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Seeking Shelter from ISAAC: Storm Evacuations and Plans

RUNAre you seeking shelter from ISAAC? The Tropical Storm (soon-to-be hurricane) sadly left some dead in Haiti and in the Dominican Republic! The death toll is relatively low, but just one death by storm is way too many!

Those who have suffered loss of a loved one (or belongings) deserve our help, support, comfort and disaster relief! Will you volunteer to help in your community or elsewhere? I know you care!

The Weather Channel has said: “After saturating Florida with rain and high winds, Tropical Storm Isaac marches toward the Gulf Coast, which has been issued hurricane warnings.”

A Tropical Storm has winds 39-73 mph, which come before a hurricane and can be pretty strong and dangerous! Hurricane force winds are 74 mph and up….”hurricanes pack their strongest punch closest to shoreline, but damaging winds are not limited to a small area.” ~“Making it Through the Storm Season Hurricane Guide 2012” from Wink News/The News-Press Media group.

Here’s a Hurricane Pop Quiz: (Hey, quizzes pop up unexpectedly like storms. Always be prepared!)

1. When is a Hurricane Warning Issued?

2. When is a Hurricane Watch Issued?

No time to Play Around–Take Warnings & Watches Seriously! Panico
“Isaac poses a serious threat to portions of the US northern Gulf Coast Tuesday into Wednesday.”

“Whether” we are in the path of Isaac or a storm by another name, we all want to STAY SAFE and SURVIVE!

Evacuation may be your only option.  

Here’s One Evacuation Route–Quick Practical Tips to follow:

  • HEED & OBEY storm advisories and stay alert to all watches and warnings. Keep on the watch!
  • GET & FILL up on gas and cash ASAP. Banks could be closed and gas stations empty.
  • MAP & CAP or secure your home before leaving. Lock all windows, doors. MAP out an evacuation route.
  • TELL & CELL phone family and friends and let them know your plans. Don’t leave without telling someone.

 Where Do We Go?

Public shelters are a last resort. If you must go to a public shelter, Please consider the following:

  • Shelters are NOT motels or hotels. They are not convenient, luxurious with lots of amenities. Bring your own disaster kit full of supplies. Blankets, pillows and teddy bears to snuggle! If you have pets, make sure it’s a pet-friendly shelter.
  • A Community Environment should exist. Please be considerate of others and cooperate with instructions from a management team present. Golden Rule applicable–“Treat others the way you want to be treated!”
  • Food and Water may not be provided. Pack the essentials if possible, along with any medications you may need. Baby food, formula, kid food, etc. Don’t forget stuff (books, puzzles, toys) to occupy the kids.
  • NO ALCOHOL or WEAPONS ALLOWED. Possession of either could get you arrested!
  • Be Smart, Be patient. A patient attitude will serve you and your family well. Listen and obey ONLY OFFICIAL INFORMATION. Acting on rumors or speculations is not smart and can lead to mayhem.

How did you do on your pop quiz?

Hurricane Warning–Issued when hurricane conditions–winds of 74 mph or greater–are expected within 24 hrs.

Hurricane Watch–Issued when hurricane conditions are possible within 36 hrs.


I found reading over my local Hurricane Guide 2012 very informative. What have you been reading? I hope it’s accurate and informative. Misinformation can be deadly. As Caregivers and partners, we have to be aware of the special needs of those in our care and respond accordingly even during a storm. Someone is counting on us. Don’t panic…

Please Stay Informed and Stay Safe!


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Seeking Shelter from ISAAC: Storm Evacuations and Plans

Joan Winifred

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