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Wildlife Wellness: Harmony between Species

“Globally Organized Crime Syndicates are penetrating secure wildlife populations.” “An immense, increasingly sophisticated illegal trade in wildlife parts conducted by organized crime [is] decimating the world’s most beloved species…on a scale never before seen.” ~ Wildlife Conservation Society, USA


The practitioners of this multi-billion dollar illegal wildlife trade are violent enemies of conservation. The internet is the growing medium for the sale of illegal wildlife parts. (Lingo: “wildlife parts” is kinda gruesome to me.) The wanton abuse, disregard and disrespect for “any” life (wild or otherwise) fueled by love of money (or some other stinky diesel) is sad, appalling, sickening to me! (Yeah, that was partly an “emotional” condemnatory statement. Let me follow it by a “logical” acknowledgement that all of us have “learned” a specific set of survival skills. Some a positive, civilized set and others a negative, barbaric set and/or everything in between the extreme set.) What is your survival skill set?

All of us, starting at a young age, have had a differing survival/values education of one kind or another. Each of us, depending on where (i.e. city mouse or country mouse) and when (decade/generation influences) we were born and to whom (our parents and their culture/education, etc.)–as well as other factors–provided the extensive variables that shaped and make up our personal/present value system/education. Hopefully, you were born to parents that highly valued you and loved/cherished you! Not everyone has had that privilege. Some have experienced betrayal at a very tender age.

For example, the despair learned by a young girl (i read about) named Sharada who was taken from her Asian village to a foreign city. Guess who sold her at age 9? Shockingly, Sharada’s father and for a measly $14 (U.S.). My heart breaks for Sharada and others like her who have been sold/forced into slavery. I wonder about Sharada’s father…like why he sold his daughter? Was he too sold at a young age and by whom…his father?!

Some of us have learned to care. Some not to care. Some have learned to give. Others have learned to take. Some have learned to love. Others have learned to hate. Some have learned to conserve. Others have learned to consume. Some have learned what it’s like to be free. Others have learned slavery. Some have learned harmony. Others disunity. Some have learned peace. Others war.

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What have you learned? What will you teach? What are you teaching by your “living” example?

Sadly, some have learned to survive the wild (and/or urban jungle) by slaughter and/or illegal sale. We all need survival skills, but in so-called “civilized” or highly educated societies does one resort to doing whatever it takes including any type of illegal activity?! (i.e. kill or be killed?/sell or be sold?!)

Shouldn’t we value life?! It’s precious. FYI: I’m HAPPY to be alive!:) GLAD you’re alive too!:)…together we can help preserve life in and out of the jungle. Thank You for living in a manner that manifests a high regard for life!:)

Some tortoises live for 150 years! Some trees for 3,000! How long will you live?! How long will I live?!

By contrast, our lives are way more meaningful than a tortoise or tree. We have the capacity to enjoy reading, writing, learning, music,  sports, etc. We have a capacity for spirituality. (Figuratively, if I’m a tree, I don’t want to be cut down…my life cut short by my ax (choices) or somebody’s ax..sounds like “acts” or actions of others that could shorten my life.)

Let’s not cut short life! (We know the devastating damage of deforestation.) Do you want your life cut short?! No Way–You say!:)

Caring, giving, loving, conservation, moderation is a life-style of daily choices leading to wellness and longevity! Appreciating, caring and respecting life (in general) is a factor to Wildlife Wellness and harmony between species!

As we grow, learn, progress as individuals, partners, caregivers, etc….our on-going, progressive education of harmonious survival and high value for life “literacy” requires an on-going vocabulary lesson and change of culture, choices, etc. Are you learning harmonious survival skills? We do so by putting non-offensive, positive, life-promoting (agape love) vocabulary/behavior into daily practice. We become fluent with practice. Harmony literacy is living and developing…

I’m a learner…everyday so much to learn, so little time. Thank you for listening/reading my blog/ramblings/rumblings, etc. 🙂  If I want to progress in learning/living in harmony and peace in the hopes of prolonging my life and the lives of others–I need humility. Am I humble enough to change?! It is possible to change/learn non-offensive, harmonious, peaceful communication and interaction between species!

Can you imagine a future where all life on the planet is at peace and living in complete harmony?! For that to happen…realistically, everyone has to make changes. What changes do you need to make? Do you value life, love, peace, harmony enough to make any?

Millions believe in “the law of Karma”…Hindu sages devised the law of Karma as they groped to explain human suffering. I was reading this interesting perspective from a Buddhist woman who said: “I thought it did not make sense to have to suffer for something I was born with but about which I knew nothing. I had to accept it as my destiny.”  She found karma (“the influence of an individual’s past actions on his future lives, or reincarnations”) explanation for suffering unsatisfactory. I find it interesting the link between the idea of rebirth and the teaching that can found throughout Christendom and elsewhere–the teaching that humans have an immortal soul that survives the body. This “soul” is said to be involved in suffering–either in a present life or in an afterlife. (Such “ideas” are widespread so, I’m curious how these ideas affect the realm of care giving for the sufferer and partnerships in general)?

However, what “proof” is there that these ideas are valid?! (I respect others’ beliefs/ideas! Personally, any faith/belief  I may have is built/constructed/assembled on fact and proof….not emotions, fantasy, graphic novels or fiction (science or otherwise). (Those things serve as an “escape” from pain. The cause of my pain may still remain.)

It takes a lot of time, effort, research and work to build belief. When you think carefully and investigate the “facts” surrounding “any” idea/teaching/tradition to see if it’s true/valid…instead of about your feelings or the emotional response produced by an idea/fantasy/teaching/tradition, etc…your vision (your choices based on beliefs) are not hazy/clouded or swayed by unstable emotions and/or sentiment. You clearly see what makes sense and is reasonable/logical/healing (has the ring of truth) and what is a bunch of bologne -lol:) What are you building? Is your belief system a house of bricks/truth or a house of twigs/lies?! When the big bad wolf comes huffing and puffing–will he blow your house down?!

Here’s something to contemplate:

People who on average spend 6 hours each day watching TV can expect to live 4.8 years less than those who watch no TV. Put another way, every hour of TV reduces a sedentary adult’s life expectancy by about 22 minutes.” ~British Journal of Sports Medicine, Britain

According to BBC News, Britain:

Nearly half of cancers diagnosed in the [United Kingdom] each year-over 130,000 in total-are caused by avoidable life choices including smoking, drinking and eating the wrong things.

This is a tough rhetorical question(s)…you’re man or woman enough to honestly answer, right?:) Are you suffering or causing others to suffer because of avoidable life choices?!

Wildlife wellness : harmony between species–destiny or life choices?! YOU decide!:)

We all need comfort–every species–I “found” this interesting verse of a Psalm (song) (which according to scholars is hope of future intervention by the Biblical Creator)…

“You are opening your hand and satisfying every living thing.”


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Wildlife Wellness: Harmony between Species

Joan Winifred

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