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88 Reasons For Happiness! & Hooray! Happy Today? It’s Sunday, usually a busy day for me/us. I LOVE Sundays…do You?

and like most days/everyday (Sunday or not): my whole existence (aim) in this life: How Do I Help YOU?
What Am I Suppose To Do?!

(I will never stop asking nor stop learning the answers to above-questions…as a life-long learner of compassion!)

October 27, 2013: Let’s stop, sit, meditate and ruminate: Reasons for Happiness: 88!

1 week of time living/learning = 7 days + 1 day/next day number 8…buying out time for stopping, reflecting, meditating, recording, listing, ruminating, appreciating: HAPPINESS FACTORS/CONTRIBUTORS do multiply…no matter what the unexpected weekly circumstance(s) or weather (fleeting/changing emotional climate or otherwise).

It’s a tad cooler here in FL so, I’m loving it. (Plunked down and “click,” my 8 year old snapped photo(s) this afternoon.) Hope You, my Dear Readers, are enjoying NICE weather in whatever form “weather” takes.

*Please Note: This on-going (at times non-thematic, random, rambling or poetic) list/reasons is a Coping Tool for Partners, Caregivers and Others.

Positive Reflection adds to Our Wellness! Dwelling on the Encouraging:

88. The fine line between Noise (that warns) & Music (that Consoles)

87. The fine line between Courage (of acting or refraining) and Stupidity(of endangering)

86. The fine line between Joyful Screams (of I love You) and Discreet Whispers (of I Love You)/ The fine line between Poetry (of the Concrete) and Prose (of the Abstract)

85. Love that is Patient (The fine line between Direct and Indirect Communication/Language: AGAPE)…

84. Love that is Kind! Seeking the best interests of another (even when that means suffering/pain for yourself/making the sacrifice).

83. Skillfully Walking the Fine Line..of thought/action/consequence/life

82. Guarding (protecting) Thinking (mind)/ by Capturing Positive Thoughts and holding them captive while releasing/freeing-letting go of negative (worthless) thoughts.

81. Park Benches:)…for sitting, relaxing, thinking, talking, and ruminating Reasons for Happiness: Reasons to: SMILE…it’s good for YOU and Others, too!:)Happiness Reasons 88 - Joan Winifred caregiving

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88 Reasons For Happiness!

Joan Winifred

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