posts/context on this topic, please see: Sprinkling Seeds…No Excuses – Empathy Needed)

Here’s 1 perspective from: an awake-thinking-questioning-outsider living outside boxes (namely me) who despises attempts of being controlled (in particular by control freaks). (For further context please read: What do You Think? How do You Exist? Are You Superstitious?)   As a 44 year old adult, wouldn’t you find it odd/strange IF I walked around with a pacifier in my mouth?!

Babies use/need pacifiers. Do we encourage use of pacifiers for toddlers, kids, adults? (Well joanie, you do talk a lot…maybe ? you need a pacifier to shut up already!-lol So, your words and unconventional thoughts/questions don’t ruffle any important/prestigious feathers. May be ? you need a pacifier on certain days/times throughout the year.)

If somebody were to hand you a pacifier and/or shove it in your mouth…would you readily and unquestioningly suck on it or spit it out??

Well, I encourage the compassionate/smart/adult/free-thinker You are:) to do your own careful research on the origin/purpose of holidays/man-made traditions/government-nationalistic days that You may choose to observe.

My personal, careful research has led me to believe/conclude: that most of these frequent holidays, government /nationalistic days, spending days thrust/forced upon us throughout the year: control and exploit the use of our time as well as control and exploit the use of our money!

These dictate what we eat and when. What we buy and when. What we wear and when. How we spend our money and how we spend our time. They dictate how we live and what we do throughout the year!

(Come on, who LIKES dictators??!! Who LIKES being dictated as to what, how, when to do??!!)

They program, enslave, pacify, subjugate and oppress/suppress/exploit the masses of mankind…programming thoughts, programming plans, programming lives, programming pocketbooks, programming spending, programming eating and programming drinking.

Don’t be fooled. Don’t be pacified. Don’t be enslaved. BE FREE!:)

Here’s 1 historical example of *fake government aka non-compassionate government and *fake religion aka non-compassionate religion working hand in hand perpetrating crimes against humanity:

 Guenter Lewy writes: “Had German Catholicism from the start adhered to a policy of resolute opposition to the Nazi regime, world history might well have taken a different course. Even if this struggle had ultimately failed to defeat Hitler and prevent all of his many crimes, it would in this view have raised the moral prestige of the Church immeasurably. The human cost of such resistance would undeniably have been great, but these sacrifices would have been made for the greatest of all causes. With the home front unreliable, Hitler might not have dared going to war and literally millions of lives would have been saved…When thousands of German anti-Nazis were tortured to death in Hitler’s concentration camps, when the Polish intelligentsia was slaughtered, when hundreds of thousands of Russians died as a result of being treated as Slavic Untermenschen [subhumans], and when 6,000,000 human beings were murdered for being ‘non-Aryan,’ Catholic Church officials in Germany bolstered the regime perpetrating these crimes. The Pope in Rome, the spiritual head and supreme moral teacher of the Roman Catholic Church, remained silent.” ~ The Catholic Church and Nazi Germany pages 320, 341.


{What holidays/government-nationalistic days did Hitler and his crime perpetrators celebrate/observe?}

Here’s research for You to consider about Halloween: (I highlighted interesting/noteworthy points.)

“Halloween is integrally related to the prospect of contact with spiritual forces, many of which threaten or frighten.” ~Encyclopedia of American Folklore.

“Elements of the customs connected with Halloween can be traced to a Druid ceremony in pre-Christian times. The Celts had festivals for two major gods–a sun god and a god of the dead (called Samhain), whose festival was held on November 1, the beginning of the Celtic New Year. The festvial of the dead was gradually incorporated into Christian rituals.”–The Encyclopedia Americana (1977), Vol. 13, p. 725.

The 1910 edition of The Encyclopedia Britannica  states: “All Souls’ Day…the day set apart in the Roman Catholic Church for the commemoration of the faithful departed. The celebration is based on the doctrine that the souls of the faithful which at death have not been cleansed from venial sins, or have not atoned for past transgressions, cannot attain the Beatific Vision, and that they may be helped to do so by prayer and by sacrifice of the mass…Certain popular beliefs connected with All Souls’ Day are of pagan origin and immemorial antiquity. The dead are believed […] to return to their former homes on all Souls’ night and partake of the food of the living.’–Vol. I, p. 709.

Quick history reminder: 1st. Century C.E. “The Romans conquer the Celts and adopt the spiritistic rituals of Samhain.”

Check this out:

Costumes: “The Celts wore frightening masks so that evil spirits would mistakenly think the wearers were spirits and would leave them alone. The church gradually amalgamated pagan customs with the feasts of All Souls and All Saints. Later, celebrants went from house to house wearing costumes of saints, angels, and devils.”

Pumpkins: “Carved, candlelit turnips were displayed to repel evil spirits. To some, the candle in the turnip represented a soul trapped in purgatory. Later, carved pumpkins were more commonly used.”

Candy: “The ancient Celts tried to appease wicked spirits with sweets. The church later encouraged celebrants to go from house to house on All Hallows’ Eve, asking for food in return for a prayer for the dead. This custom eventually became Halloween’s trick or treat. ~excerpted from article: The Truth about Halloween

Sorry people, but my (moderate) candy consumption is not going to be controlled by ancient Celtic custom, wicked evil spirit or billion dollar big business! My candy consumption is controlled by me…and my sweet tooth -lol 😉

Honestly, as a parent “trying” (imperfectly) to teach my kids compassion, kindness, patience, moderation and not instant gratification: the attitude of: “gimme a treat or i give you a trick”…(while begging at strangers’ houses)…sorta leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

Who/What really controls you?? Who/What really makes the world go around?? Who/What really makes your world go round??


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Halloween 2013

Joan Winifred

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