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Significant Sky–Insignificant i

The sunrise must be beautiful from up thereWhen one looks up at the sky at daybreak or sunset…what awesome artistry! The clouds, the stars, the moon and me. How vast and significant the sky, how insignificant i. Do you ever gaze at the sky and wonder: WHY??

When I look down life is beneath me. When I look up is life ABOVE me? (Independence and arrogance answer no!) What do i know that i haven’t been taught…where do my thoughts go? not? Beyond the sky, Beyond i…

“One can only marvel at the perseverance with which man has striven, throughout his history, to reach outside himself. His energies were never directed solely toward the necessities of life. He was forever questing, groping his way further, aspiring to the unattainable. This strange and inherent urge in the human being is his spirituality.” ~Ivar Lissner in his book Man, God and Magic

“Just 3.5 ounces of soil has been found to host 10,000 species of bacteria, not to mention the total number of microbes. Some species have been found almost 2 miles underground!” ~Journal of Industrial Microbiology, “Total Bacterial Diversity in Soil and Sediment Communities-A Review,” by V. Torsvik, R. Sorheim and J. Goksoyr, Vol. 17, 1996, pp. 170-178 & Science, “Environmental Genomics Reveals A Single-Species Ecosystem deep Within Earth,” by Dylan Chivian, et al, Vol. 322, October 10, 2008 pp. 275-278.

According to Scientific American Magazine, “Microbe Census Reveals Air Crawling with Bacteria,” by David Biello…the diversity of microbial life in the air is “on par with the diversity of microbes in the soil.”

Recently reading about Biomimetics…an interesting field of study and mimick/copy of the design features of various wildlife/creatures/species/kinds to produce new products and/or to improve performance of existing products on the market (i.e. “concept car imitates low-drag and stable design of the boxfish” or “aircraft wings already mimic shape of birds’ wings.”) New Scientist reports: “Researchers at the University of Florida have built a prototype remote-controlled drone with a seagull’s ability to hover, dive and climb rapidly.”

Scientists utilize biological patents… Did you know that researchers have established a database to catalog thousands of different biological systems? Scientists search this database when they need to find “natural solutions to their design problems,” says the Economist…”By calling the biomimetic tricks ‘biological patents’, the researchers are just emphasising that nature is, in effect, the patent holder.” (Maybe, all of us (caregivers & partners included) need natural solutions to our emotional, mental, physical, spiritual problems!:)

“The strong appearance of design [in nature] allows a disarmingly simple argument: if it looks, walks and quacks like a duck, then absent compelling evidence to the contrary, we have warrant to conclude it’s a duck.” “Design should not be overlooked simply because it’s so obvious.” ~Microbiologist Michael J. Behe, NY Times Februrary 7, 2005.

All this biomimetics begs the logical question i read: “If the copy requires an intelligent designer, what about the original?

Hmmm…Logic tells me if any artist or engineer, writer/blogger, poet wants “credit” for his/her work/product…who gets the credit for all this brilliant design in nature?!

Also, sunsets are exquisite; a beautiful artist’s brush…who’s the artist? Who can i thank for such daily beauty? The sky, Solar system, Universe…amazing!:)

One can leave a blank canvas with nearby paints and brushes alone for one hour, one day, one month, one year…will i get one portrait (and as beautiful as one sunset)?! Try it…Unless i (or someone else) picks up the brush to paint…no art!

