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No Excuses – Empathy Needed

Empathy is an essential quality for effective care-giving. No excuses. What I mean by that is: As Care-givers–We have No Excuse Not to Show Empathy! 

I know: You’re exhausted, frustrated, hungry, down, misunderstood, unappreciated, overworked and underpaid…all that and much more! The reality of care-giving is expressed by these words:

“The world’s people want answers from their leaders. They expect solutions, not half-measures or excuses.”


Same expectations for Care-givers by those in their care: No half-measures, No excuses. The hurting and sick require care. They require solution. They require our best effort. They want answers to their cries for help. They need empathy and so do you! (We all want it NOW.) Talk about pressure.

No real answers + No real solutions = Fake leaders.

Please, don’t be deceived or misled. One can claim anything…Those who cannot answer us (adequately) are not our “true” leaders. Those who offer no (real) solutions are not our “true” leaders. They are imposters. Why blindly follow an imposter into the deep pit of disappointment?! Who do you follow (not talking only twitter) and where is he or she headed? (Hope it’s down an empathetic road, full of understanding, answers that are logical and solutions that actually fix problems and do not create new ones!) (Wow, I kinda sound unempathetic toward imposters!) Cause…Beware: Some pits are way too deep to dig out of. Be smart. Avoid imposters. Avoid Pits.

It’s a tough job being a leader. Leaders in the scope of things are really care-givers (or should be.) Leaders should care. Leaders should give. Leaders should show empathy. Leaders and/or Care-givers should be self-sacrificing. Sorry if you didn’t fully realize, but it’s in the job description! Tough reality of care-giving, huh?

How does one develop empathy? How does one show empathy? Do you need empathy? I definitely do!

Empathy 101:

One dictionary defines Empathy:identification with and understanding of another’s situation, feelings, and motives.” It’s not always easy to understand the feelings of those who may be suffering if we have not experienced such pain personally. I read this powerful point:

  “Empathy does not depend on

shared circumstances.”

Patience is needed. When those who suffer open up and share their pain, concerns and needs, we should patiently listen and learn from what they are telling us! How would we feel in their circumstance? What would we need? What would comfort us? What words would we want to hear? Can we listen carefully to understand the whole situation before we offer suggestions?

Sharpening our sensitivity to

the suffering of others

helps us become more empathetic.

Consideration for the feelings and needs of others is an important aspect of empathy. Can we act or speak in ways that spare the feelings of others? Can we cushion our speech so as not to cause anymore pain to the one already hurting? Let’s not compound pain through thoughtlessness. I like this Biblical verse that teaches empathy: Speak Consolingly to the Depressed Souls.” Can we improve our comforting and consoling vocabulary?

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I LOVE these points I recently read in an article: “Empathy the Key to Kindness and Compassion.”…It’s easier to judge mistakes than to understand feelings. However, if we try hard to imagine the distress of someone afflicted, it will help us to sympathize rather than condemn.” “‘I too could have made this mistake. I could be in his situation.’ “

Initiative is not passive. If it is within our power–do something. Provide practical help. Volunteer. Share what you have and what you know. “Never allow selfishness to smother your empathy!”

Thank You for reading my blog!! Thank You for Your Empathy and Patience with my extra-long ramblings of late. Thank You for opening your heart to those around you!!

“The best and most beautiful things in life cannot be seen, not touched, but are felt in the heart.~Hellen Keller

No Excuses – Empathy Needed

Joan Winifred

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