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Mmm, mmm GOOD–a Cup of Comfort Soup!

Hungry? Of course! We all are. Some are learning to cope with excruciating hunger pangs! Some are sadly in a state of starvation; self-inflicted or other.

Are you experiencing a famine? I’m not talking just hunger for sustenance for the body (though that is critical to life, too). This is hunger for the soul, the mind, the heart. This is hunger for answers to deeper questions like Why?? Why are we here?? Why do we die?? Why do good people suffer?? Why are people so mean to each other?? Why do people scheme instead of honest communication?? Why can’t we all get along?? Why care about anybody but yourself?? Why do my efforts to help seem in vain?? Why war?? Why peace??

Why ask why?

Okay big deal, so we’re hungry and we’re thirsty, too! Those (ordinary) base needs must be filled. However, in order to be happy, i believe our Top (extraordinary) Need is a “spiritual” hunger that must be satisfied.

Yet, as caregivers and Partners in Wellness, we are constantly flooded/bombarded/force-fed information! We are drowning in info. It’s a Tsunami coming at us from all directions, all sources. i.e. the internet, the media, etc.

Is your head above water?! Are you staying afloat or being consumed/saturated or washed away, swallowed up?!

So how is it we can be force-fed/chugging/drowning/flooded by information for our mind, heart, soul and yet be in a continuous state of dehydration and/or polydipsia?! Are you compulsively drinking? Are you parched? Do you have an unquenchable thirst?

What do you process?? What do you swallow?? What do you swim (believe) as the flood waters engulf your ideas, beliefs, “comfort” zone of living/learning? Do you protect your “cherished” possessions (i.e. perceptions, preconceived-ideas, beliefs, traditions, knowledge) or do you run to higher ground? Do you attempt to paddle along with the popular/current/information flow of the day? What do you do to keep from drowning? Do you swim against the current? Will someone throw us a life-jacket?

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As you know, the common reaction to flooding being seeking higher ground. One needs a machete to cut/blaze your trail through the jungle overgrowth of information in front of one’s daily path! Seeking higher ground isn’t always easy.

BTW: My higher ground is not political or religious institutions! (i.e. “accurate” not just higher but superlative or divine education: to really learn, embrace truth, accurate “progressive” & not stagnant/diseased knowledge…to attain/grasp one must leave their comfort zone for preservation of life!) It’s not a selfish refuge. It’s not selfish if you “try” to share your place of refuge with the motive of preserving life in general…all fragile life.(Isn’t that what “life”is “fragile”…delicate/vulnerable.) Life is precious. Life worth preserving.

We all need a hiding place from the flood, the wind, the storm!:) Preservation of life has a gentler, non-violent/non-selfish connotation (to me) say than the term (s) survival of the fittest or survival of the hungriest or survival of the smartest, etc.. Do the smartest, the strongest, the hungriest only survive?! i don’t think so…a wise, ancient man– Solomon (a noble king w/happy subjects) said:

I returned to see under the sun that the swift do not have the race, nor the mighty ones the battle, nor do the wise also have the food, nor do the understanding ones also have the riches, nor do even those having knowledge have the favor; because time and unforeseen occurrence befall them all.

Mmm, mmm good–a cup of comfort soup!:) No matter who we are, or rather who we “think” we are…or not…time and unexpected things instantly change our course…and not just negatively.

Lately, i’ve been looking to “ancient” writings for comfort. As a caregiver, (“trying” didn’t say succeeding (yet)! though my definition of success is changing/growing) to help my family, my friends, my community–our globe, our global-family of fragile life…i need comfort and i want to bring comfort (“to soothe, console, or reassure; bring cheer”) to others! All of us need it; comfort! (by comfort i don’t mean luxury.)

We all need role-models/mentors in our life journey who teach us compassion and comfort. As caregivers–we need to be comforted…we are fragile and vulnerable, too.

Do you have a mentor? One is never too young or too old to learn from a mentor/role-model?! Modern-day or historical?!

