“Spend less. Read More.” Awesome slogan from Thrift books…yeah, that’s it…READ more!:) Not to stereotype women, but i’m “not” a shopper! I do it when i have to: run in/run out…get what i “need” at a cheap price.

Well, unless it’s a bookstore or i’m talking to somebody interesting, then i may linger a little. If held captive in a store -lol (cause of hubby and kids or whatever)…just read or find somebody to talk to! I don’t leave home without reading material.

The other day I “had to” go to Walmart…walk through the door and…a GIGANTIC mountain chain on each side greets/meets me! Stacks upon stacks ceiling high of doritos/chips/junk food/soda…Wow! this is really contributing to wellness and moderation on so many levels;)…and then rows and rows of endless items to clutter my mind and my home. Like with 4 kids and hubby, 2 cats, etc. to take care of already…get me out of Walmart quick…more stuff = less time. More stuff = less freedom! Walking into Walmart is an exercise in self-control. (So is composing this blog!:)

Self-control is a positive trait to cultivate. Learning when to speak up or shut up…for somebody like me, can come in handy!:) Learning when it’s safe to stop or go or proceed in tiny, cautious increments is essential. Exercising self-control is critical to preservation of life and relationships.

Actually, my mind is swirling and whirling with various topics for posting consideration. Between reading, research, real-life experiences of late, etc. i’m compiling a list or organizing my writing/learning which is a time-consuming process/event all on its own. Do you find yourself in various states of organization (self-control)? (i’m in the middle of reading a quick book: Organization for Dummies and of course, like a dummy, i’ve misplaced/lost it among my other books!:)

Creative Commons License photo credit: donovanbeeson

I LOVE organization and order…the beauty of precision and efficiency and conscientiousness, but not to the point of rigidity or dogma. There is a level of peace and time-saving to be found when things are well-arranged and orderly. Organization is simplification. By simplification i mean– making things comprehensible/intelligible/manageable.

(Actually, my closet does not look like the above-photo…(if i had the time)…i would organize the above-sweaters differently..what about you?! the hangers probably would be multiple colors to coordinate w/the sweaters, the length of sleeves/textures would belong together as well as stripes (i like stripes:) and coordinating color hues…i would not just hang sweaters alone and waste space…i would put jeans or skirts sharing the hanger as well as coat, poncho, etc…a complete outfit along with any accessory/shoe/boots at bottom…when i go to my closet, i want a complete outfit, ready to wear/ready to go...one step simplicity.

i’ve learned to appreciate chaos…learning to organize chaos and live in chaos certainly tests your organization and self-control skills to the max. Learning to organize chaos and function in it is a feat. A feat to stay on your feet–keep standing!:)

Ordered some needed “school” books for the kids’ on Amazon…thus, the above slogan. Happy with the prompt shipping, however, one book was in rough shape. A major portion of a workbook was ripped and written on…which is still salvageable. (Got tape/got eraser!:) Showed Hubby and He suggested contacting the book dealer and getting another copy or credit. Sent an e-mail “explaining” and NOT complaining. (There is a difference!:)

“It sounds like the book is nearly torn in half.  If this is the case, I will need verification so I can initiate disciplinary action against my shipper.”

WHAT!…initiate disciplinary action–NO way!…i don’t want anybody getting in trouble or losing their job over my book!!:(  Forget i said anything…i’m fine with the book…my daughter will have fun taping it back together!:) Now worried somebody is gonna get it…”it” being something unpleasant…so, Hubby writes back:

I hope this helps improve your product listing and listing quality. My goal is not to get anyone “disciplinary action”, rather I wish to get what I paid for in the condition I expected. If it said ripped and damaged and used workbook then I would not have any issue.  🙂

The “partial” response back:

“Please do not feel as if you have tattled or ratted anyone out.  This is totally unacceptable and under no circumstances is anything like this to be listed.  It should have been scrapped.  I expect my employees to make every attempt to provide our customers with the very best.  I apologize for the oversight and I hope you are able to locate another book.”

Anyway, my daughter really likes the workbook and is not bothered by its condition whatsoever!!…the cute stickers (which i didn’t even notice) are all intact…to her that makes it all OKAY!:) After working in it (Brain Quest workbook) for the first time…she tells me how great it is!

This experience is a little lesson in self-control, observation, being content with what you get and learning when to put up with or speak up about it. The book was for my daughter not me…i should of asked her how she felt about its condition first before i said anything to anyone.

Sometimes, you think you’re helping and you could be hurting! Still hoping the employee doesn’t get in trouble! Anyway, life is about working with what you get and making the best of it…seeing the positives and not dwelling on the negatives…which is another exercise in self-control! Recycling and reusing (acts of self-control) is so important to the health of our planet and each other!:) Self-control is organizing self…organizing thoughts, behaviors, languages, etc.

