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Sovereignty Soup: A World Kitchen

Pea soupSovereignty Soup..somebody’s cookin’ and serving it up! Do you like soup? Chicken or Italian wedding soup or vegetable soup or soup du jour? How about stone soup? Soup a comfort food. You don’t have to be homeless to enjoy a slurp.

Some are homeless in the sense of not belonging…not fitting in–lacking “home” or feeling “less”/inadequate…lacking a place to lay their head or retreat in times of trouble. Please know, you’re not homeless when you read my blog–you’re welcome here! i will always share some soup–“comfort” food!:)

Some are homeless by choice…they choose the freedom of travel, gypsy-like, temporary-resident existence. May be, that’s a key to their survival, being free to pick up and leave at their choosing/when they need to…a nomadic life-style of neutrality.

Back to Soup! Everybody has their favorite/partial soup (religious soup, science soup, academic soup, political soup, fiction soup, opinion soup, soul soup, sovereignty soup) Which soup do you eat?? which soup is the most nutritious?? most beneficial for your over-all health: short-term/long?! Which soup will prolong your precious life?? Which soup gives you peace of mind?!

I know you’re hungry, but PLEASE choose your soup carefully!:) Will you let your hunger control you?! In case you didn’t know: you don’t have to eat ANY soup. One can choose not to eat from the choices forced upon one! i.e. Today, some may feel forced to choose their political soup. It’s either this soup or that soup…2 choices of soup: is that really the only choices you have?–i don’t think so! Especially, if you’re not sure of all the ingredients and you have serious allergies i.e. life or death ones.

Don’t forget, there are outstanding “historical” figures…men who have had great influence on the lives of millions (whether you personally believe/agree with them or not, that’s not the point) who had chosen to fast (from time to time) for what they considered important reasons:

“You wish to know what the marks of a man are who wants to realize Truth which is God,” he wrote. “He must reduce himself to zero and have perfect control over all his senses-beginning with the palate or tongue.”~Mahatma Gandhi~wikipedia

According to Biblical Scholars:

“In his Sermon on the Mount, Jesus counseled to ‘grease the head’ when fasting, so as to appear well groomed and not make a sanctimonious show of self-denial for public acclaim.” (Matthew 6:17,18)

What “history” and says about Gandhi:

“This is a god-given opportunity that has come to me,” Gandhi said from his prison cell at Yerovda, “to offer my life as a final sacrifice to the downtrodden.” Though other public figures in India–including Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambdekar, the official political representative of the untouchables–had questioned Gandhi’s true commitment to the lower classes, his six-day fast ended after the British government accepted the principal terms of a settlement between higher caste Indians and the untouchables that reversed the separation decision.

As India slowly moved towards independence, Gandhi’s influence only grew. He continued to resort to the hunger strike as a method of resistance, knowing the British government would not be able to withstand the pressure of the public’s concern for the man they called Mahatma, or “Great Soul.” On January 12, 1948, Gandhi undertook his last successful fast in New Delhi, to persuade Hindus and Muslims in that city to work toward peace. On January 30, less than two weeks after breaking that fast, he was assassinated by a Hindu extremist on his way to an evening prayer meeting. ~Gandhi begins fast in Protest of Caste Separation

If you research Jesus, John 6:15 says:  “Therefore Jesus, knowing they were about to come and seize him to make him king, withdrew again into the mountain all alone.”

“The Christians were strangers and pilgrims in the world around them; their citizenship was in heaven; the kingdom to which they looked was not of this world. The consequent want of interest in public affairs came thus from the outset to be a noticeable feature in Christianity.”—Christianity and the Roman Government, by E. G. Hardy, p. 39.

Basically, Jesus and his followers remained politically neutral way back when.

I find it interesting that these two historical/influential figures: Jesus and Gandhi both fasted. Both valued peace, however, one remained politically neutral: Jesus.

May be, the middle way (moderation/modesty) is just that i.e. staying in the middle space of not taking sides or remaining neutral; not slurping up any political soup du jour!:) Will you eat? or will you fast?

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The human family suffers globally/world-wide scale…we all need food (soup), we all need housing, we all need jobs, we all need love, we all need comfort, we all need good leadership! The point: WE ALL NEED…something!!:) It  doesn’t matter where you live in the world!!:) Another point: We all need “good” government! In some countries, most of their citizens are poor, lack basic human rights/dignities. Other places: people “seem” to have everything. There is such extreme…a bipolar world of sorts. (Recently reading about government and an interesting question/s arose.) It makes one wonder: What about a global administration of sorts to fairly distribute earth’s resources for the benefit of the entire human/animal/living species/family?! A global administration that treats everyone fairly and promotes PEACE!:) That soup smells yummy!

(Obviously, this long-winded post does not do justice to the topic of soup-lol and/or sovereignty!:) Another post will have to address ingredients…What is your favorite soup?! Will you share some?! THANKS!

Sovereignty Soup: A World Kitchen

Joan Winifred

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