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Dance, Dancer, Dancing

shutterstock_108448355Do you like to dance? i LOVE it…dance and music. Movement and dance is just an aspect of my natural expression of emotions, thinking, living, communicating…it’s like breathing, eating, reading and writing for me.

My girls and i are bouncing around the house all the time…good exercise. Hubby’s used to it…i think!:) Actually, what one would call a living room…has no couches or chairs.. just a wide-open space…dancing room for us. (i’m kinda a minimalist at heart…and an empty room IF i’m allowed one– meaning i do live with my family and their needs are important…yet simply sitting on the floor and/or outside under a tree reading…appeals to me.)

Did You Know??

“Our upright stance is very energy efficient, for it demands little muscle action to sustain the vertical alignment of our body. In fact, we ‘use only 7% more energy standing than when lying down,’ says neuroscience researcher John R. Skoyles. He adds that a dog uses about 70% more energy when standing (on all fours) than when lying down.” {Maybe, that’s why generally dogs don’t accomplish too much other than playing and sleeping-lol:) unless a service dog!}

Yes, animals have some amazing abilities. But, so do we! Indeed, the human body has been described as the perfect machine. Of course, we are so much more than a machine. We have creativity, curiosity, imagination, and ingenuity–qualities that move us to devise machines that enable us to do virtually anything we set our minds to. An ancient Bible writer expressed his appreciation to God in song: “I shall laud you because in a fear-inspiring way I am wonderfully made.” Psalm (song) 139:14 ~ excerpt: You are Wonderfully Made!

Somehow dance– is a necessity for me, my brain, my well-being. Boy, my life’s like an open-book, eh? May be, i’m way too honest, or too revealing here…cause IF anyone reads my blog with any regularity or my Hubby’s…You may be getting to know me too well….uh-oh! 😉 This knowledge, this seemingly power/information anyone may ‘think’ they have over me…you don’t!🙂…any knowledge (you’ve gained about me through my blogs/ramblings/talking too much)…i’ve let you have, remember? that?…i’ve given it to youi’m in control of my life and i chose to share and what to share…i chose the consequences of that sharing…rejection or affection…both the same thing, eh?…both bring a measure of pain (don’t be confused…not angry words; just words of experience…words of a realist.)…it makes me sad…that hate and envy consume some and…hate is a cancer…and some are so sick with it.:(

…it’s like physics…check this out:

 Underwater, everything is different.
“Our senses work differently. We see differently because of the optics of water. We hear differently because sound travels much faster. There is the drag of water and the fact that the laws of gravity no longer seem to apply the way we instinctively know them on dry land. Colors are  different because some of them are absorbed by water very differently than by air. Water is a much better conductor of heat than air is. As a result, we lose heat much more quickly in cold water. Most importantly, though, water is much, much denser than air. At sea level, water weighs about 800 times more than air. Which means that as you dive, you are quickly subjected to very substantial pressure. Since the human body consists mostly of water, you’re in no danger of being crushed. However the gasses inside the human body are greatly affected. They get compressed a great deal the deeper you dive, and the impact of that is the most important reason why any diver must be aware of the physics of being underwater.” ~
Diving Physics by Conrad H. Blickenstorfer 

{i’ve dived sooooooooo deep…my senses have changed…i know the danger, i know the risk, i know the sacrifice…the pressure of compression…from the pool of compassion.}

If you’re a swimmer?…What’s the joy in swimming if you don’t go over your head now and again?

i value sharing and don’t mind sharing…may be, i share too much?? (compassion requires it)…knowledge is power, eh?…There is more happiness in giving then in receiving i accept “this” thoroughly…i live “that” truth!:)…Thanks for supporting/reading “this”…however, you & i know…You have better things to do than read my blog…so, go do them!– half laughing, half serious…really. If all of us (me too) were busy doing better things..wouldn’t this world be better?!:)

Is vulnerability a strength? Is sharing a strength? Is acknowledging the temporary nature of things a strength? Is honesty a strength?

Don’t get attached to me…Please…(i’m just a temporary resident)…get attached to compassion and love as a way of life. Extend Your life and the lives of others by going to the source of…Love. i’m okay, i know, i have enough air to keep breathing…i’m acknowledging…my personal boundaries/limitations are set… my course of compassion is before me & there’s no turning back or aside, i’ve invested too much time and the FACT is…progress is forward movement…it’s not stagnant, festering, it’s healthy, it’s free fluidity..(a celestial chariot speeding ahead and on the move)…i know/accept that pace!:)…time, time, time to move on…

Read this:

“Humans have a unique ability to coordinate their motor movements to an external auditory stimulus, as in music-induced foot tapping or dancing,” says a report published by researchers from the universities of York, England, and Jyvaskyla, Finland. The researchers found that even before infants learned to speak, they responded to the rhythm of music and spontaneously tried to move in time with the beat. The more successful their attempts, the longer they smiled. This suggests that the sense of rhythm and a desire to move with music are not something we pick up but something that comes naturally.”


Dance is such a beautiful art form which i love. Don’t like the competition of it, though and the extreme stress/pressure put on young ones to perform with perfection. This blog is my performance…may be ?? it’s not what you expected or good enough. Oh well.

Sorry, but IF you’ve read 44 Things I Learned…you know already that i’m NOT a people pleaser. Sadly, there are some you can never please no matter how hard you try, no matter how much effort you expend…or how good you try to be…sadly, their eyesight doesn’t see good…they swim on the surface (if ? they swim at all). Their love has cooled off…mine hasn’t…i won’t let it…love is power/life/positive…(love/agape is wellness and peace.) i don’t believe in luck!…Love is a fire you work to keep lit. How do you keep it lit when so many are stamping it out?!

Enough of the blues:(…we need an up tempo…(2,…to)…Keep Moving…Keep Sharing…Keep Loving…Keep swimming…Keep diving…deep!🙂


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Dance, Dancer, Dancing

Joan Winifred

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