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What do You Think? How do You Exist? Are You Superstitious?


“Je pense, donc Je suis!” or “Cogito ergo sum!” ~ Rene Descartes…how about:  “what” i think  is “how” i exist…or how i choose to live is governed/controlled by what i think. For example, if i think i’m “free”– i must be free?! that real/true??

What do you think?!:)

You do Think?…for Yourself?

Are you superstitious? You may resolutely reply: NO! because you “think” that you’re not superstitious. (You live free from superstitious fears or so, you think!:) Would you not agree, our actions tell the real deal. Simply put: i “think” i’m not superstitious…so, how i choose to live should reflect that thinking. A person who is not superstitious should/would be living a life free from superstitious practice, right?! or a person who claims not to be superstitious should/would be living a life full of non-superstitious choices, right?! Are highly-educated individuals superstitious? or are highly-educated individuals leading superstitious lives?

Quick-Questions for self-consideration:

Do I celebrate my birthday?

Do I wear black at funerals?

Do I read my daily horoscope?

Do I consult a psychic reader or fortune-teller?

Do I kiss under mistletoe?

Would I walk under a ladder?

Would I own a black cat?

A person who lets superstition affect his decisions and daily routine is allowing himself to be dominated by something he does not really understand. Is this wise? Should we submit ourselves to such a nebulous and possibly sinister influence? Is superstition an inconsequential foible or an ominous threat?” ~Life Under the Control of Superstition

It is my belief:  An aspect of attaining “True” Enlightenment is progressively breaking-free from enslaving rituals/traditions steeped in superstition and falsehood. True Enlightenment is a freedom walk of deep understanding…a walk in life whereby one humbly abandons “false” thinking that produces practices/habits/rituals/traditions that are false and enslaving/harmful. This walk involves action/abandonment of false/superstitious practices/habits/rituals/traditions…change of thinking, change of action.

It’s a personal journey involving personal choices. It’s a journey of superlative education. It’s a journey that leads to wellness. It’s a journey that leads to better choices. It’s a journey that leads to a fuller expression of compassionate living on a daily basis. It’s a journey that involves True Freedom. It’s a journey that involves work. Do you like to work? (i hope so–it’s good for You!🙂

Work is a dirty word…an endeavor that involves coming clean. Coming clean in the sense of  being truly honest with yourself and your thoughts and your actions. Honesty about the pattern of choices that shape your life. Honesty is scary! Don’t be Afraid!:) Thank You for choosing Honesty…a compassionate choice!:)

For example, if i can claim: i’m compassionate…what do my actions reveal? I can claim: i am free…but how do i really live? enslaved to tradition, superstition, popular opinion, addiction? I can claim: i value truth/authenticity…but do i lie to myself and others? i may suffer, but the one thing i DON’T suffer from: is an identity crisis…i know who i am! (Do you know who you are?)

i am WOMAN–hear me roar!…or laugh -lol:)…Fear and superstition (fake religion) has dominated/bullied man through the centuries… in turn, man has bullied and dominated woman through the centuries. Breaking the cycle means breaking the thinking…breaking the fear. Breaking the superstition, etc. Takes a global-educational-campaign to overcome.

True enlightenment takes you to deeper authenticity and deeper accuracy…it’s a spiritual journey for the courageous man and woman…those who have enough guts to look at guts…what they’re truly made of and what something is truly made of…it ain’t always pretty! Are You pretty? (“Pretty” such a subjective thought, eh?)

“The Greeks believed that everyone had a protective spirit or daemon who attended his birth and watched over him in life. This spirit had a mystic relation with the god on whose birthday the individual was born. The Romans also subscribed to this idea…This notion was carried down in human belief and is reflected in the guardian angel, the fairy godmother and the patron saint…The custom of lighted candles on cakes started with the Greeks…Honey cakes round as the moon and lit with tapers were placed on the temple altars of [Artemis]…Birthday candles, in folk belief, are endowed with special magic for granting wishes.

…Lighted tapers and sacrificial fires have had a special mystic significance ever since man first set up altars to his gods. The birthday candles are thus an honor and tribute to the birthday child and bring good fortune…Birthday greetings and wishes for happiness are an intrinsic part of this holiday…Originally the idea was rooted in magic…Birthday greetings have power for good or ill because one is closer to the spirit world on this day.”–The Lore of Birthdays (New York, 1952), Ralph and Adelin Linton, pp. 8, 18-20

“The various customs with which people today celebrate their birthdays have a long history. Their origins lie in the realm of magic and religion. The customs of offering congratulations, presenting gifts and celebrating–complete with lighted candles–in ancient times were meant to protect the birthday celebrant from the demons and to ensure his security for the coming year…Down to the fourth century of Christianity rejected the birthday celebration as a pagan custom.”–Schwabische Aeitung (magazine supplement Zeit und Welt), April 3/4, 1981, p. 4.

Did You realize that Birthday observance has its origin in Astrology?

