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Archives for August, 2013


LOVE: a 4 Letter Word Mothers (Should) Use!

Oh, it's okay baby, don't cry! (Mother, Mom, Mommy), Mama IS here for You because I LOVE You!

This beautiful word is expressed not only on our lips throughout the day to our kids, but in our daily deeds as we assist our young ones growing to maturity. Maturity doesn't involve just physical growth, but emotional, mental and spiritual growth as well. As mothers, our choices affect our kids in complicated ways. (Ways we...
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24 Reasons For Happiness!

HOORAY!..TODAY, August 24th, (2013) triple eight (24) Reasons for HAPPINESS to Ruminate:

24. Learning to: Geek Speak: Say WHAT?  (appreciating benefits of speaking Geek & Greek aka Agape Love!)

23. Learning: How Do I Help YOU? (appreciating benefits of volunteering.)

22. Learning to: Organize my life, time, energy (appreciating benefits of prioritizing the...
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Geek Speak: Say WHAT?

Geek speak can be a conundrum. Geek speak or oblique can make it challenging for some relationships to thrive (, Doctors and Patients, Caregivers and Care-Receivers, Parents and Children, Teachers and Students, Partners and Friends, Me-Tarzan, You-Jane or joan -lol and So-called Leaders and So-called Followers, etc.)

In case You need to know, i have nothing whatsoever against geeks (aka Super-Smart and/or Experts in their given field)...i use this term "geek" endearingly!..i've known (appreciated, liked very...
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What You Got? a LOT!

HAPPY Tuesday!:)  How is Your day going?! FOCUS on the positives--PLEASE! Things can turn around (or take the right turn) with the right attitude: a POSITIVE one!:)
Today/and this past week-end, i've been learning, meditating, examining closely 2 Positive qualities: Reasonableness and Generosity!  What's Your perspective/description of these traits? Here's some "quick" thoughts...
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Partners In Wellness with Joan Winifred

16 Reasons for Happiness!

Today, it's August 16th (2013)...let's double eight and ruminate our Reasons for Happiness:
16. The Sun is ! (on my face and on my back)
15. i have enough water to ! (ah, refreshing and quenches my thirst)
14. i have enough food to ! (yummy in my tummy and nutritious)
13. i have enough clothes for my ! (modesty, warmth, protection)
12. i have enough (66) books for my ! (meditate, ponder, practice)
11. The grass is green...
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What Am I Suppose To Do?!

A question i keep mulling over and over "What am i suppose to do?"  (for YOU??) for current context check out: How Do I Help YOU?

There isn't a day that goes by i don't contemplate the depth, the b-r-e-a-t-h, the HEIGHT and (answer) subsequent consequence of this (complex) question.

Living compassion or "doing" "trying" Your best to live/act compassionately is perplexing at times (for me...
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8 Reasons For Happiness

August 8, (2013) (my) 8 Reasons For Happiness to Ruminate:

8. i'm ! (little breaths & big BREATHS)

7. i'm ! (little positive thoughts & big POSITIVE thoughts)

6. i'm ! (beyond me: little details & beautiful big picture)

5. i'm ! (little life sounds & big life sounds)

4. i'm ! (little (easy) lessons & big (difficult) lessons)

3. i'm ! (little laughs & no big tears (like yesterday))

2. i'm ! (little words & little words...
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My Dance Floor: Determination!

Determination got some?!

Determination, perseverance in cultivating (essential) positive qualities to overcome (non-essential) negative (Y) nation!

For example, over-consumption, over-consumerism is killing us People don't like being labeled, but how many of those same people wear labels(?) for designer, luxury items to feel good about themselves or to brand themselves?! Personally, i "try" to live and symbolically. (IF it's clean--i'll wear like being fresh. IF it's...
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How to Forgive: The Basics

HAPPY August to YOU: Beautiful-Breathing-Fragile-Life!:) Just like the start of each new day is an opportunity for peace and wellness, each new month provides incentive to continue down a progressive path toward greater wellness. What do You hope to achieve this August? How about: Forgiveness?!

Forgiveness a great concept, eh? Achievable?? YES!:)
You just have to know how. It...
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