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How Well do You know Your Global-Family?

Greetings:) Fellow-Breathing-Fragile-Life inhabiting this  beautiful planet! Here’s a question for You: How Well Do You know Your Global-Family?! How well do You know Your Local Neighbors?!

Before kids, enjoyed traveling and meeting members of my global-family. Now due to circumstances, i travel vicariously through reading about far-away peoples, places and cultures. Living in Florida affords one the opportunity of meeting visitors and vacationers and forming friendships. No matter how long or short the friendship…Each has taught me something. (Who are your teachers?! Who are your friends?! i hope they teach you positive, compassionate things!:)

Friendships help Caregivers Cope!

When you take the time to expand your “friendships” and “empathy”… “compassion” education outside your comfort/lazy-lol:) zone…you grow and learn in ways unimagined! Venture a little, learn a little. Venture a lot, learn a lot. Give a little, get a little. Give a lot, get a lot….of knowledge and understanding/perception and personal growth. 

i like this proverb: “The generous soul [literally, the soul with a blessing gift] will itself be made fat [prosperous], and the one freely watering others will himself also be freely watered.” (Pr 11:25)

Talk about Global-family and making friends here in FL: I met a new friend a few months ago now…not sure “exactly” how long: a young mother who immigrated here with her husband from the Congo. She was only here in the States 3 weeks when we met. She speaks French, yippee! How Cool is that…i get to speak and work on my rusty French…we read and have interesting discussions together in French and i interject a little English. Not sure if she’s picking up any from me or not. i may never get to the Congo…but my global-sister and exposure to this culture got to me…i’m thrilled!:) She gave me this pretty dress her sister made by hand and sent from there…a souvenir from the Congo…i’m blessed!:)

 A Sign? Are You a NEON Mind?!

Red House is Open in Union Square, Somerville.Creative Commons License photo credit: Planet Takeout Creative Commons License photo credit 1: Gay Aida Dumaguing

I was reading about different places/countries/governments that ban books. As a free-reader, i feel so sad for those who don’t experience that freedom of choice. i’m not going to list specific books… it blew me away that i’ve read “innocent” books/good reads promoting “positive” stuff which “possibly” could be considered “allegedly-extremist”/banned books under closed-minded, control-freak government/s. i would never promote hate or violence and i’m careful not to feed my mind on any such poison…so, i’m flabbergasted that if i lived in certain places…i probably would be doing jail time or compulsory labor right now for reading! Can you believe members of our global-family of breathing-fragile-life have to endure such maltreatment/torture for feeding their mind?? Maybe? these governments/so-called leaders.. FEAR “thinking” (adult) people who are capable of self-feeding and are not mindless-zombie-baby-followers-who spoon-feed. Maybe, that’s how tyrants/despots/control freaks stay in power?…find/keep/and control the mind food/source.  Any “loving” parent (or loving leader)…wants You to eventually grow-up…progress and reach Your full-potential and is not threatened by that prospect nor would hinder your growth!:)

If You lived in such a country, would you risk reading?! Would You eat/read what you’re force-fed?! If You immigrated from a somewhat close-minded country to a more open-minded country…would you pick up and read a book that was under ban in your former place of residence?! It makes You wonder what’s missing from their libraries?! What’s missing from their awareness?! What’s missing from their lives?! What choices are they missing?! i’m praying/thinking/meditating on my global-brothers & sisters  who lack the choices/freedom i effortlessly enjoy.

Please don’t take your (relative) freedoms for granted! Please Read Good, Positive Stuff!:)

Myanmar at the crossroadsCreative Commons License photo credit: *christopher*

Have You been to Myanmar/Burma?! lately? me: no or not yet. Some FUN stuff  summary of  what i’ve recently read:…most people there do not have a surname/family name. There names usually contain 1 syllable words describing qualities, ethnic background or objects. Examples: “Cho Sander Myint” means “Sweet Moon Above” or how about this name: “Htet Aung Htun” means “Intelligent Conquer Shine”…if you were to give yourself a Myanmar/Burmese-like name what would it be?!

Mine: joan rhymes with stone -lol:) Stone…talk (cause i hardly shut up) and green (favorite color, symbolic of a lot of stuff for me i.e. nature, etc.) Stone talk green -lol:) or Stone talk peace!…that’s a little nicer.

Back to the peoples of Myanmar: They value a gentle/mild spirit/personality. They respect their elders/older ones and call them: “Uncle, Auntie, Teacher.” Greetings to a long-separated friend: “So You are not dead yet, are You?” around mealtime: “Have You eaten yet?” and when departing they don’t say good-bye…i like that!…just “i am going now” the reply to that is: “GOOD!”-lol or “go slowly!”…we/my family used to jokingly say: “get lost!”

What a sweet culture, huh?…i found it interesting that the women use “thanaka” …a tree paste as a skin treatment/cosmetic. Saw pictures of beautiful women with “visible” globs of thick paste on their faces. Interesting!…where do i get some thanaka?!..that would be a fun/funny experiment here (this is Chato’s humor rubbing off on me:) i wonder what kind of “reaction” (empathy/compassion/rejection/laughter, etc.)  i would get walking around not on a beach with globs of  this thick, visible paste smeared all over my cheeks -lol…btw: you do need lots of sunscreen here in FL.

 Sun Safety for InfantsCreative Commons License photo credit: The U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Estimated Myanmar population is around 60 million. (90% of the population are Theravada Buddhist.) Monks are treated like celebrities. Like most languages the folks of Myanmar use a formal-style rooted in Pali and Sanskrit and a less formal everyday speech.

Shouldn’t books be accessible to everyone??…that’s why i believe writings/even so-called sacred ones…should be carefully translated into the everyday common language…clear, simple and accurate…easily understood. (That’s a definite goal/challenge with my writing/s.) You don’t always need big words to convey big thoughts. Song/poetry does that: compact/organized/simple language with deep/hidden/big meaning. It challenges the reader to think/meditate/conclude for themselves!:) It’s approachable and not dogmatic…a “friendly”- style of communication. Friendly is a nice/positive trait…for everyone.

It’s been fun “visiting” Myanmar through the stories of people…i.e. read this interesting “conversation” between a woman named Rosaline and her friend regarding their pets:

 ” ‘Does a pet know that its owner exists?’  asks Rosaline.”

” ‘Yes.’ said the friend.”

” ‘But is it aware of its owner’s job, marriage, or background?’ ”

” ‘No.’ ”

” ‘Likewise, since humans are different from God, who is a Spirit, should we expect to understand everything about God’s existence or origins?’ ”

” ‘No.’ “

An ancient book, the Bible, “teaches” the concept that “God,” the Creator, the Designer…has NO Beginning!…i believe makes sense if there is a creator…the creator has “no beginning”…though, tough to wrap your mind around it. The creator “is infinite and beyond the mind of man fully to fathom.” ~insight on scriptures

Which begs the question: if a pet can have a loving relationship w/owner while lacking awareness of certain things…can a human have a loving relationship w/Creator?!

THANK YOU:) for reading and joining me on this quick visit to the fascinating land and people of Myanmar!!…if You’ve been, please share Your thoughts!:) What can you learn from the Breathing-Fragile-Life in Myanmar and other places or in your own neighborhood?…are You personally getting to know better your family of fragile-life?!

Stone talk peace says: “i am going now!” your reply: Get lost!- lol:)

Lots of SmileysCreative Commons License photo credit: Rudy Herman




How Well do You know Your Global-Family?

Joan Winifred

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