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2. Don’t Worry…

Joan Winifred Be happy copyHow are YOU doing today? Worrying? Worried? or in a state of stress?

Personally, i am always working on NOT worrying (as much)!…i’m prone to worry. Sometimes, i worry for whomever or whatever seems to cross my field of vision on any given day…thereby crossing my field of worry, concern, care and responsibility as well. 

Choosing to care and live compassion is a life-style which at times causes me worry.

As Caregiver and/or Partner/Breathing-Fragile-Life, what makes YOU worry and how do You cope??

For example, did i do the appropriate thing at the appropriate time in just the right, appropriate way to help this Breathing-Fragile-Life endure their day? YES, i’m learning my limits. YES, OBVIOUSLY, i’m NOT super-girl and can’t save the world…however, IF being kind, inconvenienced…worrying and working a little harder in order to help out somebody else and make their day a little better and endurable…i’ll TRY my best and let God do the rest! 🙂

HOPE this blog helps You a little IF not, PLEASE don’t read it.

(One hebrew word tsa.rar means to be confined in a physical sense and is thus rendered ‘wrap up,’ ‘shut up,’ and ‘be cramped.’…in a figurative sense it means “grow anxious; be in sore straits.” Another word is da.’agh’, rendered “become anxious; become frighted”…it’s related to dea’ashah’, meaing “anxious care.” Insight from Scriptures)

 Proverbs 12:25: “Anxious care in the heart of a man is what will cause it to bow down, but the good word is what makes it rejoice.

A good word brings some comfort and how about a good song too? The song below brings me back. Way back to another life of sorts…life pre-hubby and pre-kids…a life semi of my own. As a young student/adult and dancer…i taught an after school program for kids called “Little Feet” and they performed to this song …at East Somerville Community School…i absolutely LOVED this school which i attended in elementary…my first teacher, Miss Marjorie Fidel…loved her…along with my parents she helped instill in me a love of life-long learning and reading…still have a first reader, a favorite book, she gave me that i would grow up to read to my kids…go figure a book about clothes and animals:)…2 favorite things…yeah, what girl doesn’t like animals/clothes/fashion, but i’m not an over-consumer or slave to trends/shopping…i wear vintage…as in…usually old stuff my friends pass my way…THANKS FRIENDS i.e. MARIE:)…when they are tired/done with something, they figure…joanie probably will wear it…and i do…it’s fun piecing together my own style: goofy-looking, odd-outfits. (Why? throw it out when you can recycle? Only buy when You need something! Do you pass your old clothes on? i try.)

Anyway, back to the topic of NOT worrying: prayer, reading/meditating (i.e. ancient Proverbs or poetry Psalms), dancing/daily exercise and volunteer work/recycling what i can, work, walking, consuming in moderation…have been things contributing to my wellness and happiness…throughout my life. What helps you be worry-free? What helps your happiness?

Practicing Compassion Helps our Happiness!🙂

Being a Partner to a person living with illness (of any kind) causes anxiety. Learning to manage anxiety is critical to well-being (which i’m learning to do). If your life circumstances are demanding or if you have a demanding job or demanding boss, demanding relatives and/or demanding friends…it’s tough! Learning to say NO should help, right?

“Anxiety can be damaging to one’s well-being. It can lead to depression, robbing one of strength and the initiative to act. There can be serious physical manifestations from worry. Observes the book How to Master Your Nerves: “Doctors know how anxiety can affect the body’s functions. It can raise (or lower) blood pressure; it can elevate the white blood cell count; it can suddenly affect the blood sugar by the action of adrenalin on the liver. It can even change your electrocardiogram. Dr. Charles Mayo said: ‘Worry affects the circulation, the heart, the glands, the whole nervous system.’”—By Drs. P. Steincrohn and D. LaFia, 1970, p. 14.”

Here’s 3 practical tips i found (that i like) on-line: from David Edelberg, M.D.

  • FIGURE THE ODDS. Try to be as objective as possible. Ask yourself, “Really, what are the chances that the worst scenario I’m afraid of will actually happen?” Fortunately, our worst fears rarely do come to pass. Few planes crash; most people won’t get the West Nile virus.
  • CREATE A “WORRY TIME.” Make a conscious choice to delay your thinking about a problem until a specific time every day — say between 8 and 8:30 p.m., or any other time that works for you. Then, during that half hour, concentrate on your problems all at once instead of letting bits of anxiety undermine your whole day. This does require some mental discipline. Whenever a “worry” thought drifts up (especially in the middle of the night), simply tell yourself “I will think about that during worry time tomorrow.” And then put it in a mental box and force your mind to move elsewhere.
  • RENAME AND MOVE FORWARD. Some worries do have a basis in reality. However, if you sit around wringing your hands in helpless despair, you’ll never get anywhere. Review the real sources of your trouble, and rename them “challenges.” Simply renaming your worries will place them within your power. Now go ahead and tackle each challenge.

Don’t worry and …

Joan Winifred Be happy happy 300

(Photos: THANKS to my young daughter taken 5/18/13 & THANKS to my hubby CHATO @ Mental Health Humor for cropping & fixing my message (on recycled paper) making it legible & blue 5/20/13.)

{FY: i really DISLIKE/HATE being judged by my outer appearance. For further context: check out: Nurturing Seedlings 2  and Compassion Culture: SPEAK it, Baby! i dislike being noticed and attention drawn to myself…so, this wasn’t an easy choice including these photos. This blog is an exercise in Being Happy and not worrying…and hopefully IF you’ve read my other writings/posts, you’ve seen the “real” me –the inner person…i value/care about inner not outer and don’t judge any book by its cover. P.S. THANKS for supporting my blog, but don’t follow me–FOLLOW COMPASSION & BE HAPPY! :)}

2. Don’t Worry…

Joan Winifred

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