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Archives for September, 2012


3 Tips for Dealing with Disappointment and Discouragement

Are you disappointed? SORRY! Are you discouraged? SORRY!

Each of us at one time or another, or even today at the present moment, deal with disappointment and discouragement. Something didn't turn out as we'd hoped or even more painful: someone is not who we thought they were. Do you feel duped?! I do and did!
How to Find Courage and Carry on: 3 tips!
(FYI:This post is a summary/essay on recent reading/research that is whirling...
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Partners In Wellness with Joan Winifred

Got Lemons, Now What?

"EUREKA!" I got it!... lemons, that is and the standard market variety at that! Do you like lemons? Do you like sour things that make you squinch and pucker?!... a sconce* really (is what I got)--*"sense, brain, wit" or "a protective screen or shelter" or "In medieval architecture, a detached earth-work, that serves as a small defensive position, providing additional protection for a fort." or "any device serving as a source...
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Partners In Wellness with Joan Winifred

In Search of Eden

What are you searching for? Of what are you in hot pursuit? Everybody's searching for something: a job, misplaced keys, a long-lost relative, true love, a remedy, a cure, an escape, hope, money, quiet, purpose, meaning to the daily grind, understanding, satisfying  answers, truth, justice, closure, mercy, security, forgiveness, happiness, peace, pleasure, paradise?!

Have you checked the lost n' found? :)

Some tire out and give up their quest without...
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Partners In Wellness with Joan Winifred

A Leader’s Language: Are You Fluent?

What is your native tongue? Arabic, Bengali, Creole, Dutch, English, French, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Kurdish, Luxembourgish, Mandarin, Navajo, Oromo, Portuguese, Quechua, Russian, Spanish, Telugu, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Welsh, Xhosa,Yiddish,Zulu or another language not on this limited list?

There are around 7,000 languages world-wide!

Are you bilingual, trilingual, quadrilingual or multilingual? Is your language or preferred form of expression/communication: sign, scientific, symbolic, poetic, mathematical, musical, philosophical, spiritual or technological?...
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No Excuses – Empathy Needed

Empathy is an essential quality for effective care-giving. No excuses. What I mean by that is: As Care-givers--We have No Excuse Not to Show Empathy! 

I know: You're exhausted, frustrated, hungry, down, misunderstood, unappreciated, overworked and that and much more! The reality of care-giving is expressed by these words:

“The world’s people want answers from their leaders. They expect solutions, not half-measures or excuses.”

Same expectations...
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Partners In Wellness with Joan Winifred

A Compassionate Caregiver Cries

A compassionate Caregiver Cries!...a lot and not just tears!  (A compassionate care-giver cries for help as a voice for the voiceless and trampled upon!) Have you been trampled upon?! I am sorry this happened to You!

How many tears have you shed? Too many to count?

Tiny little droplets streaming down my face flowing into a blue ocean. An ocean teeming with life....
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Joan Winifred

From August To Autumn…THANKS!

Reading this out loud as I type helps me think -- I think!

Dr. Oz (wait a minute, do you hear barking, too?) "Stop it Toto - I didn't say WIZARD!"

Good thing I can't hear you: "If she "only had a brain" maybe that joke wouldn't of been so lame!"

Sorry Readers, can't resist due to happy childhood attachments to munchkins, ruby red shoes and yellow...
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