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Why Wing it?

shutterstock_98484398Wellness Greetings to YOU! 🙂

Wellness and Wings. What?! Do You like wings? (not exactly talking hot and spicy -lol) Wings belong on chickens, eh? and birds that can (actually) fly. Wings belong to butterflies and dragonflies…Why wing it IF YOU don’t have to???

Oh, the power of choice. The power to bring us closer to wellness or to fly us further away. Which direction are You headed? In which direction are You flying?! Afraid to fly?!

Choice important. Choice big and small. Consequence big and small. Insufficient or misinformation leads to insufficient and misinformed decision-making.  Poor decisions lead to deficient, insufficient, incompleteness that could be called anything but well. (Well, what are You talking about joanie??)

“Sensible people will see trouble coming and avoid it, but an unthinking person will walk right into it and regret it later.” (Proverbs 22:3, “Good News Translation”)

Let me ask You this:  Are You avoiding trouble? or

Are You winging it–DUDE?! 😉

Historical examples of “winging it” from which to learn: Through the centuries people have turned to religion, science and government for leadership; for wellness.  (We could also add TV, media and hollywood/entertainment industry as strong influencers of mindset/decision-making.) Where are these sources “really” taking us??

Where has this gotten man/fragile life? What does history and present-day-story teach us about these sources of influence/leadership? (Countless examples upon which to reflect.) Are these sources leading us along the path of wellness–the path of family, neighborhood, community, and global peace? The path to longevity of life and peace or are we being misled away from wellness?

“Every civilization that has ever existed has ultimately collapsed. History is a tale of efforts that failed, or aspirations that weren’t realized…So, as a historian, one has to live with a sense of the inevitability of tragedy.”–Henry Kissinger, political scientist and professor of government, as quoted in The New York Times, October 13, 1974, p. 30B.

{We do have internet and other technological advances since Kissinger’s quote. Is man any better off?? Is all the information circulating on the internet and media trustworthy? All the information we have at our fingertips–is it helpful or harmful? You decide-decide well! Do more gadgets bring more happiness?}

Practicing this Practical Proverb:

“The plans of the diligent one surely make for advantage, but everyone that is hasty surely heads for want.” Proverbs 21:5

{Rash and Dash…decisions can be deadly! Diligence as described by 1 on-line dictionary: “Earnest and persistent application to an undertaking; steady effort; assiduity. Attentive care; heedfulness.

How would You describe diligence? Do You value this trait? How can You succeed (at making compassionate choices) by cultivating this positive quality?}

Tips to help each of us make well (compassionate) choices:

  • Research.
  • Take time to organize clear evidence to ponder.
  • Calculating the cost (not just financial)…calculating  the emotional, mental and spiritual impact of our plan/choice.
  •  “Prepare 2 lists–one detailing the benefits, the other the liabilities.” (i read this “sensible” suggestion!)
  • Don’t refuse counsel from more experienced (trustworthy) ones/people/places who choose compassion aka Agape Love.
  • Choose associates/friends wisely who will encourage/help you make compassionate choices…wellness choices.

Patterns take time to develop. History is full of patterns from which to learn. Positive patterns and negative patterns of behavior that teach us consequence. We don’t have to touch fire to know we’ll be burned, right?! Some walk, some run into danger (despite warnings/warning signs) on purpose and then wonder WHY they’re hurting.

We can avoid trouble, we can avoid pain, we can avoid misery IF WE THINK, meditate, research, pray for wisdom...BEFORE we ACT!🙂 Without adequate forethought or knowledge we could be making decisions that are ultimately harming ourselves and others. Decisions that cut short our life! Decisions that cut short our happiness. Decisions that cut short our compassion!

Examples of wisdom in nature–from which to learn–blow me away! Read this article a while back about “wings” of Dragonflies…AMAZING!

Certain dragonflies can glide for 30 seconds without any significant loss in altitude. Their secret? An aerodynamic wing that is unlike any manufactured by the aircraft industry!

The microthin wing of the dragonfly is corrugated, with pleats that prevent it from bending. Scientists have found that the pleats also give the dragonfly greater lift while gliding. “This is because air circulates in the cavities between pleats, creating areas of very low drag that aid the lift-generating airflow across the wing,” says New Scientist magazine.

After studying the wing of the dragonfly, aerospace engineer Abel Vargas and his colleagues concluded that “biologically inspired wings are very relevant in the design of micro-aerial vehicles.”  Armed with a camera or other equipment, such palm-size flying robots have a number of practical uses, from obtaining information from disaster locations to monitoring pollution levels. ~ excerpted from: The Wing of the Dragonfly–Was it Designed?

Does it make sense to look to certain so-called leaders (in their given field(s)) who have failed to bring wellness to others (by their words and/or actions) for answers/solutions/wellness/leadership??

Does it make sense to continue to follow fake leaders/fake teachers, etc…who promise lift off…but, in reality: crash and burn taking countless lives along a hopeless path to their demise or to their death?!

IF You’re gonna wing it…let’s hope You have wings like a dragonfly, huh? -lol:)

To FLY–(aka succeed in making compassionate choices that lead to longevity of life, choices that lead to greater wellness and greater peace for All-Beautiful-Breathing-Fragile-Life globally) may be, we should/need to look to the Master Designer/Organizer/Creator/Yahweh (Hebrew for God’s name) of wings…for help?! 🙂


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Why Wing it?

Joan Winifred

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