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Archives for January, 2013

Partners In Wellness with Joan Winifred

Don’t Be Scared!

Don't be scared! It will be alright! Hang on tight!:)
This blog is Dedicated to All Fatherless and/or Motherless Children. All Beautiful-Breathing-Fragile-Life on this planet that has suffered any type of abuse and/or neglect when young or even now. All Beautiful-Breathing-Fragile-Life that is...
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Partners In Wellness with Joan Winifred

Maintain Peace in Various Situations

HAPPY Sunday!:) A day to contemplate some ancient counsel. Counsel that's not too hot, not too just right Goldilocks!:)

Hope You're not in a hurry?!:)...

"Do not hurry yourself in your spirit to become offended," says Ecclesiastes 7:9, "for the taking of offense is what rests in the bosom of the stupid ones."

I know you're NOT stupid!:) No matter how intelligent one may be, it's still difficult, at...
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Will You Wait a Minute?!

My last post: Art Fun was introductory to the topic of patience. (Patience needed with kids. Patience needed with the messes kids make, etc. Patience when life doesn't turn out exactly as planned. Patience when the colors get blended and blurred beyond recognition. Patience when unexpected/uncontrollable event/s alter or ruin your work. Patience to create...
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Art Fun

Hoping this artwork sample brings a smile to your day!:) Art therapy is a good, healthy stress-reliever and stress-manager. The kids had been asking to do some painting (with me) for a while. So, this mama decided to enjoy some "relaxing" (whatever that means:)--art time with my (usually they do a lot of art stuff with Daddy!)

What fun!...What a mess!:)

A week later and i'm still finding "traces" of colorful, acrylic paint in odd places. You cannot...
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Plat-“O”…didn’t know!

As Caregiver, Partner, Friend, BFL (Breathing-Fragile-Life inhabiting this earth:)--Death is a difficult topic. All of us have lost a dear, loved one in death.

SORRY for your loss!:(

Your pain is my pain, truly! Hope You are coping in a positive manner and are finding the comfort you deserve!

I don't fear my death. I'm not "controlled" or "exploited" by that fear. (May be, by another i will not confess here.) I choose to...
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Peakaboo — Eye See You!

Peak-a-boo! Eye See You! "May You Be Well and also Your household Be Well and All that You Have Be Well!" :)

Every baby loves the game (and some adults, too!:) an early game of early, morning trust and early, morning (new) relationship mother and child, etc. The game/fun never gets old! Whether you're hiding behind a pair of binoculars, a telescope or computer "early"/encrypted form of...
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Spend Less & Read More

"Spend less. Read More." Awesome slogan from Thrift , that's more!:) Not to stereotype women, but i'm "not" a shopper! I do it when i have to: run in/run what i "need" at a cheap price.

Well, unless it's a bookstore or i'm talking to somebody interesting, then i may linger a little. If held captive in a store -lol (cause of hubby and kids or whatever)...just read...
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Think about it!

Prince sang: "I would die 4 U" and the Gingerbread man (yes, Gingerbread man:) sang: "Run, run, run as fast as you can. You’ll never catch me I’m the Gingerbread man. He trusted the fox to help his plan and that was the end of the Gingerbread man."~by Shauna Tominey ()

"Let me help you. I'm your friend. I can take you away from all this. Hop on my tail and...
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1313 aka aka January 3,

A "Bird's Opening" for this new post:

1: Poem (discussed with my 3 daughters):

Not in Vain~by Emily Dickinson

If I can stop one heart from breaking,

I shall not live in vain:

If I can ease one life the aching,

Or Cool one pain,

Or help one fainting Robin

unto his nest again,

I shall not live in vain

3: Corny jokes that made my daughters and me chuckle:
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