This is partly how i personally feel about my bd: (What makes me so special the world should stop to acknowledge my first breath??) After i stop breathing, IF i’ve loved enough to help any fragile-life…IF i’ve made a compassionate name/reputation…IF my path, my pattern over my life course has proved to be selfless…may be then, i’ll get a flower or two or a tear from my family/friends…actually, i would hope they would use their money for…the world-wide work of Compassion!:)

IS Astrology Scientific?…let’s see…

Astrology claims that the sun, moon, stars, and planets can influence affairs on earth and that the configuration of these heavenly bodies at the moment of one’s birth plays a role in one’s life. However, scientific discoveries present formidable challenges:
▪ The work of astronomers like Copernicus, Galileo, and Kepler has clearly demonstrated that the earth is not the center of the universe. It is also known now that often the stars that appear to be in a constellation are not really bound in a group. Some of them may be deep in space, while others may be relatively near. Thus, the zodiacal properties of the various constellations are purely imaginary.
▪ The planets Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto were unknown to early astrologers because they were not discovered until the invention of the telescope. How, then, were their “influences” accounted for by the astrological charts drawn up centuries earlier? Furthermore, why should the “influence” of one planet be “good” and another “evil,” when science knows now that basically they are all masses of lifeless rock or gases, hurtling in space?
▪ The science of genetics tells us that the basis of our personality traits is formed, not at birth, but at conception, when one of the millions of sperm cells from the father unites with a single egg cell from the mother. Yet, astrology fixes one’s horoscope by the moment of birth. This difference of about nine months should give one a completely different personality profile in astrological terms.

  • Wearing black at funerals was originally a ruse to escape the attention of evil spirits said to be lurking on such occasions.
  • Some black Africans paint themselves white, and mourners in other lands wear unusual colors so that the spirits will not recognize them.
  • In its most basic sense, magic is an effort to control or coerce the natural or supernatural forces to do man’s bidding. Not knowing the real cause of many everyday happenings, people in earlier societies believed that the repetition of certain magical words or incantations, or the performance of some ritual, could bring about certain desired effects. What lent credibility to this sort of magic was that some of the rituals actually worked. For example, the medicine men—essentially magicians or sorcerers—of the Mentawai Islands west of Sumatra were reported to be surprisingly effective in curing people suffering from diarrhea. Their magical formula was to have the sufferers lie face down near the edge of a cliff and lick the ground from time to time. What made it work? The soil on the cliffs contained kaolin, the white clay commonly used in some of today’s diarrhea medicines.~Searching for the Unknown in Magic and Spiritism

Does repetitious chanting year after year: Happy Birthday or Hail Mary really bring good fortune or forgiveness?!

How we think, what we think…is how we survive/exist!

According to the book Magic, Supernaturalism, and Religion, “they were masters in the arts of prescience, predicting the future from the livers and intestines of slaughtered animals, from fire and smoke, and from the brilliancy of precious stones; they foretold events from the murmuring of springs and from the shape of plants. . . . Atmospheric signs, rain, clouds, wind, and lightning were interpreted as forebodings; the cracking of furniture and wooden panels foretold future events. . . . Flies and other insects, as well as dogs, were the carriers of occult messages.”


My 2 cats have NOT told me anything about the future!:) What about your pets?!…i’m listening to beautiful, tweeting birds singing out my window…let’s see IF i can transcribe any message?…Nope! SORRY no future omen here.-lol:)

“The most well-known ancient Chinese treatise on divination is the I Ching (Canon of Changes; pronounced Yee-Jing), said to be written by the first two Chou emperors, Wen Wang and Chou Kung, in the 12th century B.C.E. It contains detailed explanations of the interplay of the two opposing forces yin and yang (dark-bright, negative-positive, female-male, moon-sun, earth-heaven, and so on), which many Chinese still believe to be the controlling principles behind all life’s affairs. It presents the picture that everything is ever changing and nothing is permanent. To succeed in any undertaking, one must be aware of and act in harmony with all the changes of the moment. Thus, people ask questions and cast lots and then turn to the I Ching for answers. Through the centuries, the I Ching has been the basis for all manner of fortune-telling, geomancy, and other forms of divination in China.”

“In the course of examining the various aspects of spiritism, magic, and divination, we have noted that they are closely tied to beliefs in departed souls and the existence of spirits, good and evil. Thus, fundamentally, belief in spirits, magic, and divination is based on a form of polytheism rooted in the doctrine of the immortality of the human soul.” ~Searching for the Unknown through Magic and Spiritism

The global list of superstitions/doctrines that have mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually enchained breathing-fragile-life for centuries is exhaustive!…i encourage You to research the origin of your own beliefs/practices/routines[boxes]. As a highly-educated thinker-for-yourself-er:)…do You want your belief system and choices based on superstition or scientific fact and/or spiritual truth?!

An authentic person thinks/lives an authentic belief system. As a Partner in Wellness…will choices based on falsehoods/misinformation/superstition/media lies “actually” bring you and your loved ones wellness/healing?!

What do you think? Where do you live? How do you exist? Do You think and live/exist inside the box?…box of superstition (aka imaginary/fake religion, etc.)?! Who are You?

You’re brave!:)…brave enough and smart enough to break-free from your box…(imaginary fear, fake religion, misinformation, puppet master propaganda, media lies, etc.)!

i think on the outside. i live on the outside…where one is truly Free!:) Who am i? Yes, i’m an outsider…by choice/my goal is to always be 1.

1 thinking individual free from fake fear. (Isn’t there enough real fear to go around?…)

P.S….YOU:) know what i hope for You?…the wind will take all your boxes away…

THANK YOU for reading/thinking….HAPPY-Free Friday!:) Please, enJOY some time on the outside!




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What do You Think? How do You Exist? Are You Superstitious?

Joan Winifred

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