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Leaf Peeping or Heart Peeping?

Autumn BranchesAutumn–I like fall. Not too hot. Not too cold…ah, just right!:) It has been a favorite season/time of the year for me for a while. As a kid, loved the fall foliage…The exquisite fall colors and crisp air. Something invigorating about breathing in crisp, cool, cold air and seeing my breath in front of me…evidence of life. Crisp air and apple crunch (a freshly picked apple) you bite…simple pleasure. (Can’t take for granted the simple pleasures.) Every breath taken: an undeserved privilege…

I actually miss that: breathing cold air. I’m full of hot air here in Fl. -lol:)

Autumn, it’s not an extreme season..yes, i like Spring, too. What’ s your favorite season? Why? Actually, aspects of all seasons one can appreciate their beauty.

Growing up in New England, autumn became a favorite season/time of year for me for various reasons mostly positive ones. Oh no, here i go again–“Falling” into the trap of naivety once more (being a friendly extrovert has its particular set of risks, so does being stupid -lol:)…letting You my readers, peep into my heart (inner person)! Will you guard my heart? Will you safeguard your own heart?

One must safeguard their own heart for…“out of the heart are the sources of life.”  (FYI: King Solomon (referred to in my last post) said that which illustrates the treacherousness and desperateness of the “human” heart–showing that even the best hearts can be enticed without constant vigilance.)

Heart basketCreative Commons License photo credit: victoire_za Creative Commons License photo credit 1: pamhule

While respecting You my readers/a fellow beating heart/s– how smart is it for me to expose to relative “strangers”…my beating heart?! (“If you are an adult, your heart likely beats over 100,000 times a day. An elephant’s heart beats, on average, 25 times a minute, while that of a canary virtually buzzes at about 1,000 beats a minute. A mouse, with 550 heartbeats a minute, may live close to 3 years; whereas a blue whale, with roughly 20 beats a minute, may live more than 50 years. Humans are an exception. Judged by our heart rate, our life span ought to be about 20 years. A healthy human heart, however, may beat three billion times or more and thus live in excess of 70 or 80 years.”~What’s in a Heart beat?)

Honesty requires sacrifice. You have the power to keep my heart beating…will you?? (continuing reading my written words or written heart beats or stop my heart from beating–exiting this post immediately) Hopefully, you keep my heart beating after you exit here…by meditating and/or applying anything worthwhile you may find upon close examination/peeping at my beating heart. It’s kinda like leaf peeping.

The Ultimate sacrifice of a leaf-bearing tree is the ultimate in visual pleasure for us.” forestry, The Science of Leaf Change

May be, that’s what our written words are… falling leaves! Do you collect leaves (beautiful words that touch your mind/heart and motivate you to positive action)?

“In some trees, like maples, glucose is trapped in the leaves after photosynthesis stops. Sunlight and the cool nights of autumn cause the leaves turn this glucose into a red color. The brown color of trees like oaks is made from wastes left in the leaves.”~by Science made Simple.

Maybe, our leaves/words are red/bright/uplifting if glucose (sugar/sweet stuff/positive traits) is trapped in our heart (inner person) and/or maybe, our leaves/words are brown/dark/negative if wastes/toxins/negative traits reside within our heart…?

“The major factor influencing Autumn leaf color change is the lack of water. Not a lack of water to the entire tree, but a purposeful weaning of water from each leaf. Each leaf is affected by colder, drier and breezy conditions and begins a process which results in its own demise and removal from a tree.”

Blogging is fun for us writers (and/or talkers) and dangerous…kinda like a thrill sport of sorts for a “boring” person like me. (Perhaps, the whole process of our weaning words can result in our own demise or not.) Each time i hit publish…it’s an epinephrine rush…does my heart beat or does it stop?

Words can hurt. Words can heal. Words convey love. Words convey hate. (Words bring life. Words bring death.) What will my words bring to You? (My hope: healing, love and life!:)

The words falling from my lips, falling from my mind, falling from my heart…where will they land? in your hand? in your heart? in your mind?…words in the wind…(internet)..not sure where they blow. The power of the wind and the power of the word…exhilarating, intimidating, death-dealing?!

How come when Nature litters it’s so pretty?Creative Commons License photo credit: jimflix!

Living outside New England for quite a few years now, totally miss leaf peeping (in person)…“Leaf peeping is an informal term, commonly used in the United States, for people who travel to view and photograph the fall foliage in areas where foliage changes colors, particularly New England” (wikipedia)

Here’s a top pick (for me) IF you ever have the opportunity to go leaf peek at peak: Kancamagus Scenic Highway, New Hampshire.

“This is a mountainous route that rises to nearly 3,000 feet as you drive, but your reward for navigating the steep drive is plenty of photo opportunities, alpine and valley panoramas, covered bridges, and waterfalls.”

…stop at the Rocky Gorge scenic area and walk over the footbridge to Falls Pond. If you want to stretch your legs with a day hike, check out Greeley Ponds and Sawyer Ponds, or take an easy walk along the Sabbaday Brook Trail to see the Sabbaday Falls.

Find your way: Route 112 runs through the White Mountains. Begin in Conway and end in Lincoln, stretching from the Saco River to the Pemigewasset River.~howstuffworks/adventure/destinations

I like this article title: ~Autumn leaves Why so beautiful? answer therein: “the trees doing their annual housekeeping to get ready for the close of another growing season.”

Isn’t that what writing is about…growing, learning, sharing…leaf peeping, word peeping, heart peeping…a growing season of the heart/inner person/personality. Journaling/writing/blogging can be a healthy, positive outlet for Caregivers and Partners in Wellness if one is careful, thoughtful, prudent, etc.

One must shed leaves to grow new ones. Shedding my words like shedding my tears…an unavoidable process of life and growth!:) A Wellness Process…change (falling leaves)! My words/leaves (1054) fall on this post in a pile…is it pretty?

P.s. Please check out this pretty leaf pile: The Fallen Leaves

Leaf Peeping or Heart Peeping?

Joan Winifred

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