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Trees and Forest Bathing

Trees are a beautiful gift! Let’s appreciate them and stop needlessly chopping them down, okay!:) I LOVE Trees…take a walk through the forest with me?…(the forest of this post: You’ll emerge feeling refreshed.) shutterstock_102532106


Overhead the tree-tops meet,
Flowers and grass spring ‘neath one’s feet;
There was nought above me, and nought below,
My childhood had not learned to know:
For what are the voices of birds
—Ay, and of beasts,—but words—our words,
Only so much more sweet?
The knowledge of that with my life begun!
But I had so near made out the sun,
And counted your stars, the Seven and One,
Like the fingers of my hand:
Nay, I could all but understand
Wherefore through heaven the white moon ranges,
And just when out of her soft fifty changes
No unfamiliar face might overlook me—
Suddenly God took me! ~by Robert Browning

In Japan, researchers have long studied what they call “forest bathing.” A walk in the woods, they say, reduces the level of stress chemicals in the body and increases natural killer cells in the immune system, which fight tumors and viruses. Studies in inner cities show that anxiety, depression and even crime are lower in a landscaped environment.

Trees also release vast clouds of beneficial chemicals. On a large scale, some of these aerosols appear to help regulate the climate; others are anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral. We need to learn much more about the role these chemicals play in nature. One of these substances, taxane, from the Pacific yew tree, has become a powerful treatment for breast and other cancers. Aspirin’s active ingredient comes from willows.

Trees are greatly underutilized as an eco-technology. “Working trees” could absorb some of the excess phosphorus and nitrogen that run off farm fields and help heal the dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico. In Africa, millions of acres of parched land have been reclaimed through strategic tree growth. ~New York Times Why Trees Matter by Jim Robbins


Walking is so good for You!🙂 As Beautiful-Breathing-Fragile-Life do You do enough of it?? Partners, Caregivers, Adults, Kids...let’s all get out and walk! My belief is that city dwellers (which i was one for many years) may not be spending enough time outdoors enjoying nature and the beauty of this earth. Plants bring outdoor indoor and improve environment. Our indoor spaces could be harming our Mental (and other) health more than we realize and emerging research teaches us this.

“In laboratory research, visual exposure to settings with trees has produced significant recovery from stress within five minutes, as indicated by changes in blood pressure and muscle tension.” —Dr. Roger S. Ulrich Texas A&M University

Trees, plants, flowers, birds…all symbolize LOVE to me…adopting the culture of compassion involves changes in behavior. Changes in the way we treat one another. Changes in the speech we use. Changes in the choices we make. Changes in the way we take care of this beautiful planet. Please Continue to Express the Culture of Compassion….Agape Love Everyday!

Brains with benefits of walking: Walking regularly reduces brain atrophy and mental decline.

“Walking is:
especially good for your brain, because it increases
blood circulation and the oxygen and glucose that reach
your brain. Walking is not strenuous, so your leg muscles
don’t take up extra oxygen and glucose like they do
during other forms of exercise. As you walk, you effectively
oxygenate your brain. Maybe this is why walking can “clear
your head” and help you to think better.” ~Franklin Institute: The Human Brain

May be? even “thinking” about walking is good for You: “Research on the physical results of thinking has shown that just using the brain actually increases the number of dendritic branches that interconnect brain cells. The more we think, the better our brains function–regardless of age.” ~The Franklin Institute: The Human Brain

Renowned brain researcher, Dr. Marian Diamond says: “The nervous system possesses not just a ‘morning’ of plasticity, but an ‘afternoon’ and an ‘evening’ as well.” Dr. Diamond found whether we are young or old, we can continue to learn.

Actively Change Brain for the Better!

“A dendrite grows much like a TREE–from trunk to limbs to branches to twigs–in an array of ever finer complexity.” ~The Human Brain: Franklin Institute

The American Heart Association says about Walking: “It’s the simplest positive change you can make to effectively improve your heart health.” 

