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Hooray, It’s MAY!

shutterstock_102882269HOORAY, it’s MAY!:) May i ask YOU: What will YOU DO today?!

What a Privilege to be Breathing🙂…Fragile-Life! Each Morning is a Gift. A fresh, new opportunity for compassion.

A New Day: HOORAY! How will YOU show appreciation for this gift. What positive choices will YOU make? What will You feed Your mind and body?! Who will YOU help?! What kind words will YOU use to comfort?!

Waking UP to a Beautiful Morning is a Blessing:

“When one ruling over mankind is righteous, ruling in the fear of God, then it is as the light of morning, when the sun shines forth, a morning without clouds. From brightness, from rain, there is grass out of the earth.”—2 Samuel 23:3, 4.

{The Hebrew verb ma·shal has the meaning “rule, dominate”; the Greek term ar’khon is translated “ruler.”}

Rulers or leaders can bring Happiness, Peace and Prosperity. Sadly, some leaders choose to act like this:

“As a growling lion and an onrushing bear is a wicked ruler over a lowly people.” Proverb 28:15

This world would be such a better place with better leadership! Don’t we all need good management skills. Effective skills to manage our lives, manage our families, manage what ails us. Good government is the cure. Good government starts in the home (at home). Does man practice good government?!

1 on-line dictionary definition of good: adjective: to be desired or approved of;  Noun: That which is morally right; righteousness; Synonyms: adjective: nice, kind, fine, Noun: benefit, profit, advantage, avail, welfare, use.

Another dictionary: Synonyms of good to contemplate: Commonsense, commonsensible, commonsensical, firm, hard, informed, just, justified, levelheaded, logical, rational, reasonable, reasoned, sensible, sober, solid, valid, well-founded.


Bottomline: Learning Goodness is the key to good management/good government…which brings better living for caregivers, partners, friends…ALL-BEAUTIFUL-BREATHINGFRAGILE-LIFE!🙂  
Ancient books can teach us much:

Goodness is not passive but is dynamically active. Recipients of the “good” person’s kindness, generosity, and self-sacrifice might even be moved to die for him! So it is with good reason that the psalmist prayed: “Teach me goodness.” (Psalm 119:66) ~Teach me Goodness

i like this deeper description of goodness as well:


“The quality or state of being good; moral excellence; virtue. Goodness is solid through and through, with no badness or rottenness. It is a positive quality and expresses itself in the performance of good and beneficial acts toward others. The most common words for “good” (in the Bible) are the Hebrew tohv and the Greek a·ga·thos is used in a moral sense.”

“Similar to the Greek word for good (a·ga·thos’) is another word, ka.los’. The latter denotes that which is intrinsically good, beautiful, well adapted to its circumstances or ends and that which is of fine quality, including that which is ethically good, right, or honorable. It is closely related in meaning to good, but may be distinguished by being translated “fine,” “right,” “honest,” or “well.” (Goodness-Insight on Scriptures)

Are today’s lieing leaders teaching us goodness?! Is T.V.?! School?! Media?! Parents?!

To be WELL Be GOOD!🙂

What example am i setting/teaching as person, partner, caregiver, friend, member of global-family of Breathing-Fragile-Life?? Am i contributing to goodness…wellness in my family, community, globe?!

If we each make a determination to practice what is good…the positive, loving, compassionate thing to do in whatever circumstance we find ourselves: LIFE IS GOOD! It’s time to jump up (move, take action, do something positive!!🙂…how high?? Reach it–JUMP UP: GOOD!…job well…done?!?

YAY! THANKS for Keep jumping (trying) today & everyday!


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Hooray, It’s MAY!

Joan Winifred

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