  One can think of Self-control as “Organized” Compassion!:)

What comes to your mind when you think organization?? and/or simplification?? Me: the so-called “simple” cell…

“In everyday life, we encounter information encoded in many forms–such as Braille or letters of the alphabet, as well as diagrams, musical notes, spoken words, hand signs, radio signals, and computer programs involving the binary code, using zeroes and ones. The information-conveying medium can be virtually anything, from light to radio waves to paper and ink. Whatever the case, people always associate meaningful information with an intelligent mind-unless such information is contained in a living cell. That information, say  evolutionists, just happened or wrote itself somehow. But did it?“~article excerpt Consider The Evidence

The structure of part of a DNA double helix source: wikipedia

According to the Human Genome Project: If it (your DNA) were transcribed onto paper…”the book would fill 200 volumes the size of a 1,000 page telephone book.”

“Information is information no matter where it is found or what the medium may be. And it stands to reason that the more complex a package of information, the greater the intelligence needed to write it.”…”To attribute the complex library of information in DNA to blind, unguided processes conflicts with both reason and human experience.”

“Stretched out, the DNA in 1 cell of your body is about 6 feet (2m) long. If you were to extract the DNA from all your body’s trillions of cells and put the strands end to end, the total length according to some estimates would be nearly 670 times the distance from the earth to the sun and back. To travel that distance at the speed of light would take about 185 hours.”~Consider the Evidence

Read an interview of a Biochemist named Paola Chiozzi. She has worked as a molecular biologist at the University of Ferrara in Italy for more than 20 years. Here’s an interesting summary/excerpt of what she has learned and what caught my attention is what she studies!

“When I became a molecular biologist, I began to study death–the normal, programmed death of the cells that make up our body. This is very different from the uncontrolled cell death that causes inflammation and gangrene. Until a few years ago, scientists paid little attention to this process, even though it is vital to our health.”

“Well, our body is made up of trillions of microscopic cells. Practically all of them must die and be replaced every few weeks and others every few years. Our body’s system of programmed cell death has to be highly controlled to maintain the delicate balance between cell death and cell formation.”

“Some studies indicate that when cells fail to die as they should, rheumatoid arthritis or cancer may result. On the other hand, when cells die before they should, it could cause Parkinson’s disease or Alzheimer’s disease. My research is linked to finding ways to treat these diseases. ”

“The complexity of the whole process (Cell death) is mind-boggling, yet its elegance displays exceptional wisdom. I believe it’s the wisdom of God. I use powerful microscopes to study the many complex mechanisms that regulate the process. Some mechanisms can trigger the destruction process within seconds if need be. The cells participate in their own self-destruction. The process is so well-designed that it’s absolutely awe-inspiring.

Interesting interview: Science and spirituality compatibility…Dr. Paola Chiozzi went on to mention that she started reading/studying of all books: the Bible-lol…(guess, she appreciates vintage/old/ancient or considered by some obsolete reading material…valuable!:) She said she read Psalm 139:16 (which i LOVE this poem/song) “Your eyes saw even the embryo of me, and in your book all its parts were down in writing.”

“As a biochemist, I study the genetic information that is written in our cells. How did the Psalmist know about such writing? The more I learned from the Bible, the more I was convinced that it is inspired of God.” ~Dr. Chiozzi

Main points to take away from this post:

  • Spend Less. READ more. Don’t discount (as in discard) old/ancient books!
  • Organization a key to Compassion = SELF-CONTROL: trait worth cultivating!🙂
  • Where there is complex information–there is greater intelligence. Where there is intelligence there is mind/personality.
  • Where there is personality–there is “potential” for compassionate relationship (i.e. friendship!🙂

P. S. THANKS for reading my blog!:) i Hope it is indeed HELPFUL to You:) & not hurtful…IF it’s helpful to You on any level…Please continue reading further posts, however, if that is not the case: “Je suis Desolee”…Please stop reading!…it’s your choice of exercising self-control!:)

Reminder: Self-control calls for decisiveness…(cell) You are the participant–You trigger Your own self-destruction or self-preservation. Lastly, interesting applicable point* about:

“DNA is a relatively rigid polymer, typically modeled as a worm-like chain. It has three significant degrees of freedom; bending, twisting and compression, each of which cause particular limitations on what is possible with DNA within a cell. Twisting/torsional stiffness is important for the circularisation of DNA and the orientation of DNA bound proteins relative to each other and bending/axial stiffness is important for DNA wrapping and circularisation and protein interactions. Compression/extension is relatively unimportant in the absence of high tension.” source: wikipedia

*within your particular set of life circumstances (i.e. DNA packaging), there may be only so much bending, twisting, compression possible. At times, we may need to be rigid. Other times flexible. Other times semi-flexible.

By Exercising Self-Control, You Display Elegant Wisdom!:)

Words Of Wisdom 06Creative Commons License photo credit: AV Dezign  photo credit 1: Perspektivet Museum