Walk for Love…self-compassion and compassion for ALLBEAUTIFULBREATHINGFRAGILELIFE…can You greet a neighbor or anyone/anything crossing your path kindly? Take your time: You may learn something new in your Walk of Compassion. Compassion is a journey in patience (For further context please see: Will You Wait a Minute?!) and self-control.


My Mom always had lots of plants everywhere…i didn’t inherit her green thumb…i try…tend to over-water…IF you follow my writing, that’s not a surprise to You.:) When my family relocated to this house in which we dwell…got some plants. They’re called “Plants of Steele”…basically, plants that don’t require much human attention to thrive and improve indoor environment.

Some Interesting Quotes came across on-line in my quest for more Tree knowledge:

This quote brought me a chuckle: “I looked up my family tree and found 3 dogs using it.” ~Rodney Dangerfield

“Character is like a tree and reputation like a shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing.” ~Abraham Lincoln

 “The net cooling effect of a young, healthy tree is equivalent to ten room-size air conditioners operating 20 hours a day.” —U.S. Department of Agriculture
“One acre of forest absorbs six tons of carbon dioxide and puts out four tons of oxygen. This is enough to meet the annual needs of 18 people.” —U.S. Department of Agriculture

Listen…soak up the symphony of sound on our forest walk…

“Who” thought up/designed music? “Who” thought up/designed Tree? “Who” thought up/designed brain? “Who” thought up/designed tear?…(Who heard the first music? Who saw the first tree? Who first thought? Who first cried?)…my tears fill my eyes as i listen to this beauty…who first envisioned/designed beauty and my senses to take it in??…why does anyone design/create anything?….1 major motivator: LOVE!

Some claim that Methuselah, a bristlecone pine growing at an elevation of 10,000 feet [3,000 m] in the White Mountains of California, is 4,700 years old. The Guinness Book of Records 1997 cites this specimen as the oldest living tree on the planet. Edmund Schulman, who made a study of these ancient trees, explained: “The bristlecone pine . . . seems to survive because of adversity. All the older individuals [pine trees] in the White Mountains are found near 10,000 feet [3,000 m] in a dry, rocky wilderness.” Schulman also discovered that the oldest specimens of other pines likewise grew in harsh conditions.

Although they must overcome adversity, these examples of endurance make the most of the two advantages they have. Their lonely location, where vegetation is sparse, protects them against forest fires, one of the biggest threats to mature trees. And their roots anchor them so firmly to the rock face that only an earthquake can shift them. ~ Trees that Stand the Test of Time

Methuselah was also a name of an “ancient” -lol man who lived 969 years. Is that possible?! Sure it was…why don’t You research him and i’ll “try” to post further on him another time.

Are You facing adversity? Are You enduring a trial due to mental illness or another health issue? Are You a Partner or a Caregiver in a perplexing circumstance? If a tree can withstand/endure muchso can YOU!:)

…i find comfort in these verses (which according to biblical scholars is a promise from the Maker of Trees):

“He will make you firm, he will make you strong.”—1 Peter 5:9, 10

Like the days of a tree will the days of my people be.”—Isaiah 65:22…

(in case You didn’t know: there AIN’T NO Powerful (including power-hungry) politician, scientist, elitist, fake-spiritual leader, techno-geek (nothing against techno or geeks, i’m a book geek) etc., etc….on the planet who can promise You that: longevity like a tree if you support them! You know why some people are hopeless and disappointed??…they blindly believe/look to people and places who cannot deliver nothing. Yeah, they may talk (a seemingly good game) yet they cannot walk the walk while they blow smoke in my face…as i’m gasping for REAL air to breathe…My choice: i’m walking and i’m standing with real trees!:)

May Your Days prove to be like a TREE!…YOU can live much longer than You THINK..(here on earth)…just ask the Maker of Trees…

how to do it! 🙂


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Trees and Forest Bathing

Joan Winifred

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