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The Ecosystems of Breathing-Fragile-Life

ecoglobeheartcrpdThe multi-major ecosystems of Breathing-Fragile-Life on Earth are being ruined by poor decision making!

As 1 of many caretakers of our beautiful planet: how is your “thinking” and how are your daily “decisions”/actions affecting not only your personal environment in which you choose to live, but by extension the environment of your global-family?

How one chooses to think is how one chooses to live! For context check out: What do You Think? How do You Exist? Are You Superstitious?

The Thinking and the Living of the One affects the Many!

What we personally decide to do or not do affects all Breathing-Fragile-Life on our Planet either negatively or positively! THANK YOU for choosing Compassion for Fellow-Breathing-Fragile-Life and consideration for the multi-major-ecosystems.

“After four years of making a comprehensive study of the world’s major ecosystems, a group of scholars and environmental leaders—who were part of a study called the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment [MA]—published their first report. Some of the conclusions they reached follow: During the past half century, the growing demand for food, freshwater, timber, fiber, and fuel has caused unprecedented changes in earth’s ecosystems, straining earth’s ability to sustain future generations. Earth’s natural ability to pollinate crops, provide air conditioning by wild plants, and recycle nutrients by the oceans is being overtaxed. The planet is also at the edge of a massive wave of species extinctions.” ~Will Earth Sustain Future Generations

If You want to read over the various reports by MA for yourself you can find/research them on-line.

While the conclusion of the MA board of directors agrees that it lies within the power of human societies to ease the strains that are being put on the ecosystems, they say that achieving it “will require radical changes in the way nature is treated at every level of decision-making.” ~Will Earth Sustain Future Generations

Questions for Self-Consideration:

Do I truly exhibit respect for self, neighbor, nature?

What is my attitude, thinking  and actions regarding: consumption and conservation?

In what personal areas can I improve in having a more Positive (daily) impact on Fellow-Breathing-Fragile-Life?

In what ways do selfish thinking and selfish living negatively impact our planet’s multi-major-ecosystems?

In what ways do selfless thinking and selfless living positively impact our planet’s multi-major-ecosystems?

Do I have enough love and compassion for Fellow-Breathing-Fragile-Life and myself to change any selfish thinking and selfish living?

Do I publicly or privately support in any way organization(s), religion(s), government(s), business(es), etc. that are ultimately ruining and destroying our planet and Breathing-Fragile-Life upon our planet, Earth?

If I publicly or privately support in any way organization(s), religion(s), government(s), business(es), etc. that are ultimately ruining and destroying our planet and Breathing-Fragile-Life upon our planet, Earth, does that make me accountable by association/support?

Do I have enough Compassion and Love/Courage to resign/relinquish any association and/or support of any organization(s), religion(s), government(s), business(es), etc. that are ultimately blood-guilty for the destruction/ruination/extinction of Beautiful-Breathing-Fragile-Life on this Beautiful Planet, Earth?

Reality of the situation: When you think deeply about it: any entities/peoples/organizations/religions/leaders/governments that are destroying life…IF one is supporting these…sooner or later the destruction will come around to the supporters personally! History truthfully testifies to this fact! Those who cause/contribute to extinction/ruination become extinct/ruined!

Yes, the thinking and the living of one can/does negatively, adversely affect many: i.e. Stalin Order 00447; The Holocaust, etc!:(

I was reading that farmers now produce “sufficient food to feed 12 billion people–5 billion more than the current population of our planet.” Why people go hungry? Greed, Economics, Waste, Distribution. What am i eating? What am i consuming? Am i wasteful? Am i a greedy consumer? THANK YOU for choosing to consume in MODERATION!:)

Since the topic of Scientific and Spiritual Understanding of Life Interdependency matters to me (for context check out: Boyle, Sagan: Scientific & Spiritual “Understanding” of Life Interdependency: Part 1, Tweeting Bird: Say What? aka Part 2 and  Boyle, Sagan: Scientific and Spiritual “Understanding” of Life Interdependency Part 3)…i read the following interview with great interest!:) Please check out this excerpt of an interesting interview with a retired environmental consultant in the US, Brett Schenck. “He studied the interdependency of plants, animals, and the environment.”

(Highlighted the points i found noteworthy/thought-provoking.)

“My father was a mechanical engineer. He often talked enthusiastically to me about math and science. As a boy, I was fascinated by the plants and animals in the creeks and pools near my home in New Paris, Ohio, U.S.A. So when I went to Purdue University, I chose to study ecology.” ~Brett Schenck

What did you learn about evolution? Many things. To mention just one, the evolution theory attempts to explain the origin of species. Living things are made up of efficient organs, such as the heart, lungs, and eyes. Also, at the microscopic level, we see marvelously designed ‘machines’ within cells. Where do the designs for those come from? Evolutionists claim that the best mechanisms are automatically selected because the living things that have them survive better. But that idea does not answer the question: Where do the mechanisms come from? I learned that many scientists do not believe that the evolution theory answers that question. A professor of zoology confided to me that he did not believe any of the theories of evolution. However, he did not air his views for fear of losing his job.

How did you view the theory of evolution? “My church accepted it. My colleagues believed it. So I never questioned it. But I also believed in God. I had a foggy notion that the two beliefs were compatible. Although I respected the Bible, I didn’t think it came from God. What made you change your view of the Bible?….He started studying the Bible (and he knew Koine)…”though not a science textbook, is scientifically accurate. For example, it says of God: “There is One who is dwelling above the circle of the earth.” (Isaiah 40:22) It also says: “He is . . . hanging the earth upon nothing.” (Job 26:7) At that time, I was using satellite photographs to study ecology, so these scriptures impressed me. They were written long before anyone photographed the circle of the earth hanging on nothing.”

earth globe

“My work involved studying how living things depend on each other. On earth, all living things depend on something else. Consider flowers and bees, for example. The color, fragrance, nectar, and structure of flowers are designed to attract bees and to sprinkle them with pollen. Bees are designed to extract nectar and to take one flower’s pollen to another plant for fertilization. Clearly, the flowers and bees are designed to supply what the other needs. In an ecosystem, we see interdependence on a vast scale. An ecosystem is an environment with a community of perhaps thousands of types of animals, plants, bacteria, and fungi. All animals depend on plants for food and oxygen, and most flowering plants depend on animals. Although ecosystems are exceedingly complex and the organisms in them are fragile, they may continue surviving for millennia. Even after damage by pollution, once the source of pollution is gone, a complex ecosystem soon develops again. When I think about the resilience of the entire system of life on earth, I am convinced that life was designed by God.”

“I was deeply concerned about the way human society is ruining the environment. I knew that although ecosystems are resilient, they are not indestructible… according to the Scriptures, God will “bring to ruin those ruining the earth.” (Revelation 11:18) Those words were important to me. As I continued studying the Bible, I gradually realized that the hope that the Bible presents is sure.” ~ Brett Schenck

All Breathing-Fragile-Life depends on something else! Who is depending on You?! PLEASE don’t let anyone down!🙂  THANK YOU:) for choosing Compassion by NOT Ruining the Earth or other Fragile-Life and by NOT supporting those who do!

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The Ecosystems of Breathing-Fragile-Life

Joan Winifred

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