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Full of Fluff!

marshmellowsM is for ?…mmmMonday. M is for March. M is for Mars.

M is for Marshmallows!🙂

Do you like marshmallows? Just “realizing” while writing this post:

I pronounce and spell marshmallow as marsh-mellow!

Though, others have remarked on my spelling skills, i feel, my accent messes up my spelling abilities…not going to worry about it–just going to “mellow” out. -lol:)

I have an odd/thick accent…especially when tired and/or upset. What i term “New England” accent because of growing up there. Specifically, a “Somerville”–east Somerville accent…i get teased in good fun all the time about it!🙂 My kids get in on it too…correcting me when i speak. That’s okay!…found a great way of getting kids–my kids to listen/obey/cooperate…threaten* (*using this term jokingly) a public display of affection like a kiss on the cheek and/or hug or start calling them by a cute nickname ala my accent: works every time!-lol🙂

It’s pretty ironic, Somerville has come a long way from “slummerville”…it use to really bother/embarrass me as a kid when people would refer to my hometown that way! (waaaaay over it!) Looking back now, really thankful for my upbringing there…a lot of good people/things have come from Somerville, Massachusetts…not just famous ones.

I’m getting choked up writing this now…thinking about my family/friends/experiences…”Somerville” and what that word/place means to me. Somerville did indeed play a part in shaping/molding me–my impressionable formative years!

Questions for Consideration:

  • What place has helped shape You into the personality You are today?!
  • Does this place express Compassion Culture?!
  • Where are You now?!
  • A place of Compassion?!

Still living in Summer…ville here in sunny Florida. My accent pronounces “Somer” like the season Summ…drop the er and insert a..Summaville…er is always short a sound..R gets dropped too: car is ca…yard is yad. Then insert the r sound where it doesn’t belong like idear. Forty…for becomes fau-ty becomes d (sounds perfectly right to me): fau-d. Heart sounds like haat. Start sounds like staat.

Confusing?? There’s way more to this accent than that…No wonder i get blank stares when talking very fast!:) That’s probably why i feel more easily understood in written form…when i spell right that is or spell write that is. As a talka (er)…who enjoys communication…”writing” could be my communication preference. Although, hand-gestures and smiles and modulation gets lost in written translation.

Speaking of Somerville…do You like fluffernutters aka fluffanuttas?! Gotta try it…maybe, once.


Usually, whenever meeting somebody new, the first statement said to me: you’re not from around here, huh? No:)…how did you know??  Sorry don’t speak Florida..whatever that is?! Though compassion language should be understood everywhere with or without accent!:) Hopefully, my attempts at this important language of love are not misunderstood.

“If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels but do not have love, I have become a sounding [piece of] brass or a clashing cymbal…and if I have all the faith so as to transplant mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing.  And if I give all my belongings to feed others, and if I hand over my body, that I may boast, but do not have love, I am not profited at all.” ~ (1Corinthians 3:1-3)

Do you like accents? Anyway, i happen to like accents a lot!… find them intriguing and am more likely to be interested in listening carefully to a person speaking with one. I enjoy/prefer lectures/talks by speakers with distinct accents…it’s kinda like a “keep-the crowd-awake-skill” for public speaking…that would be a fun study (wonder if there is one out there? IF You know of one, could You let me know; THANKS!)…which i “think” could prove that people are more likely to “listen” carefully and pay attention to “instructions” given by a speaker with an interesting/attention-grabbing accent. What is your observation: Do people listen more carefully to someone speaking with an accent?!

My posts usually deal with heavy topics…so, thought You, my Readers, might like something fun, light, fluffy and sweet!:) May be?:) Back to my original blog question: Do You like marshmallows? A lot of kids do. My kids counted among them. Although, they don’t eat them often. They like them roasted.shutterstock_93511057

Want a Marshmallow?? How long would You wait for one?? Would you want your marshmallow fix immediately?!

Could You wait 15 minutes?! Tick, Tick, Tick….You can eat it now if You want BUT if You wait 15 minutes–i’ll give You another marshmallow…so, for a mere 15 minutes of your time, You get 2 marshmallows!🙂

What will you do??? Think it over.

PLEASE, let me know in a comment. It would be a fun experiment to see what the majority of You would choose to do?!

  • Will You eat your marshmallow now or wait?!
  • Will i eat my marshmallow now or wait?!

(The term: “Marshmallow” can also serve as a “symbol” in this post for “your” particular Mt. Everest Goal or Achievement/Crown or Ultimate Hope and/or desire/wish.) This is a virtual exercise/experiment in patience/instant gratification based on the Marshmallow Stanford Test back in the 70’s.

THANK YOU to My Friend/Reader, Michelle, for this topic suggestion!🙂 Post entitled: Full of Fluff 2 will elaborate more or expand the fluff stuff. Hope You can join in the fun…Peace!:)

peanut-butter-and-fluff-sandwich available at Shutterstock

two-marshmallows-roasting available at Shutterstock

Creative Commons License photo credit: aktivioslo- Bowl of Marshmallows


Full of Fluff!

Joan Winifred

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