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Poetry Past…er…it’s a (k)na(c)k!

shutterstock_76157608Are YOU a Reader-Writer-Writer-Reader of Poetry??..Personally, i LOVE the stuff…some poems resonate deeply to me: 
The murmurs ebb; onto the stage I enter.
I am trying, standing at the door,
To discover in the distant echoes
What the coming years may hold in store.
The nocturnal darkness with a thousand
Binoculars is focused onto me.
Take away this cup, O Abba, Father,
Everything is possible to Thee.
I am fond of this Thy stubborn project,
And to play my part I am content.
But another drama is in progress,
And, this once, O let me be exempt.
But the plan of action is determined,
And the end irrevocably sealed.
I am alone; all round me drowns in falsehood:
Life is not a walk across a field.
~Hamlet by Boris Pasternak…

Actually …Pasternak is quoting scripture/Jesus’ words…a prayer/agony in the Garden of Gethsemane:Luke 22:39-44/Mark 14:36: “And he went on to say: “Abba, Father, all things are possible to you; remove this cup from me. Yet not what I want, but what you want.”

“The word ‘abba’ in Aramaic corresponds to the emphatic or definite form of ‘av, literally meaning “the father”, or “O Father.” It was the intimate name used by children for their fathers and combines some of the intimacy of word “father,” being both informal and yet respectful. It was, therefore, an endearing form of address rather than a title and was among the first words a child learned to speak.” Here is a fervert appeal of a son to a beloved Father, followed quickly by an assurance, that, in any event, he would remain obedient.”(Insight on Scriptures)

See (understand) that’s what is required/the obligation/the burden of true agape love = obedience…how else is its quality/true value demonstrated or revealed?!…a son who loves his father: honors him, respects him and obeys him…especially evident when it’s NOT easy/conflicted with his own will…(“true” compassion & agape love come with responsibility..(no denying it)…the seeking of the best interests of the other person not self…IF one is not seeking the best interests of the other = counterfeit compassion).


True compassion obeys the call for help of another. True compassion obeys the cries for aid of another. True compassion suffers the pain for another. True compassion surrenders the soul for another.

“Rather than as just a translation from Aramaic into Greek, some see in the use of both ‘Abba” and “Father” together, first, the trust, confidence, and submissiveness of a child, followed by a mature appreciation of the filial relationship and its responsibilities.” (Insight on Scriptures)

What is the cup?…the cup is/was the doing of another’s (i.e. the Father’s) will and not one’s (i.e. the Son’s) own will…the son’s love moving him to follow through on an obligation to His Father.

Every body has a cup they must drink if one truly chooses compassion…hard cup to swallow, eh? Not everyone is willing to drink the cup of true agape love/compassion. i drink this heavy cup (and am reminded of its weight daily, hourly and every moment)…whenever it’s put in front of me by whomever and “hope”/pray.. i will have what it takes (the strength) to continuously lift it and drink it (compassion cup)…to me, it’s the “best” “way” of life/ the only way/road to “true”/real living and real loving.

Though, i agree with Poet Pasternak…(he’s got a (k)na(c)k for poetry, eh?)…

“Life is not a walk across a field.”…To Live a LIFE OF COMPASSION is not an easy task!!

What will You drink? today? every day? The Cup of Compassion?…Let (me) be…


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Poetry Past…er…it’s a (k)na(c)k!

Joan Winifred

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