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Courage to Adopt a Compassion Culture!

shutterstock_79025395Take Courage! You Can Do It!:) You can succeed in adopting a Compassion Culture…more fully expressed in your every day living! What description or definition pops into your mind when You think of Courage? Maybe a name comes to mind?…An example/role-model that epitomizes that positive trait for you!

1 definition for courage: “spiritual, emotional, and moral fortitude to speak and act without fear in the face of obstacles and dangers.”

What obstacles do You face as Caregiver? What dangers do You face as Breathing-Fragile-Life making Your way in this troubled world? What challenges are You overcoming as Partner? What stands in your way from reaching your goal of more compassionate choices? Take Courage!:) You Can Do It!:)

Fully Living or Adopting a Compassion Culture leads to greater happiness, greater wellness, greater meaning in life!:)

A Compassion Culture is a culture that is politically neutral. Compassion Culture is a culture of action. Compassion Culture is not passive. Compassion Culture is Courage! When it comes to showing/living compassion, there are no imaginary boundaries and borders dividing Breathing-Fragile-Life from the love, honor, respect, help, dignity All Breathing-Fragile-Life deserves!:)

You Deserve Compassion from Fellow-Breathing-Fragile-Life. You Owe compassion to Fellow-Breathing-Fragile-Life!

A Compassion Culture is like a place. A figurative place of love and healing, understanding and empathy! A place of comforting words and comforting hugs. A place of genuine friendship and agape love. A refreshing oasis with plenty to drink and eat because everyone courageously shares. i ENCOURAGE You to find this place…among others who value compassion. Cultivate Your compassion culture fully…without delay. Don’t hesitate. Don’t wait to show compassion. (You’ll benefit yourself and others!:)

It’s 3/3/13 i like that number. (Not into numerology)…to me 3 symbolizes emphasis. If You follow my writing?…which BTW: While i do appreciate support/readership of my blog and your sharing it with others to possibly encourage them in their particular journey…i’m really not looking for followers of me aka stalkers -lol :)just joking sorta…be a follower of Compassion!:) (i usually poetically repeat an important point in my writing..3 or more times: repetitious for emphasis!)

ADOPT A CULTURE of COMPASSION by abandoning arrogant self-absorption…when one thinks primarily of oneself aka “what’s in it for me” or “what’s good for me”…others can get hurt! Compassion culture involves thinking of others and their well-being. It’s not short-term, instant gratification, impatient thinking and decision-making. How can you fully express your compassion culture in ways that help others attain wellness–short-term and long-term?!


Partnerships/Relationships thrive not with the attitude/thinking what is this relationship primarily doing for me or giving me, but rather with the attitude: what can i give and what can i bring to this relationship/partnership!:) When all parties involved…think giving and not just getting…Compassion thrives and flourishes!:) You have so MUCH to GIVE! THANKS for being generous to All Breathing-Fragile-Life crossing your path!:)

There exist companions disposed to break one another to pieces, but there exists a friend sticking closer than a brother. ~ Proverbs 18:24 (i LOVE this Proverb!:)

What kind of friend am i?? What kind of friend are You??

Partners in Wellness and Caregivers, Family, Friends & All Breathing-Fragile-Life value compassion, right? or should, right? i HOPE to explore or write further on this topic: Compassion Culture. For now, i’m keeping this short…& Sweet?…Gonna take some of my own medicine: exercise self-control.

Courage Rules not fear available at Shuttershock
Give a Flower–Give Love available at Shuttershock

Courage to Adopt a Compassion Culture!

Joan Winifred

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