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Cageless Breathing-Fragile-Life: Zoo Miami

2013-06-20 13.39.28Isn’t he magnificent?! This tiger took my breath away–literally! His markings, stance and powerful walk…left me in AWE! LOVE at first sighting!!

These photos do not capture the true beauty/skills of these amazing creatures by any means.

Taking our little zoo to the big Zoo Miami and…the act of staring/watching other BreathingFragileLife as they go about their business is somewhat strange/funny/and odd to me.

i find it weird, fun and funny…i’m already a zoo keeper, so felt right at home!

Personally, i’m not too into ‘interfering’ too much with the goings-on of BreathingFragileLife/wildlife/animals…i like to let things be (when/if possible)…for fear, i would somehow damage their fragile eco-system(s)…thereby, cutting short their fragile life!  i kinda believe in gentle observation and/or gentle help/participation IF needed (and probably not needed by me -lol)…not trampling down/bulldozing my way into their space…so, i’m t-o-r-n in my feelings/thinking about what kind of participation/involvement i choose when it comes to wildlife…i totally RESPECT life and am not a big fan of man imposing his ideas of treatment on wildlife…which often lead to abuse.

Maybe some will be offended i went to a zoo: SORRY!…maybe not? The BreathingFragileLife i come in contact with daily be it a bug, a doggie, a person…i choose compassion/kindness and try to treat other BreathingFragileLife like i would want to be treated. (Sometimes, i just want to be left quietly alone…maybe, animals do too.)

Were Neanderthals Like Us? ~article excerpt:
“The long-held view that Neanderthals were inferior to Homo sapiens is changing as, one by one, capabilities thought unique to us have been linked to them,” says New Scientist. Recent discoveries indicate that Neanderthals built shelters and hearths, controlled fire, wore clothes, cooked food, made tools, and created glue to attach spear points to their shafts. There is also evidence that they cared for sick individuals, wore symbolic ornaments, and buried their dead. According to Erik Trinkaus, professor of physical anthropology at Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A., “Neanderthals were people, and they probably had the same range of mental abilities we do.”

Here’s something i’ve read:

Problematic Fossils
“Scientists often portray the final “stages” of “human evolution” as a progression from Homo habilis to Homo erectus to “modern man,” Homo sapiens. Two fossils found within walking distance of each other in Kenya, however, have now been interpreted as indicating that the two species Homo habilis and Homo erectus, thought to be human ancestors, lived at the same time. “Their co-existence makes it unlikely that Homo erectus evolved from Homo habilis,” states Meave Leakey”…(“together with her husband Richard Leakey, one of the most renowned contemporary paleontologists. She studies fossils in Africa and is a Doctor of Science from University College, London.” ~Wikipedia)

I like Zoo Miami’s mission: “Our Mission is to encourage an appreciation for the world’s wildlife and to help conserve it for future generations.”

I wanted to share the JOY & fun of ‘this’ amazing animal life with You, my Readers and Friends of Compassion…(via these few photos) in case You have not yet had the opportunity to go to Miami!

HOPE this post/blog is a refreshing mental health break (activity) for You today and brings You a measure of PEACE! For me, i’ve always been happy/satisfied to just observe creatures. Anyway, this particular time around wildlife…i ‘chose’ to be an active participant rather than just an observer from a distance and do some “first-type” interactions (for me) with this bunch of wildlife…(i.e. groom a goat, ride a camel, pet a boa, feed a giraffe, etc.) My family and i had a BLAST! Also, it’s pretty good exercise riding/pedaling a safari cycle around areas of the zoo. (If it was an activity that looked like the animals didn’t mind human involvement…i tried to gently participate this time and it was sooooo much FUN!

Are You an active participant or a quiet observer? Do You enjoy interaction with wildlife? What is Your favorite animal? Why? Do You have a pet? How does this pet help You achieve wellness?

