shutterstock_65243722Is your trust earned? Mine is! Do you give your trust away? I Don’t!

Who or what is trustworthy? Or whom is worthy of Your trust?! Are You unduly cynical? i’m not…just realistic! Let’s face the facts, mankind’s long history (as well as our short personal histories) attest accurately and clearly demonstrate that humans (generally) are not easily inclined toward virtue!..

Countless ancient and modern examples (too numerous to recite/recount here) clearly witness loudly that we, humans, sadly tend to be a selfish bunch with self-promoting agendas. It takes real WORK and concerted EFFORT to break away from our selfish habits, patterns and behaviors. Where has selfishness gotten man…kind?! Has it led to lasting happiness, peace, confidence, longevity, success??

Recently Read: parents of a newborn child in Asia grieve over the loss of their little boy! 🙁 Why did he die when they were feeding him, taking care of him?? (so they thought)…turns out the “so-called enriched milk they had been giving him was contaminated with a hazardous ingredient”…Can’t “trust” the “formula”…In another instance, reported in Le Figaro…”a West African boy, 12 years old, lies in the hospital–the victim of FAKE antimalarial drug that his mother bought at a legitimate drugstore.”

Dr. Jerome Kassirer, a former editor of the New England Journal of Medicine, explains: “When researchers are beholden to [pharmaceutical] companies for much of their income, there is an incredible tendency to get results that are favorable to the company.”

My mind is whirling with readings of late on the topics of trust and regret. For compassion culture to grow these topics have to be addressed. World-wide there is a confidence crisis. If you cannot trust your parent, your partner, your priest, your president, your doctor, etc….whom can you trust?! How can one move forward when plagued by regret?!

Many of us think honesty is an essential quality to well-being. A positive trait worth cultivating. Yet, what do we practice? Compassion culture calls for love and seeking the welfare of other Breathing-Fragile-Life…we cannot abuse the trust of others and think/claim we are practicing compassion culture. Here’s a powerful Proverb:

“Do not fabricate against your fellowman anything bad, when he is dwelling in a sense of security with you.” ~Proverb 3:29

IF each of us chose to practice this Proverb…would we see human exploitation (in its various ugly forms) motivated by greed?! Let’s stop fabricating fake medicine for one! And while we’re at it 2: let’s stop fabricating fake religion. False medicine = false hope…filling people with these is just CRUEL!🙁 And what’s really SAD (and super upsetting to me)…is that people believe the fake medicine/fake religion is helping them when it’s actually harming them!🙁 Can you imagine the regret…pain and how the parents of the little Asian boy (example above) must feel knowing that they unknowingly fed him fake food. No parent should have to live with that kind of regret. We all have regret(s). Dwelling on our regrets can keep us from moving forward. We don’t have to live with regret IF we learn to make better choices.

Regrets result from Poor Choices based on Inaccuracies, Misinformation, Lies!

Building Trust: Another Powerful Proverb:

Truth will last forever; lies are soon found out.” ~Proverb 12:19, Contemporary English Version

Think about it: what is worth more: immediate reward/short-lived glory/gratification based on lies/fabrications or long-term, long-lasting benefits/joys including self-respect and earned respect/trust of others based on patterns of honest-living?! What are you personally building? A pattern of earned trust?

Read in an article: Is Trust Possible? referring to experiments conducted by Michael Kosfeld, a professor of business administration at Frankfurt University in Germany. These experiments led him to the conclusion that trust is “a biologically-based part of human nature.” “Kosfeld discovered that when there is interaction between two people, the human brain releases oxytocin, a hormone that stimulates trust.”

 “It is, in fact, one of the distinguishing features of the human species,” Kosfeld states. “When trust is absent, we are, in a sense, dehumanized.


Compassion Culture aka Compassion Interaction stimulates…


Hasty action and short-term thinking of dishonest action leads to long-term regret! Avoid regret. Some are plagued by regret and worry over their regrets. I choose not to live that way. You cannot relive the past! You can choose to live today in a manner that promotes peace, longevity, honesty and compassion short-term and long-term.

Read this AWESOME illustration today (in article under subheading: “Do You have any regrets?“) about worry…that helped me/very fragile life who tends to worry about everything and everyone on the planet…lol…not sure if i should laugh or about both? Please, notice this “comforting” excerpt:

“Does worrying solve any problems? Not one! Imagine trying to move forward by rocking for hours in a rocking chair, expending all that energy but getting nowhere! Instead of worrying, some positive action on your part may produce good results. You can apologize to the person you wronged, perhaps restoring good relations. You can avoid whatever led up to the negative act, thereby preventing future problems. Then again, you may simply have to live through some situations in life. But worry is nothing but a form of paralysis. There is NO REWARD for WORRY!”

THANKS for expressing Compassion Culture in Your Everyday life!🙂 Compassion culture builds trust, leaves regret and worry, lies behind by speaking and living TRUTH!:)

Lies are like a broken record: won’t play (for long).

Compassion culture takes Positive action/it movesWould i lie to You Honey?? NO WAY!:)


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