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What’s Holding Your mind? What’s Holding Your heart?

shutterstock_125177609What is holding your mind? What is holding your heart? Love? Fear? Accurate Knowledge? Superstition? Impartiality? Partiality? Nationalism? Universal Hospitality?

Sadly, we live in a divided world, country(s), region(s), neighborhood(s). A world/globe divided by mind-made/man-made/fear-made/prejudice-made borders, boundaries, divisions, differences, discriminations and fears.

Are you personally able to promote peace by embracing the concept of an International Brotherhood of Breathing-Fragile-Life encompassing our globe? Of course, how can one embrace an International Brotherhood if one cannot embrace their local neighbor? How can one embrace their local Neighbor if one cannot embrace their Mother, Father, Sister, Brother under the same roof?

Human Race = Fragile Family! Family = Gift! Do You Cherish Your Family?  Do You Appreciate Your Gift? i do!:) (Who doesn’t like getting a gift?:)

The human condition is flawed…on varying levels so, at times, family doesn’t get along like it should!:( How can we all: “better” get along?

We all need to get better, get well: mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually…one way is by cultivating love and compassion and empathy and forgiveness!:) It takes education and patience. It takes work and effort. It takes practice and application…in the home, in the neighborhood, at school, at work, etc.

i like/prefer simple, practical solutions to challenges: tweaking. So, i like “practical,” ancient wisdom:

Continue putting up with one another and forgiving one another freely, if anyone has a cause for complaint against another…Clothe yourselves with love, for it is the perfect bond of union.” (Colossians 3:13, 14)

All of us have a cause for complaint!…i’m sure some of my Readers have a cause of complaint toward me that i may not be aware of…SORRY!:(…THANKS for putting up with me! SORRY to offend & THANKS for Reading/Supporting my blog!:)…when i’m trying to put up with someone who’s irritating me or worse…i try to think of the situation like this:  As a Mom…babies are so cute, adorable and loveable…yet, they do seemingly offensive/gross stuff..i.e. spit up on you, poop on you, etc. You LOVE the baby sooo much…you don’t hold it against the baby. You would never expect the baby to act like a kid and you wouldn’t expect a kid to act like an adult.

IF we clothe ourselves with love, we don’t expect from others what they cannot give or do. We are reasonable in our dealings with others. We give others the benefit of the doubt. We remember, may be in this situation/circumstance…they are emotionally or educationally like a baby. (The baby needs love. The baby needs help. The baby needs a teacher.) The person irritating/offending may lack the maturity, knowledge or know-how to do/say differently. By setting an example of “positive” behavior, speech and forgiveness…makes things better for everyone involved. Don’t you appreciate when others put up with you and choose to over-look/forgive your flaws/mistakes? i really do…THANKS a BUNCH to ALL MY FRIENDS, FAMILY, READERS, FELLOW-BREATHING-FRAGILE-LIFE!!:)

Early and on-going compassion education is VERY important. For example, many are taught at home or in school at an early age that their culture/ethnicity/gender/language/country/region/neighborhood/school, etc….is “THE BEST” and/or worthy or deserving of more…than others who are so-called less than best/inferior, etc.

Cultivating compassion means riding self, mind and heart and behavior of any prejudices and partialities or thinking/believing one is superior! Do you harbor prejudice(s)?

Can you cultivate hospitality? Hospitality among your Family? Hospitality among your Neighbors? Hospitality among your International Brotherhood of Breathing-Fragile-Life?


Read an article that said of Ted Turner, founder of CNN, comments about his work with a number of talented individuals from various nations: “Meeting with these people was an incredible experience. I came to see those from other countries not as ‘foreigners,’ but as fellow citizens of the planet. I began to view the word ‘foreign’ as pejorative and created a rule within CNN that the word could not be used either on air or in conversation around the office. Instead, the word ‘international’ was to be used.”

Learning compassion and love does involve mind/language/behavior changes from negative to positive thoughts, words, actions. Can you strip your mind of any hate? Can you strip your language of any offensive, hateful words? YES, You Can!:) Start by feeding your mind/heart wholesome, nutritious food not laden with hate, prejudice, violence…poison!

Discipline?! Do you self-discipline your mind and your heart? Discipline could mean: “guidance, instruction, training, reproof, correction.” By discipline i’m NOT talking: “Hysterical bursts of anger, screaming, and insulting or derogatory statements and/or physical abuse.”

An article in my local/regional news caught my attention: “Sgt. Branzei talked away his Korean War nightmares.”

An excerpt:

“They were attacking in force. It was night and I opened up on them with my machine gun. Every fifth bullet was a tracer and I followed my tracers to the target,” the old soldier recalled, sitting in his Punta Gorda living room 60 years later. “I was screaming over the rattle of my weapon–(swearing and praying) ‘Hail Mary full of grace, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death!’ I’m praying to Mary and screaming a sacrilege at the same time.”

“Enemy losses were 2,535 killed during that 10 day fight, according to official reports. The Chinese and North Koreans fired 45, 431 artillery rounds at UN forces on Boomerang Hill, the report states.”

