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Did You Hear That Sound?!

shutterstock_125414936What’s the sound of happy??…song?! What’s the sound of hope?…laughter?! What the sound of fear?…scream?! What the sound of smart?!…Silence?? What’s the sound of warmth?…gentle, ocean breeze?! What’s the sound of motion?!…honk?!

2 people can “listen” to 1 same thing and “hear” entirely different thing(s)…as in 1,2,3,#4,5,6,7,8,9……etc. Listening, hearing, expressing, talking….communicating is so subjectively/ambiguously fascinating!🙂

Communication comes in varying forms/styles/voltages if you will…not just audible voice. High frequency communicators require high intelligence, high translation skills, eh? Reminds me of something i recently read about how…”an electric transformer is a device that can take in electricity at high voltage and change it into lower voltage, thus making it suitable for use by the average consumer.”

Some brains work/communicate/function at a higher voltage and need the skill set to change and/or translate this voltage in order to be easily understood/used…in other words–high voltage brains/communicators need to be able to alter their communication styles/techniques, etc. when necessary for the sake of deep/mutual understanding/agreement. High voltage compassion communicators or highly fluent speakers of the language of agape love need to adjust– when necessary to the setting and needs of those they are attempting to communicate compassion with…Hear/get/understand what i’m sayin’?? May be not? -lol:)…wishing i could express ‘this’ in a better manner…sorry. Let me try again:

As BreathingFragileLife, i’m always working on being a better communicator...a better communicator/translator/transformer of compassion in action….so, that requires being able to communicate on whatever level/means/technique/technology necessary to get the compassion job done. (For example, my family and i have been “trying” to learn ASL, etc.) There are so many languages to learn…agape is my top priority of learning and always will be. i will continue to practice this language by attempting to live to the best of my ability: unselfishness…so, i know/realize by choosing unselfishness…(i’m choosing work, pain, discomfort, agony, self-sacrifice on some level because selfishness comes easy.) Man, why do i have to be so lofty?!?! Why?? can’t i just let myself be content to be: a wallow-er as in an under-achiev-er…er, cause i know wallowing and achieving all come at a price. One is worth something. The other is worth nothin’. (Somehow, i’m choosing to elevate the quality of another’s life by willingly lowering the quality of my own. Somehow, by putting another’s well-being ahead of my own…their pleasure is my pain.) i’ll stop speaking about sacrifice now! Enough. ( i should go back an edit this, but i won’t…i’ll let myself be lazy a little -lol:) My writing doesn’t have to be perfect, right…i mean, correct?:)…just understandable. (You can Stop reading whenever you feel like it.)

Understandable is communication that touches/reaches the HEART: seat of emotion/motivation!

For further context about agape, may be this will help you understand what i’m trying to say (or may be not): A Leader’s Language: Are You Fluent?

Being better communicators of compassion can help us improve every relationship: Partner, Caregiver, Friend, Fellow-Breathing-Fragile-Life, etc.

Listen to this: an article excerpt: Appreciate Your Special Gifts:

“Although some animals can hear sound frequencies beyond the range of human hearing, the combination of a human’s ears and brain is a formidable one, say audio experts. Our hearing enables us to determine loudness, pitch, and tone and to approximate the direction and distance of a sound source. The frequency range of a healthy human ear is roughly 20 to 20,000 hertz, or cycles of sound oscillation per second. The most sensitive region is in the 1,000 to 5,000 hertz range. Moreover, we may be able to detect a change of just one hertz from, say, 440 hertz to 441 hertz.”

“Indeed, a healthy ear is so sensitive that it can detect sounds when the vibration, or to-and-fro movement, of the air at the eardrum is less than the diameter of an atom! According to a university course on hearing, “the human hearing system is close to the theoretical physical limits of sensitivity. . . . There would be little point in being much more sensitive to sound, as all we would hear would be a ‘hiss,’” the result of the random movement of the atoms and molecules that make up the air.”
Wouldn’t You agree: this world can be too harsh and too cold of an environment for any of us to thrive… especially those coping with chronic illnesses or chronic challenges of any kind!

In my opinion, whatever You deem that worth, a very important trait/quality to cultivate is: warmth!

Who doesn’t enJOY/need a warm, gentle breeze or some sunshine?? When we choose compassion–we interact with all BreathingFragileLife in a warm, loving manner…in particular with those whose pain is open and raw….all of us need tender affection and tender help and tender understanding and tender medicine for the soul.

i like this verse: “In brotherly love have tender affection for one another. In showing honor to one another take the lead.” (Romans 12:10)

What’s the sound of…

What warmth/sunshine can You radiate today?! You can make this life a pleasant place for others with a little laid back peaceful patience!:) Hey, i try to live SUMMER year-round…no matter what the climate!…i’m such a beach bum!-lol🙂

2013-06-17 16.52.02

{Most things in life (i’ve found) are just a waiting/patience game. i’ve learned to wait, though i don’t like it. What are You waiting for?! Gentle reminder: Wait and hesitate are not the same. Waiting/enduring doesn’t mean inactivity. Waiting and learning to wait/endure patiently…can help us all learn warmth and compassion. }

joan winifred beach shells

Imagine walking on the beach…shells sprinkled in the sand…which ones will you collect?! IF any?!…only the ones directly in front of You or do You pick shells up as You move/walk along?! Do you wait or collect the first shells you see/notice??  What kind of shells catch Your attention?! Broken ones…? Odd shapes…? Colorful?…………………………………………………………………………………………. UH-HUH!

2013-06-27 17.18.49

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Did You Hear That Sound?!

Joan Winifred

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