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Will You Wait a Minute?!

My last post: Art Fun was introductory to the topic of patience. (Patience needed with kids. Patience needed with the messes kids make, etc. Patience when life doesn’t turn out exactly as planned. Patience when the colors get blended and blurred beyond recognition. Patience when unexpected/uncontrollable event/s alter or ruin your work. Patience to create art fun.)

Realistically, what art (or life imitating art:) actually turns out “exactly” as planned??!

(That’s why i live life with a Purpose–not a Plan!) Are you living a “purposeful” life?!

“A plan might be compared to mapping out a detailed path, whereas a purpose may involve having in mind a goal but not necessarily one specific manner of reaching it.”

For context see: Got Lemons, Now What?

How would you define Patience? What terms or descriptions come to your mind when you think of a patient person? May be a name comes to your mind? Do you know a patient person who can serve as a role-model? What scenarios can you think of that call for patience? What relationships could/would improve IF you tried to exhibit more patience? Can being more patient contribute to better decision making? Sure it can!:)

Patience can help us go with the flow….of the day’s events…both seemingly positive and seemingly negative. (On the surface, certain things may appear negative. However, if you take the time to dig deeper and analyze things that you initially viewed as negative are actually positive or vice versa.)

Perhaps a patient person sees things in a more positive light. (It takes patience to find your way out of the dark…funny/interesting how truth does that..sheds light. Are you patiently finding your way out–finding out the truth?!) A hiccup is an “opportunity” for a drink of water… (or holding your breath -lol:) Water refreshes and is an essential element for life and wellness. I could use a glass right now! Are you drinking enough water??

(Nope?! what about green tea with cranberry and pomegranate…tastes good to me!:)

Perhaps, a more patient person is a less controlling person. Willing to relinquish some/measure of control and willing to accept the consequences. Is a patient person willing to delegate?? Is a patient person flexible?? Could pride (feeling/believing you’re better or superior/more important than another) be the “hidden” factor/reason for a lack of patience??

One description of patience might be the opposite of instant gratification. Do you like things to happen instantly? When you knock on a door–do you expect it to immediately open?? Do you continue knocking on the same door? Move on to another door? or are you willing to wait to see what happens behind the first door or door numbers: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10…infinity??

May be, no other doors exist to the impatient person. May be you knock once and that’s it. What “possible” benefits come from continuing to knock?! (i’m a persistent knocker. Or rather tenacious/stubborn knocker!:) Or maybe, i refuse to take no for an answer?

“How much of human life is lost in waiting!”

~Ralph Waldo Emerson

How Patient are you? Where would you place yourself 1-10?

Somewhere in the middle?! Com’on…doesn’t everybody say that??…be honest with yourself! 10 being VERY, VERY Patient to 1 being NOT Very, very patient.  It’s a subjective inquiry, eh?

Partnership with a Hubby living with Bipolar Disorder and parenthood has caused/forced “me” to learn patience among other qualities. Honestly, i haven’t enjoyed all (if not most) of the patience lessons in my life. Learning patience can be painful. Patience requires forgiveness. Forgiveness i highly value!🙂 Do you value forgiveness? Does your treatment of others reflect that value?

I truly “appreciate” my patience lessons– hopefully been molding me into a more patient person…(hopefully, a more compassionate person). Life would be so much NICER for a lot of Breathing-Fragile-Life if all of us could be more patient, more compassionate and more forgiving!!

[What’s up with color coding “patient” or “patience” olive?…simple answer: a personal exercise in patience. Plus, it’s a neutral color, reminds me of waiting, pausing and not reacting or worse, over-reacting to anything or anyone. Easy way to count how many times i’m “highlighting” 🙂 this essential, positive trait.]

Do You Value Patience?

The Great WillowCreative Commons License photo credit: Mental Balance

Patience can help us not misuse our speech or power under stressful circumstances. Sometimes, i think of trees as strong, silent, patient. I Love Trees. Trees stay put. They sway in the wind. They symbolize stability and strength, flexibility, power and authority. They grow in place while the scenery and environment constantly changes around them. Trees live long. (Unless, impatient people chop them down!) They provide oxygen, fruit and beauty! There are countless good things to say about trees. (Stay focused joanie…trees: topic for another post!:)

Patience can break down prejudice. IF You don’t like me (or someone or something)–may be, You just don’t know me well enough; nor i You! When i find something/someone “irritating” for whatever reason…i remember this point from a scholarly work i read a while ago…(SORRY, lacking patience/time at the moment to make an exhaustive search for the exact reference for you:(…Regarding the person (i.e. me) irritates You or upsets You–If You cannot list: at least 10 things You know about me (or someone else that irritates/annoys/angers)…than You haven’t taken the opportunity/time to look for the good or positive in the person/thing/situationgather more facts and Open your mind and Open your heart!:)  See post: What I learned from a…Mosquito?!

Can you change your attitude toward someone in your past or present who hurt you/offended you or is irritating you right now? (You know, you don’t have to continue reading if this post is bothering you.) Oh THANKS, you’re going to patiently finish reading!:)

Revolution or change…you can start your own personal revolution or change your “negative” attitude toward anybody! THANKS for abandoning prejudiced thinking/attitudes!:) THANKS so much for being patient with the Breathing-Fragile-Life in Your life!:) i believe: good things do eventually come to those who wait!:)

REDUCE The Agony of Waiting!

  • Plan ahead! If you know that you will have to wait, be prepared to read, write, knit, crochet, or engage in some other useful activity.
  • Use the time to meditate, something that is increasingly difficult in our fast-moving world.
  • When waiting in a group, use the opportunity, if appropriate, to start conversations with others and share upbuilding thoughts with them.
  • Keep reading material in your car for periods of unexpected waiting.
  • Close your eyes, relax, or pray.

SUCCESSFUL Waiting is mainly a matter of Attitude and Forethought. ~Do You know how to wait?

Good question: Do You know how to wait? my answer…i’m learning!:)

“For everything there is an appointed time, even a time for every affair under the heavens” ~ Eccl. 3:1

Will You Wait a Minute?!

Joan Winifred

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