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Maintain Peace in Various Situations

Morning GloryHAPPY Sunday!:) A day to contemplate some ancient counsel. Counsel that’s not too hot, not too cold…just right Goldilocks!:)

Hope You’re not in a hurry?!:)…

Do not hurry yourself in your spirit to become offended,” says Ecclesiastes 7:9, “for the taking of offense is what rests in the bosom of the stupid ones.”

I know you’re NOT stupid!:) No matter how intelligent one may be, it’s still difficult, at times, not to take things soooo personally!

It’s part of “Waking UP!” to the reality that: Life (and most other Breathing-Fragile-Life on this beautiful planet) does not revolve around YOU or ME (or our particular set of emotions). Reality of ANY seemingly “negative” offense: You probably do not have all the facts! Everything is not always as it seems on the surface. You cannot read somebody’s mind or heart. You cannot truly know somebody’s motivation or thinking unless they specifically spellĀ  it out…and even then, if you’re like me, you may not “completely” get it!…you may not be the spelling bee queen..get what i mean? -lol:)

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All i’m saying is: there is “practical” wisdom in patience. There is wisdom in giving someone the benefit of the doubt instead of rushing to judgment and anger/destruction!! i truly appreciate it when my friends do that for me!:) There is wisdom in holding back your anger before you hurt yourself or somebody else.

When/if you have a negative encounter with anyone…even driving…Preserving Your LIFE (and All Breathing-Fragile-Life in general) is way more important than saving face/your pride.

Today, my family and i were reading/studying some encouraging material that serves (partly) as the inspiration for this blog… Basically, encouraging one to calm down and view a particular situation or event “dispassionately” which could help all of us respond more peacefully! If you’re like me, that’s tough for an outgoing/expressive personality that tends to be emotional and passionate/enthusiastic/caring about life…it’s hard NOT to care!

Everyone has been treated unjustly and unfairly! (i’m SORRY You have experienced that treatment!) Everyone–All Beautiful-Breathing-Fragile-Life has some cause for complaint and probably justifiable…however, maintaining PEACE and Wellness and Life is worth overlooking ALOT!

Personally, i’m always working on the traits of patience and forgiveness including today:)…if i want others to be patient with me and forgive me, i’m obligated to do the same! It’s a Positive Wellness goal:

MAINTAIN PEACE in various situations even unsettling ones!

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As Caregiver, Partner, Friend are You willing to forgive?? Forgiving doesn’t mean approving damaging, hurtful or destruction, negative behavior. Willing to forgive means willing to let it go and not continually dwell on the negative and let it rob You of happiness and peace! You benefit yourself and others when You choose to forgive. The benefits are mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

My parents taught me at a tender age the benefits of forgiveness. This early-age education has served me well mentally and emotionally throughout my 43 years. Never forget, the person/s who may have offended or wronged You…is suffering in some manner (of which you may not be aware). May be, they are under the influence of drugs, alcohol or pain…may be, they are sick and in need of help and whatever happened was as a result of these things and not an intentional act against you.

We all hurt. We all can learn better ways of coping with pain.

When in pain, don’t cause more pain

…to yourself or someone else! In what positive ways can You seek relief from your pain (without abusing drugs, alcohol or any beautiful-breathing-fragile-life)?! Find a positive role-model and seek that person out. Seek out and find positive association that will help you stay on a positive, wellness/healing road.

We all suffer and learning to empathize with your wrongdoer/enemy changes your attitude. Breaking free from the chains of resentment, you could “possibly” make an enemy a friend! Who couldn’t use another friend?…real friend! Of course, be discerning and careful to choose friends who can exert a positive, upbuilding influence of compassion in your life. A little kindness, compassion and forgiveness always changes and/or heals a hurtful situation for the better.

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  • Analyze the situation.
  • Remain Open-Minded.
  • Calm down.
  • Don’t let anger and resentment Control You!
  • Think (deeply) before You speak or Act!

~Forgive One Another Freely

THANKS for overlooking/forgiving my obvious flaws (of which any of my frequent readers are not blind)!…All of us have to WAKE UP to the multi-well-benefits of Forgiveness!:) Takes time!

Will You let Forgiveness and Patience serve as your “OASIS”??….

Maintain Peace in Various Situations

Joan Winifred

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