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My Dance Floor: Determination!

shutterstock_143745595Determination got some?!

Determination, perseverance in cultivating (essential) positive qualities to overcome (non-essential) negative traits…deter…mi(Y) nation!

For example, over-consumption, over-consumerism is killing us all…s-l-o-w-l-y. People don’t like being labeled, but how many of those same people wear labels(?)…shop for designer, luxury items to feel good about themselves or to brand themselves?! Personally, i “try” to live label-free…literally and symbolically. (IF it’s clean–i’ll wear it..nothing like being fresh. IF it’s clean–i’ll think it: i.e. fresh perspective!:)

Don’t You find most days, somebody is selling something: President, Priest, Retailer…whether it’s a product or themselves or etc. or etc….

Actually, this blog/post is sincere! i’m the real deal knocking at your door or your brain sayin‘–WAKE UP PEOPLE!”:)..sure, i wanna get in Your head to help YOU:

Be Courageous & PLEASE: don’t wimp out now! A “friendly” reminder: You don’t have to buy (believe) just any..”thing” (investigate “every” thing You believe/buy) before You pay a high price:

deter mi (y) n (e) ate…ate it, did that, done that…change diet…mine/mind! to: cope with emotional pain, etc? Drowning emotional pain in retail therapy is not the answer. Have You read this past post yet: Got Lemons, Now What?

Please notice these recent readings: points from an article: Why Do We Buy? (good question, why do we buy (or believe?))

Researchers say that instead of making us more satisfied, high levels of consumption may lead to greater stress and unhappiness!

We all gotta…live our own life…that’s what’s hard!…not escaping, not running away, not drowning the pain in food, drug, drink, but drinking it up (facing/accepting reality)…the pain, the happy…all of it!

WAKE UP and MOVE/DANCE/LIVE…ACTIVATE: DO! something POSITIVE! and Do something COMPASSIONATE!:) i find: doing a kind deed for someone else makes me feel better and gets my mind off  my problems/challenges or my own silly stuff (aka trivial worries about nonsense).

Check it out: MORE: Points for Pondering (i enJOYed) from above-mentioned article: Why do we Buy?

 The book Why People Buy Things They Don’t Need says: “In planning a new purchase, a consumer often develops elaborate fantasies surrounding search for an item, finding it, and making it their own.”

Marketing expert Jim Pooler explains: “If the retailer can sense this emotional state he can tap into it and take advantage of the customer’s elevated arousal level and weakened defenses.”

It is natural to want a better life. Advertisers bombard us with messages that all of our desires—better health, security, relief from stress, and closer relationships—can be achieved by making the right purchases.

As our number of possessions increases, our quality of life can actually decrease. Additional time and money are needed to care for more material things. Stress
levels rise because of pressure from debt, and there is less time for family and friends.

We must culturally (and otherwise) adjust our measuring stick of self-worth: the things we own don’t determine who we really are on the inside! Material things/stuff/clothes don’t give us positive inner qualities/traits like honesty, compassion, personal integrity, love, patience.

Competition and comparison with other fragile life leads to dissatisfaction…more competition, more comparison, more shopping, etc. (i chose to compare/reflect upon myself with myself…my personal inner growth over time.)

The book Shiny Objects explains: “A common way we tell others who we are (or would like to be) is through our use and display of material possessions.” Marketers know  this and work to associate product brands—especially luxury brands—with specific lifestyles and values. How do you see yourself, and how do you want others to see you? As stylish? As athletic? No matter what image you want, marketing promises that if you simply buy the right brand, you can adopt the brand’s identity as part of your own. ~Why Do We Buy?

Do shiny objects make us brilliant?!

It’s wise to examine our values, our value system, what we buy and why and what we believe and why!  It’s wise to examine who or what we let influence our values. Are You gonna let those who are only after Your money (and don’t care about Your best interests) determinate/dictate your self-worth???  You’re worth more than money!:)

This ancient advice will give You something further to think on this topic: “Bible does not condemn owning material things but teaches that greater happiness comes from a way of life that is “free of the love of money.”—Hebrews 13:5.”

“Even when a person has an abundance his life does not result from the things he possesses.” (Luke 12:15)

“Do not let your adornment be…the putting on of gold ornaments or the wearing of outer garments, but let it be the secret person of the heart.” (1 Peter 3:3, 4)

Seriously ponder: positive inner heart/inner person growth/transformation we would accomplish IF we “spent” MORE time cultivating positive qualities (i.e. compassion, determination, forgiveness) and spent less time shopping! (Let’s take care of people/animals and not just our stuff/possessions!:) Yes, some do shop/run errands to help others out…and that’s commendable!:)

Please, put it* down and step away from the cash register…lol:) (*IT-ems You don’t need to live!)



Achievable/Believable/Conceivable: YES, YOU CAN!

ABC REVIEW: #2: Achievable, Believable, Conceivable: DETERMINATION!:)


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My Dance Floor: Determination!

Joan Winifred

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