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One Love, One Heart, One Unity = Alright!

shutterstock_135620318How are You feeling?! Alright?!…may be ? a little Marley will help You feel better?!- lol:) & get Ya singin’…1 love, 1 heart, 1 unity…Unity is so lacking globally.

Unity is what we need…not division. When two, three, four hearts or more are beatin’ together–

much can be accomplished in the way of compassion.

Imagine the endless happiness of a global family of BreathingFragileLife all united together in PEACE!:) Starts with education. Continues with application. Education. Application. Education. Application…a complete heart like a puzzle without any missing pieces not lacking anything…a life with missing pieces is incomplete and not whole…not united, not satisfied… a vast void.

Too bad, too bad, too bad…the world’s religions/governments can’t get it together…& WHY is that???  1 reason: NO unity. Another reason: Not enough LOVE. AND too much Pride…everybody’s spewing their own opinions (SORRY! including me in this post;)…everybody’s gotta be right...nobody’s got the guts to be wrong…correct??!

Yes, THANKS for the reminder this is suppose to be a blog about Wellness:)…being Partners in Wellness…& Care-giving…well, YES, it is!…every partner, caregiver, person, breathing-fragile-life on the planet is affected mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually by global issues, community issues, neighborhood issues, in-house issues directly or indirectly–inescapable…what goes on behind closed doors in one house leaks out/spills out the door into the neighborhood…IF we all make a firm resolve to treat ourselves and others with compassion…Unity would abound…Let’s chill. Practicing compassion helps us all get along. 🙂


 As a Partner, Parent, Friend…whatever You wanna call me….(keep it nice please -lol:)…it’s a goal of mine to maintain Peace and Unity in my Family first and that extends outward to my Global Family of Brothers & Sisters!!…each day we all have multiple opportunities to choose compassion. By choosing compassion, ultimately we are choosing Unity and Peace! 🙂

Think about this:

“Who makes you to differ from another? Indeed, what do you have that you did not receive? If, now, you did indeed receive it, why do you boast as though you did not receive it?”—1 Cor. 4:7.

Jealousy and Envy are obstacles to Unity. Humans have a tendency to envy. If we could overcome this negative trait, we could all better cooperate on a family, neighbor, community, global scale for Unity and Peace!:)

Some Points for Pondering: excerpt from: A World Taught to Hate

Racist feelings nourish what nationalism teaches children from infancy, namely, that hating your nation’s enemies is not wrong.”

An essay by George M. Taber, a Time contributor, noted: “Of all the political isms of history, perhaps the strongest is nationalism.” He went on to explain: “More blood has been shed in its name than for any other cause except religion. Demagogues for centuries have stirred up fanatical mobs by blaming all their troubles on some neighboring ethnic group.”

Long-standing hatred of other ethnic groups, races, or nationalities is behind many of the problems in today’s world. And xenophobia, fear of strangers or foreigners, is on the increase. Interestingly, however, a group of German sociologists discovered that xenophobia is most marked where few foreigners live. This seems to prove that it is more often caused by prejudice than by personal experience. “Young people’s prejudices are fostered mainly by their friends and families,” the sociologists found. Indeed, 77 percent of those interviewed, even though they endorsed the prejudice, had no direct contact, or very little, with foreigners. ~A World Taught to Hate

The Encyclopedia of Religion: “Religious leaders have called for violent attacks of other religious groups repeatedly in Near Eastern and European history.” “This encyclopedia reveals that violence is an integral part of religion, by saying: “Darwinists are not alone in accepting conflict as necessary for both social and psychological growth processes. Religion has served as an endless source for conflict, for violence, and, thus, for growth.”

Envy, Hatred, Violence, War, Nationalism, Fake Religion (aka Any organized religion that does not practice compassion) does NOT lead to positive growth…leads to Death!

Love, Peace & Unity means Wellness–means EVERYBODY’S ALRIGHT!:)


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One Love, One Heart, One Unity = Alright!

Joan Winifred

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