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International Literacy Day: What are You Reading Today?

shutterstock_136316324International Literacy Day is (officially) September 8th, 2013.

However, don’t You think: EVERY DAY should be International Literacy Day?!

Especially as Partners in Wellness, we want to be literate and up-to-date on various mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health topics contributing to wellness.  What are You reading today?!…Other than my blog;)

Is it good for You?! Is it good for Your mind/body/heart/soul?

I’m reading/flipping through 2 books Hubby gave me knowing 1. I enJOY smoothies. 2. I enJOY writing.

1. Super Smoothies 100 Recipes to SUPERCHARGE Your Immune System by Ellen Brown founding editor of USA Today with Karen Konopelski, M.S., R.D.

Nutty Almond Date Smoothie and Mexican Chocolate Banana Smoothie sound Super Yummy!:)

2. Grammar Essentials for Dummies: Distinguishing essential information from extras

“Sometimes your descriptions are longer than one word. If a description is essential to the meaning of the sentence, don’t put commas around it. If the description provides extra, non-essential information, set it off with commas.”

Choose Well! Choose Reading Material that will actually aid You. Accurate Knowledge on a wide-range of topics is beneficial in making wellness choices. Science and spirituality contribute immensely to our wellness. Both topics I find compatible and complementary. How literate are You on these topics?

Literacy helps one develop:

“[…]Common Sense and Sound Judgment.” Proverbs 3:21 –Contemporary English Version

PLEASE: Check this out:

Over the years, the notion of  literacy has evolved. The conventional concept limited to reading, writing and numeracy skills is still in wide use, as well as the notion of functional literacy which links literacy with socio-economic development. But other ways of understanding “literacy” or “literacies” have emerged to address the diverse learning needs  of individuals in knowledge-oriented and globalized societies.

Why do people need literacy skills? How is literacy shaped by culture, history, language, religion and socio-economic conditions? What are the impacts of technological advancement on literacy? Is it possible to determine in a diverse world a minimum set of basic literacy skills?

I LOVE books. 66 in particular, a masterpiece written originally in Hebrew and Greek. I Love to read.

What are Your Literacy goals?

A good book should equip one to do good or do well and be well, right? When we read something, we want to trust that whatever we are reading is helpful, truthful and worth our time. Some choose best-sellers. What’s your criteria for reading choice?shutterstock_128062217

Literacy is expansive and broadly goes far beyond the basics of reading and writing well. Literacy encompasses fluency, competency of such vital things/areas as: Agape Love, Compassion, Peace, the Arts, Music, Poetry, Nutrition, Technology, Conservation, Global Ethics, Humor, Mental Health, Wellness, etc.!

Literacy helps us better communicate. LOVE Literacy– helps relationships thrive, endure much and succeed.

Literacy growth has infinite potential to elevate our quality of living and loving on our entire planet!

Oh, is that right?!


Reaching literacy goals could make one “cooler than cool” or a monk/munk. 🙂

Literacy teaches us the “how to” do…personally, I think Compassion Literacy is a must to be cultivated daily. 

Good results from Compassion Literacy…benefits felt between Friends, Family, Neighbors, Internationally!

Here’s what an ancient, all-time-best-seller, the most widely translated and circulated book on record, the Bible says:

“Everything in the Scriptures is God’s Word. All of it is useful for teaching and helping people and correcting them and showing them how to live. […]to do all kinds of good deeds.”

THANKS for Practicing Literacy of Good Deeds. Good deeds contribute to our Wellness, indeed! 🙂


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International Literacy Day: What are You Reading Today?

Joan Winifred

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