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3 Tips for Dealing with Disappointment and Discouragement

EdwardAre you disappointed? SORRY! Are you discouraged? SORRY!

Each of us at one time or another, or even today at the present moment, deal with disappointment and discouragement. Something didn’t turn out as we’d hoped or even more painful: someone is not who we thought they were. Do you feel duped?! I do and did!

How to Find Courage and Carry on: 3 tips!

(FYI:This post is a summary/essay on recent reading/research that is whirling around in my brain. This is an “attempt” to unjumble it. An “attempt” to write a non-rambling/long-winded post. THANKS for bearing with me as I “try” to keep this concise and to the point. 😉 Do I hear snickering? You, my patient readers, are getting to know me too well. Due to past readings, You may doubt my ability to keep this post short/under 1,000 words! I’m having some “doubts” myself, but I won’t Give Up! Overcoming doubts is possible! 🙂

You know the adage: “a picture is worth a thousand words”…was telling Hubby that his cartoons/drawings eloquently express way more than 1,000 plus words ever could. (Not comparing our work, just respecting different styles of communication!) Hoping not to disappoint, here goes:


Disappointment and discouragement are difficult to deal with…(yeah, I realize pretty obvious statement, huh? goes without saying; needless words.) We may be experiencing D & D due to internal factors and not only external ones.

 WHY ME? Why NOT me?

1. Don’t Fuel D & D: Pride, envy, insecurity–may be a driving force leading to and not away from Disappointment and Discouragement.

In other words, an inflated (conceit) view of self/abilities or (deflated) insecurities or envying what others have is a snare that can entrap us in disappointment and discouragement.

For example: We get discouraged thinking we can never accomplish what we hope because we lack ability/resources/support, etc. We are disappointed that we didn’t get the promotion that another colleague/peer did because frankly, we are better qualified and deserve it (or so we think). We may refuse to accept the other person is better qualified at this moment in time for the position and should (justly) get the job.

Why me?? or Why not me?? BECAUSE: it’s not always about YOU!…it’s about ME, too!-lol:)

TIP # 1   Seek Modesty and not Prominence!

Many truly successful, happy people live life “contentedly” out of the lime-light. A modest person: has an “accurate” (not inflated or deflated) assessment/appreciation/value of what he or she is and has to work with it. Be it abilities, limitations, resources, etc. A modest person is reasonable. Content with the sustenance/simple things of his or her present life/existence. A modest person may choose to count/focus on his or her present blessings/positives in life.

Cultivating modesty helps us cope with our challenges big and small. We all have challenges. We all have abilities. We all have limitations. Reasonable/balanced/humble expectations can spare us much disappointment, discouragement and frustration.

We all have different points of view/opinions. A modest person’s sense of “personal” success is not threatened or irritated by others’ accomplishments and/or differing opinions on various things.

Do you seek modesty or prominence? Is your opinion the “correct” point of view? Do you welcome input from others?

2. Don’t Fuel D & D: Letting others coerce/induce/seduce us into any activity that our gut (core values) is telling us to avoid leads to Disappointment and Discouragement. Sometimes, a spirit of competition added to a fear and/or peer pressure–succumbing to fear of man– could cause us to speak/act in ways we wouldn’t otherwise.

Stick to core values. Competition/dares/peer pressure may cause us to do things we may later regret. Compare yourself with yourself–Your own personal accomplishments and growth over time.  Do you give in to peer pressure to engage in activity that goes against your core values? How can you resist competition? How can you prepare in advance for peer pressure?

TIP #2  Prepare for Peer Pressure! Don’t give up control over your life by succumbing to fear of man/woman.

3. Don’t Fuel D & D: harboring excessive guilt about many things. Some Partners and Caregivers feel guilty because we should of done that. Why didn’t we do this and sooner, etc. Our present perspective in life and daily choices may be tainted by a heavy burden of needless past guilt. This type of guilt is a burden weighing us down. Are You becoming the Hunch Back of Notre Disappointment and Discouragement?

Figuratively speaking, learn to stand up straight! Stop looking at the ground and start looking at the Sky–future is bright and burden-free. Are you carrying too much guilt? How can you unburden yourself? Who can you (talk to)/trust with your guilt? Do you need to seek counsel?

TIP #3 Good posture promotes good health. Get excessive guilt off your back–it’s distorting your walk in life.

wake up
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I better end this post soon before my word count is over my goal.

HAPPY Week-end to YOU!!

Let’s see, how did I do? 872 words: WOO HOO!:)

Conceit spoils the finest genius. There is not much danger that real talent or goodness will be overlooked long; even if it is, the consciousness of possessing and using it well should satisfy one, and the great charm of all power is modesty. ~Louisa May Alcott

3 Tips for Dealing with Disappointment and Discouragement

Joan Winifred

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