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Dangerous Places: Movies, Malls & Classrooms?!

shutterstock_68629072(1)Danger and Horror have a way of deeply imprinting memories in our mind.

I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when…

rocking and nursing my (1 month) brand-new baby boy L-P. Usually, when engaged in this activity of privilege: feeding and comforting our baby, the TV was off! (Talking, singing, reading, music was on!)

However, this was not a usual day and for whatever unusual reason, the TV was on…so,

I heard the horrific Columbine massacre news!:(

L-P was crying and needing comfort and me, new mommy was crying and needing comfort!

(I remember finding solace in the notion of never bringing him to school and keeping him close. Plus, he was years away from that reality i.e. elementary school enrollment.)

Why the TV was on that day–don’t know, don’t remember. (Because I had made a resolve to NOT expose my baby/child to TV for, at least, the first two years of his life.)

Pretty much we succeeded in that…TV was not a steady diet. We/partners/parents still “attempt” to limit TV, media…but, like any important parenting endeavor: it’s not an easy daily battle.

Every parent needs to battle corrupting forces that can rob a child of his/her childhood or his/her life. 

It’s part of the parental job description: Preserving Your Child’s Innocence and Protecting their Fleeting Childhood! No one else will do it quite like you!

There are many: so-called fathers-priests/coaches, drug-dealers, big business targeting youth, the porn industry, on-line and off-line threats, and countless non-compassionate/violent elements ever ready to pounce…thereby taking/stealing your kid’s precious innocence and/or precious childhood away in a split second of inattentiveness or neglect.

WAKE UP PARENTS!…this is not the world you and I grew up in! Back in the day: there was at least facade of “safety”…now everything is hanging out in the open for all to see regardless of age. All the (global) dirty laundry isn’t hidden anymore.

Idiot parents are losing their beautiful babies to non-compassionate daycare operators who drug and OD babies on benadryl. SADLY, Puppy mills and baby mills exist.:(

(You can research the numbers of baby benadryl deaths on-line to see for yourself.) Teens are being drugged and raped at poorly or not-supervised-at-all parties. Middle school and elementary kids (including teachers) being shot to death in the classroom (i.e. Sparks Middle school in Nevada and Newtown: Comfort, Hugs and Hope!)

Parents: we cannot relinquish our parental duties! The number one duty being LIFE GUARD!

Further context please see:Injury Prevention Important! We all know there are all kinds of shark infested waters out there…IF parents go off duty, we are leaving our kids very vulnerable!!:(

Every parent including myself need to reexamine our daily choices to be sure we appreciate and value our role in our child’s precious life.

1. Are we making selfish/poor choices as parents that may be endangering our children?

2. Are we making selfless/wise choices as parents that may be protecting our children?

3. By example and guidance are we teaching our children to make poor choices?

4. By example and guidance are we teaching our children to make wise choices?

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Obvious Truth!

Cultural values: education, entertainment and shopping: need to seriously be reframed from potentially pleasant places to potentially dangerous places. How many have lost their lives at malls, at the movies and/or in classrooms in recent years or this past year?? The numbers, events and tragic incidents are steadily growing and that’s cause for caution, cause for concern and cause for awareness.

Has decay of society and morality taken us to these “dangerous” places: movies, malls & classrooms??!

Seriously, nowadays, it could be a life or death matter dropping your kid/teen off at the movies, the mall or the classroom. Who would of thought…years ago…we would have to “reframe” our thinking about these so-called safe and potentially pleasant places as danger/life-threatening zones of possible no return.


Recent violent events at school and elsewhere serve as warnings to All Partners/Parents who LOVE their Children:

  • Know What Your Child is Doing
  • Know What Your Child is Watching
  • Know What Your Child is Eating for body/mind food
  • Know Who Your Child is With
  • Know Where Your Child is On-line and Off!

For our children to be SAFE–we must continue supervising our children with vigilance. Parents can save the life of their child! Parents can save their child’s childhood!

FY: I’m not going to the extreme in this post and saying don’t ever bring your kid to school or don’t ever watch a movie or don’t ever go shopping when needed…just be careful and safe, educated and aware… with whatever You choose to do as a family/partner/parent/caregiver/fragile-life.

Yeah, parenthood is a complex, daunting responsibility requiring on-going education and on-going work. Yes, we must be alert, awake to potentially dangerous places in order to protect. Obviously, we cannot live in a bubble nor avoid all danger. However, we don’t have to be stupid/ignorant/unaware hence endangering the wellness of our children.

We can do our best! Let’s not forget the rewards: a long-living, safe child for one!🙂

Clear, consistent boundaries help protect. Teach: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual safety. Kids need skillful direction/guidance to make wise choices.

“When there is no skillful direction (wise guidance), the people fall, but there is success through many advisers.” Proverb 11:14

“The naive (or inexperienced) will inherit foolishness, but the shrewd are crowned with knowledge.” Proverb 14:18

Parenthood is a privilege, it is a JOY!


THANK YOU ALL GRANDPARENTS, GUARDIANS and OTHERS/TEACHERS/MENTORS who truly love and guide the young ones in their lives and who set a good example for all of us to follow!!:)

I also appreciate the examples of YOU parents more experienced than me (who have been on duty more than my 14 years)…working hard! THANK YOU!!:)

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Dangerous Places: Movies, Malls & Classrooms?!

Joan Winifred

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