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Sunday Morning Bread and Brie: You & me

Cold DaysIt’s Sunday, a cold, chilly day for us Floridians. I’ve turned into such a weather wimp!!…a little breeze and find me my turtleneck, please.  30 years of my life enduring unpredictable, raw and bitterly cold New England Weather that changes in the blink of an eye. I’m now spoiled with the moderate weather here. Yeah, the Summer gets hot and then there’s hurricane season.

I don’t fear hurricanes. (Easy for one to say who hasn’t survived Sandy, eh?) I don’t fear losing all my material possessions…partially because i don’t have much to lose -lol.

However, emotional hurricanes well, that’s other weather! As any Caregiver, Friend or Partner to a chronically ill Partner may say–surviving the emotional hurricane season: ain’t easy!

Thanks for the reminder: Ain’t ain’t a word…i mean “isn’t” a word! 🙂 You’ve probably noticed…unlike my other posts, i’m not too sure what direction this one will take me/us..talking about the weather is usually a non-offensive, neutral topic of discussion.

One observation as a newcomer to Florida was how infrequently people talked about the weather (unless there’s a hurricane on the way). Where i previously lived and grew up, the weather was the automatic conversation starter and stopper. Everybody discussed the weather every day–your life revolved around the weather. Here in FL where it’s mostly nice all the time…nice is predictable and safe and not a worry to discuss.

Do you take NICE for granted?…i don’t!!…may be, that’s why i’m still talking about the weather 11 or so years later and getting about the same response: no where!:) I’ve learned to start conversations in other ways. I value conversation not only because i’m outgoing…As a learner, it’s important to talk to others because others teach you.  If you view others as teachers, you become like a sponge soaking things up constantly. Thanks for not calling me spongebob! Maybe, you’re thinking “Patrick” is more like it!:)

Every new person, every new day, offers new learning opportunities. I don’t view myself as superior to others. Every one has strength/s and qualities superior to me…that i could learn from. (Though, i’m selective about the lessons i choose/want to learn and the teachers i prefer. Everybody has preferences, right?)

“He that is walking with wise persons will become wise, but he that is having dealings with the stupid ones will fare badly.” ~Proverb 13:20

How do you view others??  Superior or inferior, less or more or the same?! Pride and prejudice hinder learning, relationships and peace!  If you view anyone as inferior for whatever reason, you’re less likely to talk to them, learn from them or help them or give them the time of day!  Of course, one must exercise caution, be discreet and discerning and know your limitations/boundaries can protect:…it’s late at night, there’s a group of scary-looking men brandishing knives or guns…i’m NOT stopping to talk or draw any attention to myself! I’m not going to needlessly endanger myself or anyone else to learn a lesson!

FYI: i’m not saying the scary-looking men brandishing knives or guns…shouldn’t be talked to or helped if/when needed…i’m just acknowledging that someone else is better qualified than me to do that! If those scary-looking men brandishing knives or guns, end up in jail because of poor choices on their part…i totally believe in rehabilitation. I believe they need help or re-education of some sort to enable them to make better choices that don’t endanger themselves or others. I’ve read some very inspiring, courageous examples of change by those in prisons!:) Personally, i think all of us, everyone on the planet– needs rehab of some sort (i.e. compassion education, etc)….(myself included!)

For example, i value compassion and living love…so, i would seek out teachers/examples/mentors/friends who set an example in their speech and conduct in that area. I don’t want to learn war and hate so, i try to be selective about what i choose to watch or read, etc. I value non-violence and moderation as a life-style.  So, to help me on my path of personal growth, wellness and learning in the field of non-violence and peace…i may choose a diet of association that is good for me and my learning needs.

What about the Weather?

Appreciating the fact that most days, i’m privileged to wake up to mild temperature, gentle wind and comforting sunshine…though, i miss snow! Living in it is hard and playing in it is easy…

What is your favorite weather? i don’t have a distinct direction in mind yet for this post…just randomly thinking and writing and reading and the weather was an okay conversation starter….It’s

Sunday Morning…Bread and Brie, You & me?

THANK YOU for making my writings/blogs/attempts of making sense of some things…a part of your day!:) I hope this blog will give you a taste of something Nice, or something comforting or something mildly predictable…

BreadCreative Commons License photo credit: thelehegarets  Creative Commons License photo credit 1: Emyan

Breaking bread or sharing my bread/brain food with You…yeah, bread is a “simple” food, however, the processes involved in transforming ingredients like flour, water, yeast…is anything but simple…if it turns out delicious and doesn’t give you indigestion! Bread is a necessary staple of life. i LOVE freshly baked bread. How about you?!

Dr. A. L. McGinnis, author of The Friendship Factor: “One of the best ways to deepen a friendship is by eating together. There is something almost sacramental about breaking bread with another. Have you ever noticed, for instance, how difficult it is to have dinner with an enemy and remain enemies?”

i’m gonna try to apply this interesting Proverb about now and try to end this blog shortly:

“Make your foot rare at the house of your fellowman, that he may not have his sufficiency of you and certainly hate you.”—Pr 25:17.

Every body needs some good bread!… and maybe, just a “little” butter or Brie (no matter what the day or weather here or there)…and a “cure” to whatever ails You and me…(i.e.: AGAPE  (unselfish) love–IS part of the cure…any day of the week!:)

Sunday Morning Bread and Brie: You & me

Joan Winifred

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