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Archives for October, 2012


Mourning or Morning?

Good Morning!:) A new day, a fresh start, another beginning! What will you do today? Who will you love? Who will you help?

What will you learn? What will you discern? What will you choose? What will you refuse? (THANKS for choosing to read my blog--Thank You for letting me be a teeny/weeny part of your morning!:) Can you hear the birds singing a happy song?...
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Are You GREAT just because You Exist?!

True self confidence comes from honing your talents and learning things,” says the book Generation Me, “not from being told you’re great just because you exist.”
“Parents want to make their children happy, and children want stuff,” says the book The Narcissism Epidemic. “Thus parents buy them stuff. And children are happy, but only for a short period of time. Then they want even more stuff.

Throwing material goods at problems is...
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Freedom: Are You Free?

Freedom. Ephemeral or Eternal? Mankind's quest for freedom remains illusive and elusive. All of us desire choose our food, our work, our friends, our leaders.

All of us have preferences such as what we like to read and what we like to write. Where we want to live and how we want to live ( stay single or marry).

Millions throughout history have never experienced "true" freedom! Have you??

Partners, Caregivers, Others--Most...
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Chocolate Genius

YUMMY! Do you like chocolate? Belgian, Swiss, Milk, Dark, White?! Go!...Diva!...that's how one feels--like a Diva on the some!:)
Sorry Readers, you never know when I may try to insert a goofy joke! Yes, your definition of "joke" is better than mine. Though, we may share the same "goofy" definition!:)

Are You a genius?! A "Sweet Genius"? Ever see that Food Network show with Master Pastry Chef Ron Ben-Israel?! (I have...
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What I learned from a…Mosquito?!

Do you like Mosquitoes? I'm not too particularly fond of them, but they really like me! Whenever I'm outdoors, they snack and munch on me repeatedly.

All of us have been bitten by the insect and/or mosquito-like problem or person. What can we do about it?

Learn to appreciate the mosquito. Learn to repel the mosquito. Beware of the infected kind!

Greetings from Florida--the Land of Flowers (and insects)!

Here in FL:
 "there are currently 80...
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Joan Winifred

World Mental Health Day: When the Caregiver is a Child

Most don't know that child caregivers exist! A 2005 report by the National Alliance for Caregiving (PDF), "estimated that there were at least million between the ages of 8 and 18 --(caregivers) most caring for a parent or grandparent, some looking after a sibling."

According to the Report:

A child caregiver was defined as anyone aged 8-18 who provides unpaid help or care to any person who has an...
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Joan Winifred

Who’s in Your Heart?

Where are You?! "You'll be "here" in my heart--ALWAYS!"
Distance, disease, death, separate loved ones, but some bonds can never be broken!

Honestly, each time I sit here at my laptop about to compose what I hope to be a "light" (not too deep) the goal of not "publicly" pouring my heart completely out on any given topic (cause let's face it--You, my readers who "may" follow my writing, know more...
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Joan Winifred

Are You Chasing after Soap Bubbles?

Are you running around in circles? Can't see the forest through the trees? Can't get out of the forest because you're expending all your energy walking around in one big circle with no clear direction? Admit it: You're lost!

What will you do? Continue talking and walking in circles not making any progress forward? Do you really want to end up in the same place - which is, NOWHERE?

Are you the...
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