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From August To Autumn…THANKS!

Available at the Gordon County Animal Shelter. 706.629.3327Reading this out loud as I type helps me think — I think!

Dr. Oz says…(wait a minute, do you hear barking, too?) “Stop it Toto – I didn’t say WIZARD!”

Good thing I can’t hear you: “If she “only had a brain” maybe that joke wouldn’t of been so lame!”

Sorry Readers, can’t resist due to happy childhood attachments to munchkins, ruby red shoes and yellow bricks. What kid doesn’t like doughnuts and cute little doggies or special slippers that take you where you want to go? Who needs a cape?  I am NOT super-girl and never will be!

Back to the point. Yes, there was a point, somewhere…I lost “it” Over the Rainbow. No! “It” is not my mind. I just have an affection for a classic childhood movie.

Rainbow in water vapour
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Doctor Oz suggest a bunch of habits in the Fall Issue of Prevention (October, 2012). Good Ones. These are my three favorites of his habit suggestions:

  • SHOW UP EARLY (Actually “showing up” in and of itself is a good habit: Don’t be a no show when you’ve agreed to be there! says me.) Dr. Oz says: “Being five minutes late is a small thing that creates big stress, which in turn can cause chronic inflammation and high blood pressure. So many of us are hypertensive, but it comes from external stressors we place on ourselves, and those are adjustable.” He suggests getting to work five minutes early. However, mathematically speaking, managing your time as caregiver, partner or parent means managing/organizing others’ time as well.  For example, if my four kids are running five minutes late getting ready, and we are trying to get anywhere together on time, our goal is being (at least) 20 minutes early. Calculate and adjust your being on time goal (or being less stressed about time) according to your care-giving circumstances. The bigger the family, the bigger your window of unexpected things happening or window of opportunity. Remember: Windows don’t control us: they don’t open or shut on their own. (Windows need intervention.) OPEN your window when you need some fresh air! (Caution: don’t close it on any fingers big or small, literally or otherwise.)
  • GET OFF YOUR BUTT (or “tush,” according to Dr. Oz) “Try replacing couch time with 30 minutes of activity. For example, do dishes, rearrange your closet, or dance to a favorite song.” Yes, staying active is a good habit! For those like me, who are extremely active, we may be dealing with overexertion, exhaustion, etc. My problem is I don’t know how to slow down for…………………………………long. Like most other parents, I could use 30 minutes of couch/rest time regularly. Writing this blog is giving me chair time. Add or subtract couch time to active time or active time to couch time as needed.
  • INCREASE INTIMACY  “Fundamentally, what has always allowed us to weather the storm of stress is social connection.”  Dr. Oz mentioned a lack of connection to others results in weight gain and loss of energy.  Dr. Oz continues: “So many of us run from intimacy by using hobbies, a job, or events that, on the larger scale, you know deep in your heart aren’t nearly as important. Instead, try a new habit that links you. Write a Thank-You note every night to someone–a teacher, a coworker, a doctor, a friend, or your spouse.” I really like this one! Showing Appreciation for others keeps us all positively/peacefully connected!

Fawn Thank You Letterpress Cards from Pheasant PressCreative Commons License photo credit 2: sarahridgley

Here’s my note: THANKS A BUNCH!! from August to Autumn and beyond to:  EVERYONE in MY LIFE!

That’s you, too…my readers!!  I appreciate you putting up with me, my ramblings and also what you have helped me learn. 

What have we learned here at Partners in Wellness in August? What will we learn this Autumn?

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Did you have a favorite blog in August?  Please let me know. HAPPY SEPTEMBER to YOU!!

From August To Autumn…THANKS!

Joan Winifred

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