Wildlife Wellness: Harmony between Species

“Globally Organized Crime Syndicates are penetrating secure wildlife populations.” “An immense, increasingly sophisticated illegal trade in wildlife parts conducted by organized crime [is] decimating the world’s most beloved species…on a scale never before seen.”


Chocolate Genius

YUMMY! Do you like chocolate? Belgian, Swiss, Milk, Dark, White?! Go!…Diva!…that’s how one feels–like a Diva on the Go…after some!:)

Sorry Readers, you never know when I may try to insert a goofy joke!


What I learned from a…Mosquito?!

MosquitoDo you like Mosquitoes? I’m not too particularly fond of them, but they really like me! Whenever I’m outdoors, they snack and munch on me repeatedly.

All of us have been bitten by the insect and/or mosquito-like problem or person.


Who’s in Your Heart?

Where are You?! “You’ll be “here” in my heart–ALWAYS!”

Distance, disease, death, circumstance…may separate loved ones, but some bonds can never be broken!