The big picture/portrait is beyond the sky–beyond You and i…

Creative Commons License photo credit: caitlin bechtel

A puzzle with pieces needing connecting… how many pieces do you have and do they fit? Work, effort, thought needed…is beauty of truth emerging yet?

p.s. you can’t force pieces to fit; they either fit or they don’t! It takes patience and perseverance to complete a puzzle… Whether that puzzle is figuring out the best treatment for a sick loved one or finding answers to Why. Will you give up?! Hope not!:) THANK YOU for NOT Giving Up!:)

Plus, jigsaw puzzles are suppose to be good for your brain…(guess, i need to do more puzzles with the kids, eh!:)

If the creation of complex molecules in the laboratory requires the skill of a scientist, could the far more complex molecules in a cell really arise by chance?~The Origin of Life 5 Questions worth asking

If it takes an intelligent entity to create and program a lifeless robot, what would it take to create a living cell, let alone a human?~The Origin of Life 5 Questions worth asking

Creative Commons License photo credit: wata1219Creative Commons License photo credit 1: rlanvin

I am NOT a ro-bot. I am a wo-man (not w-OM-an), a freckle-face little girl. (I am not programmed by a puppet master.) I breathe and think and learn and give and grow and question. 

Who programs you? You are not a robot! So, why act like one?…Please consider: are you programmed (enslaved) to wander a labyrinth of complicated/confusing doctrines, legends, traditions, superstitions and burdensome rituals (i.e. religious/scientific or  materialistic)?

Come join me in my FREEDOM Walk…(hey, walking is good for you!:)

Break free–flee from the shackles of False religion…(Of course, who will flee any abusive situation religious or otherwise without refuge.) Where will you flee?!…

One poet, a star-gazing fugitive, David said these ancient words long ago:

“When I see your heavens, the works of your fingers, The moon and the stars that you have prepared,What is mortal man that you keep him in mind, And the son of earthling man that you take care of him?”

More Aurora borealis

Speaking of freckles and starry-nights this brings me to a childhood memory– being upset about being teased/having freckles and my “Daddy” saying: “joanie, a girl without freckles is like the night without stars”:) Aww, thanks Dad!

Shouldn’t every kid have a Dad? A Dad they can turn to/run to with problems big and small. Most kids are better off with a “loving” Father, right? (The role a Father plays is often underrated.) Interesting connection, (to me anyway), that David (the star-gazing poet/fugitive quoted-above) ran to his “heavenly” Father when he needed help. Who do you run to? Who do i run to?

Caring about the big picture, giving or sharing puzzle pieces…is that why we’re here?! To take care of one another? or to look to ourselves/rely totally on self?

Accounts of Gautama the Buddha say he picked up a handful of leaves and told his disciples: “What I have taught you is comparable to the leaves in my hand, what I have not taught you is comparable to the amount of leaves in the forest.”…implying he taught only a fraction of what he knew. (Awakened Buddha? Bold Buddha? or dare i ask: Arrogant Buddha?!) Yes, let me acknowledge: He never claimed to be “god”… but how could he/any “human” know (or imply to know) all that?! With all the Buddhist’s temples and stupas and images and relics of Buddha, the offerings and devotion…Buddha has indeed become a god in every sense.

If humility is the path to “enlightenment”…is mock humility the path to disillusionment?…where has self-rule or looking inwardly to your own consciousness/self-determination for “salvation” (however you define it) gotten man-“kind” or man-cruel to one another?…Yes, we all need self-control, but if we can’t have total control of our actions/thoughts in every day simple stuff (i.e. like me knowing when to end a post:)…realistically speaking, how can any “one” really work out their own so-called eternal salvation alone?! (We all need help. i do.)

Self-rule has led to lots of tragedy!

Puffy Sticker Punctuation question mark,
Creative Commons License photo credit: Leo Reynolds Creative Commons License photo credit 4: Juho Holmi

Questions…if you don’t ask any questions, how do you get any answers?! (Without questions how do you learn?)

For Partners and Caregivers, our circumstances require answers…don’t know about You, but i want satisfactory ones! 🙂

i know, You’re COURAGEOUS enough to ask the tough questions…are any of us (myself very much included) humble enough to accept unpopular or unexpected answer/s?!…Truth.

Thank You for reading my book -lol…should be blog. Hoping my next blog will be short…er..Thank You for your time and patience!:)

Significant Sky–Insignificant i

Joan Winifred

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