Researching some historical figures/persons of positive impact on the lives of millions. Logically thinking, perhaps, they could teach me a thing or two or three or four or more!:) Personally, everyone has something they could teach me. Including you, my Respected Readers!:) It’s up to me if i “will” or willingly learn more or not. (i hope i will learn.) That is life–learning. We are all at different stages in life. Different stages of learning. Different is different. Just because one has obtained/progressed to a particular different stage of learning…doesn’t make one greater/more than another…who is learning at a different rate and at a different stage of life. Get what i mean? We are all fragile life…learning and growing each day. We need help to learn. We all need help to keep living. (I’m grateful to those in my life who help me learn/live!)

According to Professor Noreen Herzfeld, who teaches computer science at Saint John’s University, Minnesota, USA, “people really can’t multitask. The brain cannot concentrate on several things simultaneously.” “Over time, multitasking erodes our ability to pay focused, close attention, and this eventually eats away at traits such as patience, tenacity, judgment, and problem solving.”

Those traits: patience, tenacity, judgment and problem-solving are exactly what we need to handle the flood of information/misinformation or guidance/deception and not be completely eroded by it. Cause let’s face it, not all information/guidance coming at us is accurate and trustworthy! It must be investigated/researched for truth purposes..for purposes of preservation of life!

I’m tired so may be this post will end here. I’m tired cause I’m hungry. I’m tired because I’m discouraged. I’m tired but my spirit is not broken! This fragile, weaker vessel… don’t break that easily!;) I’m tired but I’M NOT TIRING OUT (giving up). I guess, cause I know where to find superglue when I need it. The kind that mends/fills in all the broken cracks in your heart with mercy! Mmm, mmm, mmmercy…isn’t it comforting when someone is merciful/forgiving & gives you the benefit of the doubt!:)

I’m okay…not going to let myself go there…where?! Not sharing that–no way! But I will share this (thought) about seeking comfort and looking for positive role-models: since peace is important to me, the peace impact is an important criteria for any role-model i would seek…

“Surely the most enduring testament to the sage from Capernaum is that he continues to hold hearts and minds in his gentle grasp?”-Author Gregg Easterbrook.

Wow, a gentle grasp…a sage who would hold my heart and mind and teach me and not break me!:)

or how about this:

As Professor M. P. Rege explains: “He proclaimed ahimsa (nonviolence) as the fundamental moral value, which he interpreted as concern for the dignity and well-being of every person. He denied the authority of the Hindu scriptures when their teaching was contrary to ahimsa. strove valiantly for the eradication of untouchability and the hierarchical caste system, and promoted the equality of women in all spheres of life.”

Do you know who the sage from Capernaum was? Do you know who proclaimed ahimsa? Of course, you do!:) The sage and The proclaimer of ahimsa both highly valued peace and treated people/women/fragile life with dignity.

Credentials?? Who listens to anybody unlettered and ordinary?(may be, one should!) Wow, you’re still reading this post…THANKS, Hope You’re having a good week-end!:) Hope You get the comfort you need. Here’s something to “think” “ponder” “meditate”…

An interesting question from Historian Will Durant:

“Is the life story of the founder of Christianity the product of human sorrow, imagination, and hope–a myth comparable to the legends of Krishna, Osiris, Attis, Adonis, Dionysus, and Mithras?” Durant answers that in the first century, to deny that Christ had ever existed “seems never to have occurred even to the bitterest gentile or Jewish opponents of nascent Christianity.”–The Story of Civilization, Part III, “Caesar and Christ.”

Historian Durant draws the conclusion:

“That a few simple men should in one generation have invented so powerful and appealing a personality, so lofty an ethic and so inspiring a vision of human brotherhood, would be a miracle far more incredible than any recorded in the Gospels.”

I don’t know about you, but the times in which we live, the problems/challenges facing (all fragile life on our fragile planet) including the chronically ill & hurting & hungry: couldn’t we all use a miracle?!:) …Who will provide our cup of comfort soup?! Gandhi, Obama, Jesus, someone unlettered and ordinary?!

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Mmm, mmm GOOD–a Cup of Comfort Soup!

Joan Winifred

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