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Don’t Be Scared!

Don’t be scared! It will be alright! Hang on tight!:)

This blog is Dedicated to All Fatherless and/or Motherless Children. All Beautiful-Breathing-Fragile-Life on this planet that has suffered any type of abuse and/or neglect when young or even now. All Beautiful-Breathing-Fragile-Life that is trying to make their way through their suffering and pain to the other side.

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 My head is pounding. My heart is beating. My eyes are tearing. My nose is breathing. My ears are ringing. My mind is thinking…

My body is aching…for the helpless, hopeless and homeless. Young ones who have not received the help they need at a tender age. Young ones who have been betrayed by the selfish role-models (adults) in their lives who have left them without trust and hope of any kind. Young ones (and others) who have no home/place of comfort and security in which to dwell in peace.

It’s the lost boys and girls i cry for…lost because of a lack of education. Lost because of a lack of love. Lost because of a lack of compassion. Lost without hope of any “real” future beyond here and now. Who hasn’t been lost?? YOU?! ME?!

Don’t be a faker. This world is so full of fakes. Frauds with fake ideals. Frauds with fake meals. Fake food don’t fill you up. Lies make you throw up! Sorry but i’m not swallowing…i’d rather starve…

Have you heard of Robert Boyle? The “Father of Chemistry?”

“Boyle’s approach to scientific research is summed up well in his famous book The Sceptical Chymist. There he recommends that scientists avoid being arrogant or dogmatic and be willing to admit mistakes. Boyle insisted that those with strong opinions should carefully distinguish between the things they knew to be true and the things they thought to be true.” ~Portraits of the past: Boyle

Good advice for scientists and religionists (and all of us, myself included)…there is a HUGE difference between what IS true and what we “think” is true. Especially those who take on role of “expert” or serve a role of “authority” (i.e. scientist, priest, president, etc.) should tell the truth.What they say should be trustworthy! Shouldn’t they know what they’re talking about?! Unfortunately, many of us have been let down by those in places of trust (very sadly even by parents)…so, that’s why it’s so important to check things out for yourself…gather the info., the facts, ask questions.

It really takes humility, time, patience, study and research to acquire truth. I value scientific truth and spiritual truth! (Same work ethic required with “close” relationships: i prefer non-liars or non-deceivers as friends.) I “think” and (through study and research) have come to “believe” both (scientific truth & spiritual truth) complement each other WELL for comprehensive care-giving and compassionate living!:)

My acquisition of truth is an on-going/progressive life-long “commitment” that involves willingness to change, tweak and adjust; requiring humility/modesty on my part (not an easy life nor endeavor). When i acquire a new point of truth (aka new point of view), i try to put it into practice asap.Yeah, actions do speak louder than words. Putting cognition of “truth” into practice/action liberates!🙂 i don’t act on fantasy and/or deception.

What about You and Your Family: Do you value truth (who likes being lied to)?Your choices: do they reflect or indicate that you are seeking wisdom/truth? Are you willing to make “small” adjustments in your focus or goals which could allow you to gain more insight?!When you find out something you believe is actually false, are you willing to abandon it?

I hate fake religion (aka fake hope which also includes idolizing/worshipping media figures, famous people, sport stars, etc…whose lives do not set a “positive” example of wellness.)–lies! Fake/false religion (and fake/false science) has ruined countless, beautiful lives!! It’s repulsive and deadly. Break-free from the deceptive, imaginary chains that bind you!! Fake religion…just wants your money honey.

Real religion (spirituality) is real love. It teaches and lives love. It doesn’t teach war and hate, competition and greed! Real love/religion educates. Real love gives you HOPE! Real love leads…by positive example and positive actions…real love is renewable energy…all energy has a source. Go to the source! The source of real words, real love, real hope, real people….real living with a real life!:)

Tired of plastic?!! Real people feel for they’re flesh and blood. What do you feel? What do you think? What you’re “programmed” to think by your puppet master? May be, your puppet master is media (artfully contrived “false” stories)?

