shutterstock_141462232THANKS for joining me for Part deux (2).

Don’t You dislike being taken out of context? (I totally dislike being taken out of context!) So, Please read this first: MC performed, but How would JC Act?! (Part 1)

I prefer Justifiable Confidence over mc or Misplaced confidence any day!

How about You?

Remember, we learned in Part 1 to reason on the term “justifiable” as:

Just-IF-i-able…just IF i(‘ m) able or just IF I’m ABLE or: If I’m ABLE? I will Do Just! 🙂

Justifiable can be described as: able to be shown to be right or reasonable; defensible, valid, legitimate, warranted, well-founded, supportable, acceptable.

When mc (misplaced confidence) performs, it may be perfunctory in choices and/or mindlessly following the crowd; no matter which dangerous/unhealthy way it’s headed. However, certain “positive” traits help us find compass/conscience/stability and Justifiable Confidence:

For example, loyalty is a quality to admire/appreciate/apply/try to emulate.  A doggie: man’s loyal companion…man’s best friend, eh?! Don’t most of us value loyalty in our friends, partners, relatives, leaders, pets?!

Where we place our confidence is where we feed from: Our body/mind is affected either positively or negatively by the entertainment/media/food/ table of our choosing.

What are You eating and what You’re eating, is it forming Your values?!

How we act or how we perform is dependent on: MC (Misplaced Confidence) or JC (Justifiable Confidence).

We all need confidence, let’s make it Justifiable!:)

For our confidence to be justifiable, examining our value system is important. What do You value as Partner, Caregiver, Friend, Fragile-Life?!

Well, You’re still reading this blog (THANKS!) so, You probably value partnerships and wellness?? What values can help Partnerships and Wellness?

Here’s a brief list for You to personally ponder:

  • Love
  • Compassion
  • Honesty
  • Truth
  • Dignity
  • Promises
  • Work
  • Wellness
  • Forgiveness
  • Personal Integrity
  • Freedom
  • Life

Here’s another thing for You to reflect upon which I read:

“Humanity’s survival “may depend on the acceptance of a global ethic,” says the journal Counseling and Values. “Perhaps the most agreed-upon universal moral value is the Golden Rule.”

{Do You know who originally taught the golden rule with JC/Justifiable Confidence in its positive impact? Yes, JC or Jesus Christ!}

WHY not try it?? Practice the Golden Rulebuild some Justifiable Confidence–by tasting and seeing positive impacts the Golden Rule will have: in Your life, in Your Partnership(s), in Your Wellness!🙂

“Do for others what you want them to do for you.” (Matthew 7:12 Good News Translation)


*Colors have been shown to affect mood and learning among some. Color is used in Partners in Wellness as a learning/teaching/coping tool and as a positive element contributing to wellness. What are Your favorite colors? Why?

On-going research and study is a building process. I hope when/if possible to present to You, My Dear Readers, in another blog–what I’ve read, learned, discovered on this fun topic. Color and all its beautiful shades/nuances bring immeasurable joy/benefits to many; not just to the artists among us.

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