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Freedom: Are You Free?

. Ephemeral or Eternal? Mankind’s quest for freedom remains illusive and elusive. All of us desire freedom…to choose our food, our work, our friends, our leaders.

All of us have preferences such as what we like to read and what we like to write. Where we want to live and how we want to live (i.e. stay single or marry).

Millions throughout history have never experienced “true” freedom! Have you??

Partners, Caregivers, Others–Most of us–enjoy a “measure” of freedom. THANKS for using your freedom to read my blog!:)

French philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau wrote:

โ€œMan was born free, and he is everywhere in chains.โ€

Born Free? Are you free? or are you in chains? Think again! Everyone is in chains (of some sort)…Some self-made, some imprisoned by power-hungry people without compassion or compunction who have injured and dominated others on their way to the top of the prominence pile aka pig pile; crushing the freedoms and innocence of innocents!

A sad reality, some prisons exist without bars or chains! Poverty, sickness, hunger, hatred are brutal masters.

Please know, this post intent is Not to depress or dwell on negativity, rather my hope is You, my Readers, will think differently (reeducate) about the gifts (talents, abilities, privileges) you have/enjoy (that others may not) and the manner in which you choose to use or share your daily gifts, in particular, the gift of free will

FREEDOM!…Freedom is Truth.

Freedom is Relative.

Freedom is privilege. How would you describe Freedom?! Why does it appeal to you?! What will you do or not do to obtain it?! And once you obtain it, how will you use it? Selfishly of selflessly? Negatively or positively? Will you choose to live in a way that respects the dignity/freedom of others? As Caregiver, Partner, Person, Friend how will you use your measure of freedom…today?

Freedom to me (figuratively)– can be liken to an innocent child enjoying an innocent childhood. A child who enjoys the warmth, affection, benevolence, protection of a selfless, non-abusive father who allows this child to play, learn and grow, at its own pace, while providing for the ever-changing physical, mental, emotional, spiritual needs of this child.

Freedom is no fear. Freedom is no sickness. Freedom is no death.

Freedom, a path to peace and happiness?? As caregiver and partner, the topic of freedom (to make choices that take me to peace of mind), interests me. (Who doesn’t want peace of mind? Who doesn’t want happiness?:)

Personally, I don’t think any politician on the planet can offer one TRUE freedom…when they themselves are not free even in so-called free societies.

One cannot offer, (one cannot give or sell), what one does not have!

Some (not all) so-called (or self-called) “leaders” are really slaves to their own bellies and their own pockets! A follower requirement: Continuously fill your king/master/leader’s pocket and belly at your (the follower’s) expense. (The cost is not only your money, but your peace, your family, your life!) What they really offer is not Free…just “dom” which with my New England accent sounds like “dumb”. Logic leads me to: “king” + dom = (kingdom). Who’s your king?

If true “FREE”dom (not talking unlimited liberation to indulge every or any whim at the painful, harmful damage of others including all living things/the planet) is what I seek??…I’m choosing not to follow a slave (in leader’s/king’s clothing aka wolf in sheep’s) of corruption! (oops,ย  didn’t mean to sound preachy!:)

FYI: I’m not against leadership/authority or king/kingdom…just don’t care for hypocrisy and misuse or abuse of power! In other words, I care about truth. Without truth (accurate knowledge), how can one care/help/aid/heal/lead others? Without truth, how can one be “truly” free/liberated?!

Do you know any politician that has the “ability” to keep a promise?! and/or a promise of “future” freedom?! Realistically speaking, promise-keeping and future-freedom seem beyond these so-called leaders’ abilities to me (i.e. they cannot predict the future)!…maybe, one has no other hope, but to look to the divine (may be, The Unknown God) for such abilities/powers…

I happen to find this ancient, Biblical, verse “partly” intriguing (because i “symbolically” view freedom like its an innocent child) and according to Biblical scholars, the verse is a “promise” of “future freedom” from the “Creator”… “that the creation itself also will be set free from enslavement to corruption and have the glorious freedom of the children of God.” (Romans 8:1)

It makes me wonder: Will today’s politicians take me and those in my care to peace, freedom?! What do you think? Will the path of peace and wellness lead to “eternal” freedom?! Is the path to true freedom actually a spiritual one?! If you want freedom, what road do you follow? Have you found your path to future freedom?

It’s out there, it’s somewhere…somehow, i don’t think it’s yellow and made of bricks or green and made of money!:)

“If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll end up somewhere else.”~ Alfred Adler

Thinking and speaking of “Born Free” did you ever see the old movie or read the book?!

“Born Free is the heartwarming true story of a British couple who teach their pet lioness how to survive in the wilds of the African jungles. Joy and George Adamson (portrayed by real-life married couple Virginia McKenna and Bill Travers) involuntarily domesticate several lions while living in Kenya. They keep one, named Elsa, until she is fully grown, and rather than turn her over to a zoo, they decide to train her to live like a wild animal so that they can release her into her natural habitat. Geoffrey Keen is a sympathetic government official who convinces the Adamsons that they should set Elsa free to avoid being ordered to place her in captivity. The film, based on Joy Adamson’s book, is poignant and emotional without ever becoming banal or overly sentimental. The title song and film score both won Academy Awards.” ~ Don Kaye, Rovi

I remember crying my eyes out watching the movie as a kid! I liked the song from the movie, too.

Hope this brings You a smile:)

THANK YOU so MUCH for using your freedom as Caregiver, Partner, Person to Help Others!:) I entreat you to continue to use your amazing talents, gifts and freedom in non-selfish ways/pursuits that contribute to the happiness, peace, freedom and…wellness of our world-wide family including all living things/animals!๐Ÿ™‚

Please don’t waste the precious gift(s) you enjoy–Freedom can be fleeting…like a bird–it can quickly fly away!

little chickadee all a flutterCreative Commons License photo credit: Anne Davis Creative Commons License photo credit 1: Matt Madd

Freedom: Are You Free?

Joan Winifred

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