Cutting strings ain’t easy but necessary….here…Scissors:

In the Kitchen_04
Creative Commons License photo credit: jjay69

If you’re a real snowflake…(or flakey like me -lol) you’re unique!You don’t think and act and speak and look like any other snowflake. Unless you’re fake snow. Don’t be scared. Be strong. Hold on. Think for yourself!

Must be a couple years ago now, one of my friends (most of my “closer” friends are bilingual or more) told me about this Russian lecture/talk…she and other friends (who speak) were heading, dragged the 4 kids with me…thinking hey, Great opportunity to meet/make “new” friends and exposure to Russian language and learn something new…plus, there was suppose to be an English translator present. Anyway, the talk was Great…mostly in Russian…(speaker so enthusiastic he would forget to translate) every now and again he would speak in English…the point i’m trying to get to is: this “awesome” illustration he used and the only thing i remember from his talk -lol:)

Creative Commons License photo credit: annzstream

There’s a guy with a dog and a stick. He takes the stick and tosses it to the right…zoom…dog immediately chases and brings it back. The guy tosses the stick to the left and zoom….dog immediately chases and brings it back. You guessed it…tosses the stick straight ahead and dog goes off to retrieve it. This goes on and on…

The guy is the puppet master (puppet master has many names). The stick materialism and/or latest technology/fad and the dog: could be you or me.

People just mindlessly run off to get the latest thing advertised…without any thought to any consequences…what will this object or thing do to my life/time/planet, etc…over-consumerism. Some people are so busy/concerned about making money to acquire all the latest objects (that rust, break, etc.) that they ignore breathing-fragile-life and our planet, etc. Kids and relationships are neglected to acquire technology, etc.

What are you chasing after??

Fake fades in the light of truth. I value truth. Truth saves. Truth gives hope. Hope of something better!:) i also benefit by “ancient” wisdom that has proved true over time…thousands of years of time…

Psalm (song) 10:14: “For you yourself have seen trouble and vexation. You keep looking on, to get them into your hand. To you the unfortunate one, the fatherless boy, commits [himself]. You yourself have become [his] helper.”

FYI: What i happen to like/respect about the Gallagher boys (from Oasis): kids with NOT the easiest background or hand dealt in life…pull through pain, abuse, suffering and ugly chaos…to make such “beautiful” music! Their life is tough yet their music “sweet!”:)

Being a real mother or real father takes education. The importance of a real father in a kid’s life shouldn’t be downplayed.

One of the best things a father can do for his children is to respect their mother. . . . A father and mother who respect each other and let their children know it provide a secure environment for them.”— The Importance of Fathers in the Healthy Development of Children.

Real Mothers and Real Fathers must learn to communicate well the language of love and compassion. It’s not easy; many parents have not had positive, non-abusive speech role-models in their lives to emulate. Every family faces their unique set of stressful circumstances. Every day is an opportunity to learn to live and communicate in healthier, positive ways…speech starts in the heart/mind…deep, inner thoughts and attitudes and emotions…IF we can learn to better communicate these, we can raise kids in a more loving environment and equip them at an early age for later life love literacy.

Respect is so important in our dealings with one another. Parents respecting one another. Parents respecting kids. Kids respecting parents. Kids respecting one another. Self-respect.

Here’s some ancient wisdom from the Bible:

“Let all…screaming and abusive speech be taken away from you.” (Ephesians 4:31) Greek work “krauge” is screaming or raising voice.  Greek word “blasphemia” means malicious, demeaning, insulting speech.

THANK YOU for reading my post!! Hope You are having a NICE Day!:)

THANKS for choosing to tweak…tweak your thinking, tweak your speech, tweak your actions and tweak your life…to “truly” live compassion! i’m always “tweaking!”…Please remember:

Don’t be Scared…of change!!:)

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Don’t Be Scared!

Joan Winifred

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