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Are You Chasing after Soap Bubbles?

Are you running around in circles? Can’t see the forest through the trees? Can’t get out of the forest because you’re expending all your energy walking around in one big circle with no clear direction? Admit it: You’re lost!

What will you do? Continue talking and walking in circles not making any progress forward? Do you really want to end up in the same place – which is, NOWHERE?

Are you the offspring of impossible figures? Is your father Oscar Reutersvard?

What am I writing about?

Please check it out:

Swedish artist Oscar Reutersvärd was the first to deliberately design many impossible objects. He has been called “the father of impossible figures”. In 1934 he drew the Penrose triangle, some years before the Penroses. In Reutersvärd’s version the sides of the triangle are broken up into cubes.

In 1956, British psychiatrist Lionel Penrose and his son, mathematician Roger Penrose, submitted a short article to the British Journal of Psychology titled “Impossible Objects: A Special Type of Visual Illusion”. This was illustrated with the Penrose triangle and Penrose stairs. The article referred to Escher, whose work had sparked their interest in the subject, but not Reutersvärd, of whom they were unaware. The article was only published in 1958.

From the 1930s onwards Dutch artist M.C. Escher produced many drawings featuring paradoxes of perspective gradually working towards impossible objects. In 1957 he produced his first drawing containing a true impossible object: Cube with Magic Ribbons.  ~ wikipedia

At a quick glance, these drawings seem to make believable what clearly violates all rules of common sense. When examined carefully, however, they can be seen as clever tricks invented by the artist to confuse or deceive the eye and mind of the beholder.”

Come on People, Partners, Caregivers and Others: let’s not fall for an “impossible” object!  PLEASE don’t be a Don Quixote…don’t deceive yourself!  Impossible objects are not the only things that are clever tricks appearing different from what they truly are. Careful examination and investigation are vital! Especially in matters of life and death. In matters of triumph or defeat. In matters of wellness! Oh yes, and in matters of chivalry, too. 🙂

(Thankfully!) My Father taught me (at a young age) this warning:

Look out: perhaps there may be someone who will carry you off as his prey through the philosophy and empty deception according to the tradition of men, according to the elementary things of the world…”

My Father also taught me to:

Pray and NOT prey! Do you pray? Do you prey? Are you Prey? Personally, I may pray so I’m not prey!:)

So Sad, we live in a world where frauds/imposters/predators of all sorts–are waiting to pounce/prey on You and me for profit! They use persuasive arguments, circular words to tickle ears leading the gullible into their snares.

(I worry about the sick and vulnerable i.e. Elderly/Youth.) As Caregivers and Parents, it’s our job NOT to be deceived/misled by somebody trying to “sell” us something–an Illusion! All kinds of illusions are for sale 24/7.

 Bubble Couple & their offspringCreative Commons License photo credit: Venkataramesh.Kommoju

In case you didn’t know: Soap bubbles pop!:) Are you living life in a soap bubble?! Are you chasing after bubbles?! Beware of the man/woman blowing bubbles…(the soap kind, not the gum kind-lol:)

When you’re a kid, hey, that’s fun… chasing bubbles…but the aimless wandering gets tiring when you’re older. You learn bubbles float anywhere the wind brings them. I don’t have time to waste. I don’t mind the chase…but I want to catch more than a bubble! Sorry, but I’m not buying…my bubble budget is spent.

Don’t you want a purposeful life and not an aimless one? Are you “striving after the wind?” (The wind could be lies, deceptions, etc.) I know the wind feels nice when it’s a gentle breeze. Please be careful: That same wind can whip up into a destructive tornado.

To me, there is a big difference between sharing and selling. Sharing (ideally with a pure motive) can be unselfish/helpful/healing. Depending on the sell…too soft or too hard–motive could be selfish/harmful. Frauds can beautifully forge a fake.

(To clarify: I’m not against business or selling. I’m not just talking art. There are frauds/illusionists/bubble blowers full of nothing but hot air…in every field trying to sell us soap bubbles for dishonest profit/gain! Be it science, philosophy, religion, medicine, education, business, politics, you name it.) As Care-givers, Partners, Friends: we have to know who to trust and when. We have to know what to believe and why. Who do you trust and when? What do you believe and why?

May be, we need to carefully examine/investigate to be “certain” we are not climbing “Penrose stairs”…climbing forever but never getting any higher. Acquiring but never getting rich. Studying but never learning.

It can be helpful to analyze the art (product, pitch) and the artist–as in con:

For example, is this person (honest) “sharing” something helpful/truthful? (giving/helping/expecting nothing in return) or (dishonest) “selling” something?! (taking/exploiting/expecting something in return). Figuratively, impulse buying can be dangerous on many levels! Please, take the time to carefully examine the package/fully unwrap the box. Anyone can take garbage put it in a box then beautifully wrap the box with a big bow. (You already know the wisdom of not judging a gift by its wrapping or a book by its cover or a post by its clever title!:)

PresentCreative Commons License photo credit: ForgottenGenius  Creative Commons License photo credit1: Px4u by Team Cu29

THANK YOU for reading my post!! Thank You for your patience!! Don’t know about you but to me, this topic is not quixotic! 🙂 The topic/meaning/moral/muse: Refuse *Refuse!

(Refuse: verb.  “decline – deny – reject – repudiate – disallow – repulse”)

(*Refuse: noun. “trash – garbage – rubbish – waste – litter – offal”)

FYI: slight inspiration for this post: it’s trash day in our old neighborhood. When’s your trash day? Do you have trash to take out?! (not just literal) Please recycle when possible…THANKS!:)


Are You Chasing after Soap Bubbles?

Joan Winifred

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