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Archives for May, 2013

Joan Winifred

44 Things I Learned

What does the number 44 mean to You? Anything? On March 25th, i turned 44. Or as my kids remind me: 6 years from the big 5-0. Oh No?!...NO! save the Happy Birthdays, PLEASE!:)...i don't celebrate the day of my birth. You're thinking?...What's up with that?? Yeah, this excuse me, "mature" woman is strange. (Please check out at the bottom of this post for more on birthdays.)

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Partners In Wellness with Joan Winifred

2. Don’t Worry…

How are YOU doing today? Worrying? Worried? or in a state of stress?

Personally, i am always working on NOT worrying (as much)!...i'm prone to worry. Sometimes, i worry for whomever or whatever seems to cross my field of vision on any given crossing my field of worry, concern, care and responsibility as well. 

Choosing to care and live compassion is a life-style which at times causes...
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Partners In Wellness with Joan Winifred

Hungry Anyone?

Not that hungry, eh?? Good, You've eaten already!:)

The starving and malnourished and famished aren't too picky, you know. (They cannot afford to be.)
"A 200-page report, released at a news conference at the agency's Rome headquarters, says 2 billion people worldwide already supplement their diets with insects, which are high in protein and minerals, and have environmental benefits."

"Insects are "extremely efficient" in converting feed into edible meat, the agency said.  On average, they...
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Hooray, It’s MAY!

HOORAY, it's MAY!:) May i ask YOU: What will YOU DO today?!

What a Privilege to be Breathing:)...Fragile-Life! Each Morning is a Gift. A fresh, new opportunity for compassion.

A New Day: HOORAY! How will YOU show appreciation for this gift. What positive choices will YOU make? What will You feed Your mind and body?! Who will YOU help?! What kind words will YOU use to
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Partners In Wellness with Joan Winifred

1. All YOU need is…

  FYI: On the origin of Mother's Day, the Encyclopædia Britannica (1959 edition) states:

“A festival derived from the custom of mother worship in ancient Greece. Formal mother worship, with ceremonies to Cybele, or Rhea, the Great Mother of the Gods, were performed on the Ides of March throughout Asia Minor.”
"Regarding the adoption of Mother’s Day in the United States, the New York Times...
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Caregiving Soldiers in the Fight for Compassion!

Caregiving requires a tireless effort filled with scrapes and bruises (physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually). Don't forget: scrapes and bruises are temporary and heal.

Lives depend on the tireless efforts of the healthy and wounded Caregiver. (The singular term "Caregiver" is here being used in a composite sense to encompass all who regularly care and/or support sick or disabled persons.)

Many Caregivers are women and some are (For further context on Child Caregivers: Please, check out:
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Joan Winifred

Ecosystems of Breathing-Fragile-Life: Getting Squirrelly!

How resilient is your brain? Are You a squirrel brain? Ever experience brain freeze?! :) (May be, you need a hat??)

Recently read a fun article on two topics of interests: animals and brains.

Please check in & check it out:

A dozen arctic ground squirrels appear to have set a record —when their body temperature dropped to degrees Fahrenheit (°C)! At that temperature, we would expect their brains to freeze.
Every two or...
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