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Can’t Afford a Real Vacation? Take A Mental Health Break!

Puerto del CuraI need a vacation, but can’t afford one! Do you feel the same way?! Not being able to afford to do something doesn’t always include not having enough money for that dream location. Sometimes, we just can’t afford the time, energy, or mental, physical, spiritual, emotional exhaustion/cost vacations take!

Caregivers and partners with lots of responsibilities, and the others depending on them, may not be able to pick up and travel so easily. Anyone suffering from any debilitating illness – Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Depression, Diabetes, you name it – probably would love to get away from the effects of their illnesses – a vacation of sorts – but can’t so easily either!

What can we do?! We all need a break! A healthy, positive, good-for-us escape. Do you feel like you need a vacation?


Before planning any endeavor, it’s important to count the cost. What will this new endeavor or vacation cost me and my family / partner in time, energy, money, etc.? Do you have enough to spend? I’m not talking money. Will you have enough love, patience, forgiveness, endurance and energy to see this thing through to completion? Here’s an interesting point to contemplate:

“who of You that wants to build a tower does not first sit down and

calculate the expense, to see if he has enough to complete it?”

OKAY, so we want to get away, but how, where and why?

Why not? Do you have a favorite vacation memory? Hopefully it’s not a nightmare. Caregivers and Partners in Wellness need time to recuperate and re-energize their batteries. I don’t know about you, but I’m no energizer bunny!

Speaking of towers (as in Eiffel), one favorite dream vacation for me was France.  And not just Paris, but discovering different villages and local cuisine and making friends throughout the country! Oh, and the cheese. France has about 400 varieties – Bon Appetit! I like traveling off the beaten path; it’s way more exciting and fun then just hitting tourists’ spots only.

Please, leave me a comment about a favorite vacation you enjoyed, and don’t feel like it has to be a European or exotic one. Road trips, family reunions, etc. are just as awesome! Please let me know what you learned from the experience.

THANKS! We can all travel vicariously through your adventures!

The Eiffel Tower

After we’ve calculated the cost, communicated about what we want to do with our time, money, family and friends, if it’s still realistically impossible right now — to literally “get away from it all” — why not go on a day trip?! Be a tourist in your town. Rediscover a park, beach, restaurant, museum or book on a country you’d like to visit some day.

My hubby likes to take “staycations;” those we can afford! Plus, you don’t need a passport! In my family, we use laughter to get away. We feel refreshed after a good laugh–do you? Thrift Score! Suitcase ObsessionGetting away for the day may be all you really need to make it to tomorrow!

As with any vacation, just like life, pack light and travel light…too much luggage will cost you!

Here’s a video that may help you choose your next vacation destination <<wink>> 🙂 Where do you want to go?! Hope you get there!!


Click here to watch the Muppets sing “Kokomo”

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Can’t Afford a Real Vacation? Take A Mental Health Break!

Joan Winifred

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