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Corruption Perception Index: How do You Rank?

“Corruption is the abuse of entrusted power for private gain. It hurts everyone whose life, livelihood or happiness depends on the integrity of people in a position of authority.” ~ Transparency International – The Global Coalition Against Corruption.

                              Are You Transparent?                             
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Are you in a position of authority? Caregivers, Partners — All of us have a measure of authority over someone or something in our life.

How do you wield your power? Are you honest in your dealings? (Come on, “honest” evaluation is necessary for “positive” personal growth!) Or do you take a kickback now and then? Are you a victim of corruption? Or are you a perpetrator of corruption?

How would you rank in the Corruption Perceptions Index?

“According to Transparency International’s (TI) 2011 Corruption Perceptions Index which ranks countries according to their perceived levels of public-sector corruption”…

“the vast majority of the 183 countries and territories assessed score below 5 on a scale of 0 (highly corrupt) to 10 (very clean).”

Ooh, brave enough to take the survey?! If not, please proceed with caution! 🙂 (i’m proceeding with caution!)

As caregiver or partner or other: how would you rank yourself from 0 – 10? (0 being highly corrupt to 10 being very clean). Pick your number from the corruption scale. Then have a family member, friend, colleague, employer or employee pick your number? Do they match-up? Thank You for leaving your survey results in a comment.

(FYI: i just asked my son and our numbers didn’t match-Oh No! I’m curious now, where I rank in my kids’ perception of corruption… Do they think I treat each one fairly, or that I favor one kid over another?) Yes, this mama has stuff to work on!

Others depend on our integrity, whether we think so or not!  Integrity can be defined as: “moral uprightness; honesty.”  Do you view integrity as a virtue or as an encumbrance? Some smart yet selfish, scheming strategists may/could fluctuate their stance on “corruption” to their advantage. What do you think: should the so-called intelligentsia of the world feel a moral/ethical obligation to the so-called less smart/less educated/less advantaged?!

A person of integrity is honest in the way he/she treats others, no matter what the others’ background, language, ethnicity, education, and gender may or may not be.  Honesty earns respect and trust. It’s not easy being honest in a corrupt atmosphere. Do you follow the crowd? Even if the crowd is greedy and selfish–corrupt? How can one resist corrupting influences? Can you identify any corrupting influences in your life? Everyday ethical issues confront us all. What will you do when you are alone? What will you do when you are in a crowd? You can resist the crowd!

It’s worth it: a person of integrity/honesty contributes to a feeling of security within the family and elsewhere. Who doesn’t like being around a trustworthy person? Someone who has your back no matter what. Someone you can truly count on. Caregivers who are integrity-keepers deserve respect! Are you an Integrity-Keeper? Are you trustworthy? Do others view you or perceive you as such? Go ahead… You can do it: Exert some positive peer pressure!

Who can you trust? Who is the most honest person in your life? What have you learned from him or her?

A mentor in my life once said:

“When in doubt, Do the Right Thing anyway!”

I’ve “tried” hard to apply those words which hasn’t always been easy. But, as I’m sure you realize, anything that comes too easy may not be too valuable.

Security eludes the corrupt person. Notice these wise words/Proverbs:

“He that is walking in integrity will walk in security, but he that is making his ways crooked will make himself known. The one winking his eye will give pain, and the one foolish with his lips will be trodden down.”—Proverbs 10:9, 10.

A deceiver or one who gives in to dishonesty for selfish gain at the painful expense of others (and himself), will sooner or later have his mask humiliatingly removed. (Well, unless you’re Zorro or Tonto!) Do you ride a horse? I love horses.

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By contrast, a person of integrity is a valuable caregiver, partner, friend, employee and is often trusted with greater responsibility. An honest reputation is priceless (and comes in handy when the job market is scarce). Honesty and Integrity are desirable traits in both partners and caregivers. Everybody wants to be desirable, right? 🙂

You can make a difference in your world and mine: fight against corruption–the battle starts within! Integrity education is a must!

Transparency International’s Vision:

“A world in which government, politics, business, civil society and the daily lives of people are free of corruption!”

What’s your vision? As caregiver and partner, where are you headed? What honesty/integrity goals have you set that will benefit you and your loved ones in your care?! Be a partner and caregiver against corruption!

Notice these important points from TI’s website:

“Corruption in the health sector can mean the difference between life and death. Poor people are worst affected. Medical staff can charge unofficial fees to attend to patients. They may demand bribes for medication which should be free. Or they may let patients who bribe them queue-jump. Corruption also costs lives when fake or adulterated medications are sold to health services. Without proper checks from regulators, public health funds can easily disappear. World Bank surveys show that in some countries, up to 80 per cent of non-salary health funds never reach local facilities. Ministers and hospital administrators can siphon millions of dollars from health budgets. Or they can accept bribes. This distorts policy and denies people hospitals, medicines and qualified staff. Stolen funds also hamper efforts to beat major health challenges, such as malaria and HIV/AIDS.”

“It’s not only developing countries which suffer. Wealthy countries lose millions of dollars each year to insurance fraud and corruption.”

Please check out their website:

They are trying to help youth around the globe be corrupt-free.

We are all negatively/adversely affected by corruption either directly or indirectly! For some, it is a matter of life or death! Can’t we all choose life for ourselves and others by living free of corruption?! Please share a comment of any positive initiatives/ideas you have on this topic that would help/encourage us all to keep our integrity for the benefit of our global-family of humanity!:)

Thank you!–Your integrity makes a world of difference! I know you don’t abuse your power–Keep up the good work!:)

The world is in my hands
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Corruption Perception Index: How do You Rank?

Joan Winifred

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