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I Forgive You – Do You Forgive Me?

It Stings, but BEE FORGIVING! 

Bee collecting nectar from a daisyAre you hurting? 
Read this exercise below out loud:

I forgive You.
I am letting my resentment go >->->->->->->- far away from me. I am keeping my inner peace close. I will not hold a grudge toward you and this difficult matter. By forgiving you, I am not condoning damaging, hurtful behavior! I am humbly acknowledging that I too am in need of forgiveness for the things I may have done in my life that hurt others knowingly or otherwise.

I am courageously choosing to not let your actions or attitudes control me and rob me of my inner joy and happiness. Resentment is a damaging emotion. I am not going to let resentment damage me or someone else. I am in control and am choosing peace both short-term and long-term. By forgiving you I am choosing wellness! 

Are you choosing wellness? I am working on it. As Caregivers and partners, FORGIVENESS is an essential quality to Mental health, happiness and peace! We all want happiness and peace, right?! Life is better with both.

All of us out there have been hurt by accident or on purpose by someone at some time. Let’s admit it, each of us has been on the other end, too. We have all hurt someone in either a big or small ways, knowingly or unknowingly. What we choose to do about it will determine for us a healthy course of wellness or an unhealthy course of sickness!

Choose wellness by being forgiving.

“Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it.” ~ Mark Twain

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Be aware, this is not an easy choice of instant pleasure and instant gratification. This is not the popular course. This is the course less traveled. It is not the course of letting yourself be walked on either. You are not letting yourself be victimized by forgiving your perpetrator. You are taking control of your life and your emotions. You are using your free will. You are choosing…

 Peace Rusted

Peace – A Smart Choice

By being unforgiving and acting on resentment, you are giving and relinquishing to the person who wronged you and/or acted against you control over your well-being, thoughts, actions and possibly future. Is that what you really want to do? Let this person or situation continually hurt you or cause you to hurt someone else? Don’t you want peace?

Forgiveness is the wise, the patient, the long-term, self-healing course of peace. The course with the better end result. Peace – a smart choice. I know you’re smart! Thank you for choosing peace! Never Give Up!

Wouldn’t you agree, the world would be a sweeter place if everyone chose peace?

Dwelling on negative thoughts and hurt feelings and replaying tragedy over and over will not help one find healing. It builds resentment. It may build hatred.

Personally, I don’t like pain. And I certainly don’t like to relive it. I like to get past pain as fast as possible. (I want to get it over with.) Do you want to get it over with?

When I personally dwell or recount, rehash a wrongdoing in my mind over and over, I feel wronged/hurt all over again! Do you? I don’t find healing for myself by ‘knowingly’ obsessing over the negative. Making the effort to fill my mind on positives and the positives in my life, which is worth the effort, makes me feel better!

Have you tried it? Positive thoughts lead to positive actions. Forgiveness is such an action. I need forgiveness. Don’t you?

 Wise Counsel: “Let the sun not set with you in a provoked state…”

(If nothing else, you’ll sleep better, and don’t we all feel better with a good night’s sleep?) THANKS for reading my blog. That’s it for part 1 of this topic….my pillow’s calling me. Good night!

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I Forgive You – Do You Forgive Me?

Joan Winifred

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