“After the battle the next morning we were going through the pockets of hundreds of enemy dead in front of our position on the hill. I was looking for an officer’s pistol to take as a souvenir. I pulled this dead enemy officer’s wallet out of his pocket. In it was a picture of his wife and two kids. That really bothered me because I never wanted to think of the enemy as human beings.

“When I got back to my parents’ home in Detroit Mich., I couldn’t sleep. I had vicious nightmares almost every night…”I was walking around in the middle of the night and my mother asked me, ‘What’s wrong, Sandy?’ I told her I was scared,” he remembered with tears in his eyes. “Come on in here with your father and me,’ she replied.”

“I was supposed to be a rough…sergeant who had killed all these enemy soldiers. And there I was in bed in between my mother and father. I felt safe. Nobody was going to kill me in the middle of the night. Isn’t that something.” Branzei said as he stared at the floor and shook his head.”

“Four or five years after I got home from the war I stopped having nightmares. They started going away when I could talk to other people about what happened to me in Korea. When I could talk about my life in the war I got well.”

“There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t thank the Lord for letting me live a good life. He didn’t take me like he took my three buddies in Korea. I came home alive,” Branzei said.

Quick-Questions for Consideration:

What can one learn from Sgt. Branzei choice(s) to participate in the Korean war?

What consequences did he face as a result of his choice(s)?

What type of early-education did Sgt. Branzei receive?

Was he taught universal hospitality?

Was he taught no race of man is better or more worthy of life than another race of man?

Was he taught nationalism?

Was he taught tolerance and forgiveness?

Was he taught peace?

Was he taught love of neighbor?

Was he taught respect of others and their possessions: i.e. life, wallet, pistol, etc.?  What does it say about his education that he and others not only took their so-called “enemies” lives, but that wasn’t enough, eh?…had to go and take a souvenir of the kill?

60 years later and he’s still talking about it! (Is he healed?) The glories of war? or still living the horrors of war? 60 years later and he blames God for taking his buddies’ lives…after he just admitted (earlier in the article) how he took the lives of all these enemy soldiers. God didn’t take his buddies’ lives…their enemies did.

Education, religious and otherwise plays a major role in life: our thinking, our learning, our choosing, our living, our dieing. Bottom line: If one chooses war, one ultimately chooses harm/death. If one chooses peace, one ultimately chooses health/life. What will You choose? What will You learn? Love? Compassion? Peace? Life? Death?

We  lived in Punta Gorda. A NICE place to live…i wonder if Sgt. Branzei would now befriend a Korean neighbor?? Or if he would be friends with me and my family?…because we Welcome to our home All Variety of Breathing-Fragile-Life! i wish PEACE to Sgt. Branzei and healing!:) His choices did and do affect other Breathing-Fragile-Life…like all of us and all of our particular set of choices which affect others either positively or negatively.


You see such hypocrisy/bloodshed in religion…it makes me sick:(…You have priests and others praying to their God in one country and then you have those of the same faith/religion praying to the same God while living in another country…then they go maiming/killing each other…all “thinking” they have “God’s” blessing!

Obviously, these so-called “believers” haven’t read this “common/well-known” Biblical verse:

God is not partial, but in every nation the man that fears him and works righteousness is acceptable to him.” ~ (Acts 10:34)


Outline of History, H. G. Wells said of the first Crusade: “The slaughter was terrible; the blood of the conquered ran down the streets, until men splashed in blood as they rode. At nightfall, ‘sobbing for excess of joy,’ the crusaders came to the Sepulchre from their treading of the winepress, and put their blood-stained hands together in prayer.”

In a later Crusade called by Pope Innocent III, the peaceful Albigenses and Waldenses, who objected to the doctrines of Rome and the excesses of the clergy, were massacred. Regarding the fanaticism expressed against them, Wells wrote: “This was enough for the Lateran, and so we have the spectacle of Innocent III preaching a crusade against these unfortunate sectaries, and permitting the enlistment of every wandering scoundrel . . . and every conceivable outrage among the most peaceful subjects of the King of France. The accounts of the cruelties and abominations of this crusade are far more terrible to read than any account of Christian martyrdoms by the pagans.”

“Christendom’s history is full of accounts of fanatics, and they have usually produced fruits of violence. So we can conclude that fanaticism does not produce good fruitage. Funk and Wagnalls New Standard Dictionary of the English Language (1929 edition) defines fanaticism in the following way: “Extravagant or frenzied zeal.” And it goes on to illustrate it with these words: “No period of history exhibits a larger amount of cruelty, licentiousness, and fanaticism than the Crusades.” ~article: “Does True Christianity produce Fanatics?“…interesting question for investigation, eh?


In case you didn’t know: i’m NOT a FAN of War! How could i be and call myself: a CARE-GIVER!

(which begs the logical question: how can someone call/identify themselves “Christian” or a “true” follower of the founder of Christianity, Jesus Christ (who promoted/taught peace)…and participate in war??)


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What’s Holding Your mind? What’s Holding Your heart?

Joan Winifred

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