My hubby and son took these photos as PROOF!…(i.e. that i touched a snake by choice…i prefer an actual snake to a figurative one (i.e. scheming selfish strategist who exploits others for: i.e. greed or gain)…any day...less dangerous btw! Though, both can be venomous, eh?) Note to self: ALWAYS exercise extreme CAUTION around snakes! ALWAYS remember and respect: One bite can be deadly!

Personal growth is a funny thing, at times hard to measure,…so, in comparing myself to myself: this post/blog is evidence to me of my own inner growth…1. i hate/cringe at the idea of people judging me by my outer appearance (the inner, unseen person is the real person)…i don’t like being looked at/stared at by people like a freak show, (if you’ve ever been treated like a freak–you know what i mean!): yet on this occasion, i go to a zoo and look at and stare at animals, go figure?! -lol (well, my family did want to go to the zoo and i went along with them!)…so, it’s a big step for me to include any photos of myself in this post or any other previous posts…guess, i’m getting brave now concerning my views on privacy (topic for another post)-lol

Somehow–it’s not fair -lol You get to see me and i don’t get to see you, my Readers… Somehow, being authentic (honesty) involves being seen…on some (appropriate) level…doesn’t it?? (Whether it’s a pretty sight or not.) i checked out the animal sights and it’s only fair, i should now be checked out too -lol…(May be?? this blog…is my cageless zoo where You, my Reader, come to see me: the inner person through my writings -lol)

Check out these sights IF You choose:

2013-06-20 14.18.30

2013-06-20 14.18.50

2013-06-20 14.31.00-3

2013-06-20 14.29.25

2013-06-20 15.41.28

Here’s an interesting tidbit i read…

“Geological research provides clear evidence that the fossils held to be among the earliest specimens of a certain creature are very similar to their descendants alive today. Cockroaches found among the supposed earliest fossil insects are virtually identical to modern ones. Fossil “bridges” between “kinds” are totally lacking. Horses, oak trees, eagles, elephants, walnuts, ferns, and so forth, all continue within the same “kinds” without evolving into other “kinds.” The testimony of the fossils is in full accord with the Bible’s history of creation, which shows that God (Yahweh) created the living things of the earth in great numbers and “according to their kinds” during the final creative days.—Ge 1:20-25.”

2013-06-20 15.32.50

2013-06-20 15.46.29

2013-06-20 15.08.28

2013-06-20 15.46.15

How do You personally feel about cruelty to animals?! PLEASE check this out: excerpt from Cruelty to Animals is it wrong?

” For centuries man has pitted animal against animal in the name of sport, with gambling often a driving force. Added to the list are bullfights, fox hunts, and even spider fighting. Additionally, many animals experience suffering in the name of science. Further, countless animals suffer from the neglect of their owners, whether intentional or not.”

“In some lands, there are laws that regulate the treatment of animals and prohibit cruel acts. As far back as 1641, the Massachusetts Bay Colony formulated “The Body of Liberties,” which stated: “No man shall exercise any Tirranny or Crueltie towards any bruite Creature which are usuallie kept for man’s use.” Since then, legislation has been passed and societies have been formed to guard against cruelty to animals.”

“Still, many who promote the fighting sports mentioned above do not view themselves as perpetrators of animal cruelty. Some claim to love the animals they brutally cause to suffer or die. Cockfight lovers claim that their birds live longer than the average chicken destined for the cooking pot—small comfort indeed!”

Read this interesting ancient Proverb and commentary:

Proverbs 12:10: “The righteous one is caring for the soul of his domestic animal, but the mercies of the wicked ones are cruel.” A Bible commentary renders this verse as follows: “A righteous man’s kindness extends even to dumb animals, but a wicked man is cruel, even when he thinks he is being most gentle.”—Believer’s Bible Commentary, by William MacDonald.

Isn’t it sad that some choose to treat BreathingFragileLife (whether human or animal, etc.) considered “dumb” in a cruel/harsh manner!  IF we choose to treat EVERY breathing thing in a kind, loving manner…Compassion Rules!


Cageless Breathing-Fragile-Life: Zoo Miami

Joan Winifred

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