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A Peaceful Mind is a Neutral Mind!

shutterstock_134364620Dear Reader, i wish You PEACE, Paix, Fred, Shalom, Salaam, Irini, Der Friede, Shanti, Taika, мир, Paz, Heiwa, Ukuthula, Peoning Hwa, Baris!:)

Peace a term “Common” to every language…

but SADLY 🙁 not experienced or practiced by all speakers. WHY is that??

Peace– something most of us value! Yet, difficult for some of us to achieve.  Freedom–real freedom is essential for Peace. Life is interdependent, the goings-on of this planet attest to that. In the absolute sense, none of us is independent. We may pursue independence, however, The book Inquisition and Liberty commented on freedom this way: “Independence is not, in itself, necessarily a virtue: it is not a thing to be proud of without further qualification. It may, in fact, be simply one of the baser forms of selfishness . . . Man is not, and cannot without absurdity even aspire to be, a wholly independent creature.”

Do You consider yourself a wholly independent creature? Actually, i don’t. i cannot act in independence. Maybe, that’s because i understand or am learning to understand more fully the consequence. The scope of my words, actions affect others either directly or indirectly (the older i get the more aware of this fact i become)…which is quite difficult to measure.

Hoping always to have a positive, loving impact on life around me…i choose gentle participation, gentle action and gentle communication…though, i don’t always succeed in my intentions. i think striving each day to act in a manner or speak in a manner that demonstrates the truth of life being interdependent helps me work for compassion.

Do You realize the full scope of Your daily actions on the lives of those around You? Being a friendly extrovert comes with a price at times. (At times means misinterpretation/misjudgement.) Warmth and friendliness: important traits generating peace. My “personal” compassion course calls for warmth and friendly interaction with other fragile life. What does Your personal course of compassion call for?

“Freedom to indulge in every whim and instinct may be appealing, but experience teaches again and again, that freedom without self-restraint . . . and behaviour without consideration for others is the surest way to destroy the quality of life of a community, no matter what its wealth.”~Prince Philip of England-

I believe All-Breathing-FragileLife-deserves-gentleness-warmth-friendliness-peace-consideration!

This expression used to bring me a measure of comfort: ignorance is bliss. The more knowledge You acquire …the more responsibility, the more pain. Sometimes, i’d rather not know. Sometimes, i’d rather know…depends!:) sorry, this ambiguous rambling…is heading somewhere…(it makes sense to me and my brain but You are not me, are You?!) What i’m trying to express/communicate is this: we cannot use our freedoms (no matter how relative or limited they happen to be) to harm others in any way! That would be a misuse of freedom.

For example, our speech.  Especially as caregivers, partners, friends, people…remaining neutral on some topics is crucial for peace. The world is full of controversy…getting involved in most of it is harmful. I try hard to live in a way that expresses my view of all life as precious! So, for me, that means remaining politically neutral. I refuse to participate in war. I refuse to elevate one group of people over another group of people. I believe we all belong to one race…”human!” We are all fragile. We all need compassion! So, it bothers me, it saddens me that the human family of beautiful life is divided by nation/border/politics/religion/war/pride.:( For further context on this topic: One Love, One Heart, One Unity = Alright!

Whether that war is a misunderstanding between two friends/two partners, etc., I believe in talking things out and broadening understanding leading to forgiveness…may be, this will broaden Your understanding:

“Are national flags simply signs serving some utilitarian function? What do they symbolize? “Nationalism’s chief symbol of faith and central object of worship is the flag,” stated author J. Paul Williams. The Encyclopedia Americana says: “The flag, like the cross, is sacred.” The flag is the symbol of the State. Therefore, bowing down to it or saluting it is a religious ceremony that gives reverence to the State.”

“National anthems are expressions of patriotic feeling and often include an invocation for divine guidance and protection of the people or their rulers,” says The Encyclopedia Americana. A national anthem is, in effect, a hymn or a prayer in behalf of a nation. It usually asks that the nation experience material prosperity and long duration.”

“The sentiments of national anthems vary,” says the Encyclopædia Britannica, “from prayers for the monarch to allusions to nationally important battles or uprisings . . . to expressions of patriotic feeling.”

Racist feelings nourish what nationalism teaches children from infancy, namely, that hating your nation’s enemies is not wrong.”

An essay by George M. Taber, a Time contributor, noted: “Of all the political isms of history, perhaps the strongest is nationalism.” He went on to explain: “More blood has been shed in its name than for any other cause except religion. Demagogues for centuries have stirred up fanatical mobs by blaming all their troubles on some neighboring ethnic group.”

As a Chooser of Compassion…are You working toward global peace by exhibiting peace within Your family, neighborhood, community, world?! For me, i remain neutral/respectfully refrain from any activity or form of worship…that could possibly make another group or nation feel that i don’t care about them or that they don’t deserve/need compassion or that would elevate one group’s (nation’s) well-being/needs over another’s (nation).

Every breathing thing needs compassion! IF something seemingly trivial to some: singing a song, saluting a flag or going to war, etc…offends, hurts or damages another being/(member of the same race: human) and would make them feel less worthy of compassion/love/longevity of life…would You participate in those things?? (Something to deeply consider/examine for firm supporters/choosers of compassion.)

Read this and it brought me a chuckle…”security”: a joke!

Three pacifists—an 82-year old nun along with two companions aged 63 and 57—recently breached the defenses of a site in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, that houses 100 tons of nuclear material,
and they painted antiwar slogans on one of the buildings. The lapse in security at what is supposed to be one of the world’s most secure facilities” was described by Energy Secretary Steven Chu as “deeply troubling.”

FYI: this post (i.e. above-quoted blurb) is NOT encouraging any activity that would breach security. “When we were children, we thought and reasoned as children do.”—1 Corinthians 13:11, (Contemporary English Version.) Some children have temper tantrums. Some children outgrow their tantrums. Too bad some so-called “adult” leaders/politicians/religionists, etc. haven’t grown up yet…and their temper tantrums (aka having to get their way no matter what the cost to others) cause countless innocent ones to suffer!🙁

All i’m saying: Can’t we all learn PEACE??!..we’ll all live longer!🙂 We’ll all enJOY Better Mental, Emotional, Physical Health for practicing peace and respect for life!



“The insight of a man certainly slows down his anger.”
—Proverbs 19:11.


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A Peaceful Mind is a Neutral Mind!

Joan Winifred

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