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Archives for March, 2013

Partners In Wellness with Joan Winifred

Compassion Culture: Trust and Regret

Is your trust earned? Mine is! Do you give your trust away? I Don't!

Who or what is trustworthy? Or whom is worthy of Your trust?! Are You unduly cynical? i'm just realistic! Let's face the facts, mankind's long history (as well as our short personal histories) attest accurately and clearly demonstrate that humans (generally) are not easily inclined toward virtue!..

Countless ancient and modern examples (too numerous to recite/recount here) clearly witness...
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Full of Fluff!

M is for ?...mmmMonday. M is for March. M is for Mars.

M is for Marshmallows!:)

Do you like marshmallows? Just "realizing" while writing this post:

I pronounce and spell marshmallow as marsh-mellow!

Though, others have remarked on my spelling skills, i feel, my accent messes up my spelling going to worry about it--just going to "mellow" out. -lol:)

I have an odd/thick when tired and/or upset. What i term "New England" accent because...
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Compassion Culture: Circus Comes to Town!

Saturday evening, March 9th, my family went to the circus!

Not under the big top, out in the open-night air. (Weather wear.)

A small 1 ring Loomis Brothers' circus. It was terrific. It was aerial acrobats without any net: beautiful & dangerous. Beauty can be dangerous, eh?

The irony of one circus (my family) watching and being entertained by another goofy sense of humor finds this funny. Chato's family: a bunch of clowns we ...
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Compassion Culture: SPEAK it, Baby!

What is your native tongue? How well do you speak compassion--The language and living of love (agape)??

Couldn't help, but think a little about my heritage/language. VERY Thankful: i was raised with no prejudice or partiality toward any ethnic other i was raised to Appreciate & Love All Variety of Breathing-Fragile-Life:) other family did not elevate one particular group of Breathing-Fragile-Life over another particular group of other particular ethnicity is quite a...
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Courage to Adopt a Compassion Culture!

Take Courage! You Can Do It!:) You can succeed in adopting a Compassion more fully expressed in your every day living! What description or definition pops into your mind when You think of Courage? Maybe a name comes to mind?...An example/role-model that epitomizes that positive trait for you!

1 definition for courage: "spiritual, emotional, and moral fortitude to speak and act without fear in the face of obstacles and dangers."

What obstacles do You face as Caregiver?...
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Hi!:) How are You, my Reader?? Ca Va? How was Your February? How is Your personal journey/race of compassion going? THANKS for living compassion!:)

My February ended on a Super-Nice note! i hope Yours did as well!:) (Not sure IF you've read my previous post referring to my Brother?) i'm loving skype right now -lol:) You guessed to skype with Him and his Wife! It's been way tooo long since an opportunity...
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