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Sparkling Spectacle

Mind photography doesn’t need a camera to capture

the beauty of cold Friday 12/21

Sparkling Spectacle:

The sun glistens on the sparkling water as the crisp, biting air blows my hair

in my face as we race

down the pier!

stare…peer out stare about… not 1 but stairs staring at me…hate being

stared at!

a spectacle

i’m cold

with poncho, ankle boots and jeans

leaning (over the edge)– leading out into the vast brackish water…

piers like peers do end my friend, who knows (when)?! me?

is it fresh? is it salt? mix it up

not my fault!

the stress, mess– i’m drowning, choking under


of the beach on the coldest day

pray on my rock to my rock

book in hand, let me stand here for a while……………………………….alone,



consoled by the the sun’s heat

please, please don’t break the silence so loud and sweet

my “moment”  my re-“treat”

peace in the sand when the sand’s on the beach and not

in your eye

fly! bird who heard my whispers, don’t share my hidden thoughts (         )… secrets do not exist!

(because secrets dissipate like mist: confessed or revealed by Thee/ by Time-Keeper)

an oyster squirts water

at my daughter

You and i

sky place and space/order and disorder. Beauty in order: the sky in its place, the water in its place and the sand, rocks belonging together…the sight;  for beauty time stops

where am i–body here mind there…disorder?


taking me from the stress and aggravation…my lesson:  of selflessness

why must i learn it today?? you asked for it!!

please, let’s stay here for a little while more,

i need the sun on my face and the quiet….Friday morn’ of light

and cold

shivers awaken me, my heart worries, my blood circulates

i’m thankful,

why (?) manipulates MY time…leave me and my time alone!!!….let me be


so i can see

clearly sparkling

what i’m suppose to see…what i’m suppose to do

for YOU!:)…l-O-v-E

beckons me off the beach

my boots sink in the sand as i search for your

hand or

a little help!…i will NOT yell…who would hear my cries…not deaf ears but deft eyes

i’ll listen: i’ll obey


we run, we play

it’s Friday

will you look away??…it’s brilliantly, blindingly beautiful–

a sparkling spectacle!!

 Creative Commons License photo credit 1: angloitalian followus Creative Commons License photo credit: Andrey Zhukov

Poetry helps me cope and connect dots. Does writing or poetry help you cope with stress/challenges as Caregiver, Partner, Friend, BFL: Breathing-Fragile-Life? Who’s your favorite poet? Do you have a favorite poem? It’s hard for me to pick a favorite.

Poetry has been a part of my life since i was a very small girl. My parents encouraged it. We read it.

Traces of a memory of reading a poem (i wrote) over the school intercom as a young elementary student. (We were part of a library poetry group.) You’re thinking and so am i: what a geek!! The odd, awkward, lanky child with freckles who likes words, books and gets in trouble for talking too much… but always does her homework!:)

Think other kids read something too…i’m chuckling as i remember this. The poem went a little something like: Spring is just around the bend. I can’t wait for it to send. Me a little touch of light… so, all my dreams turn out right. LOL!! (Glad, you needed a little laugh, too.) Such syrupy sweet positivity, eh? (as hubby would say)

Have i become cynical? i hope not! May be, a little realist.

A “favorite” cousin came to visit…which it’s great being around somebody who has known you your whole life!! Somebody–who makes you laugh and gets you–you know, understands all your corny jokes or attempts at corny jokes, your rolling eyes, etc. and doesn’t “misinterpret” you cause they know you well enough.

Doesn’t everybody need a cousin whose humor rescues you a little from the stress your under and takes you and your kids to the beach on the coldest* day?! (*coldest day: A day lacking warmth, peace or understanding/relief!)

See poets and poetry get misunderstood and misinterpreted ALL THE TIME!

p.s. i’m not calling myself a poet…that’s an aspiration!

May be, i’m tired. Tired of being misinterpreted. Tired of unreasonable demands on my time. What tires you? DON’T GIVE UP!!

The above-poem, Sparkling Spectacle, is about a lot of things/symbols known to me and obviously, not just being at the beach…which is the setting.

Who wants to be misinterpreted? Who wants to be misunderstood? Have you been misunderstood? (Could cost you your life being misunderstood!:(…

Your life is your unfinished POEM…

In particular, those who suffer from Mental Illness or ANY Illness often get misunderstood/misdiagnosed/mistreated!!

This world would be such a better place if we all took the time to UNDERSTAND!:)

Wisdom is the prime thing. Acquire wisdom; and with all that you acquire, acquire understanding.~ Proverb 4:7

Creative Commons License photo credit: chiselwright





Sparkling Spectacle

Joan Winifred

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