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Extreme Behavior Emergency Survival Kit

Lightning Striking Over IBM Boulder CO 3Extreme weather exists. So does extreme behavior. Sadly, many of us have been adversely affected by both.

It’s hurricane season. When I say hurricane–which name comes to mind: Andrew, Katerina, Charley, Isaac?! When I say extreme behavior…is there a name that comes to your mind as well? Have you survived both?

Congratulations and Keep on Surviving!

Are you prepared for the extreme? Blizzards, tropical storms, lightening storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, tsunamis… Many of us are watching and alert for extreme behavior that could be likened to tough weather.

Forgiveness is a quality needed to weather an emotional storm.

Thanks for Reading “Part 2:Forgiveness Fixes,” and coming back to continue our on-going “Forgiveness, Part 3” conversation…

Obviously, we know the benefits of preparedness for extreme weather. If it’s hurricane season, you have to be ready, alert and watchful. Discerning as well. You need extra water, batteries, food, a generator…the list goes on. Please check out this list from the Weather Channel.

“Here are some of the most critical supplies to have on hand, well before a hurricane threatens:”

  • At least a 3-day and preferably a 7-day supply of water (one gallon per person per day)
  • Non-perishable food
  • Formula, diapers, and other baby supplies
  • Manual can opener
  • First aid kit
  • Prescription and non-prescription medicines
  • Toiletries
  • Cell phones and battery-powered cell phone chargers
  • Battery-powered radios and flashlights
  • Plenty of batteries
  • Extra cash
  • Blankets, sleeping bags, books, and games (especially if evacuating)

 The reality is: someone in the near future may hurt us in one way or another. Extreme behavior exists.

…if you can’t completely avoid it, do you have an Extreme Behavior Emergency Survival Kit? As caregivers and partners, is it crucial for safety and survival to have one? Do you have an Emotional Emergency First-aid Kit?

What would you put in an Extreme Behavior Emergency Survival Kit? Do you think it should be personalized? Each individual probably has their particular definition of “extreme” behavior. (And what they personally need to weather a storm.) Do you view extreme behavior as actions that would or could injure self, someone else, or property; acts of rage, violence or vengeance; abusive speech, or bullying?

What do you have in your kit to help you weather an emotional storm that may be looming in your life? It’s not fun living in the cone of uncertainty. However, we can feel more secure with an Extreme Behavior Emergency Survival Kit. Maybe, it’s a number of a trusted friend you can call for help. Maybe it’s a crisis hot-line. Maybe it’s 911. Maybe it’s an evacuation plan. Maybe it includes “material” things for physical needs like the literal hurricane list? You decide what you need in there…

Each storm presents different dangers. Each kit should contain “specifics” to handle those dangers. It should be regularly and periodically evaluated and updated as the need arises.When we survive a literal or emotional storm, we learn a lot. We gain insight that can help us better prepare for the next one. Are you prepared?! I try to be.


Here’s what I’ve included in my Emotional Emergency First-Aid Kit:

  • Calm–In any emergency, it’s beneficial to remain calm and not panic. Meditation and prayer help me remain calm.
  • Love–Responding with love improves any situation, dull or extreme. “Love works what is good toward all.”
  • Respect–Acknowledging another person’s feelings can defuse the negative. Be respectful–think before speaking.
  • “An answer when mild turns away rage.” Self-control. Remain mild and gentle, help quiet the storm. Add stability.
  • Kindness–being nice to a person who is not so nice may help one evaluate their behavior and modify it.
  • Get out of the way–If a BIG truck is barreling straight for me and I’m in a Mini Cooper, guess who’s yielding?
  • Don’t throw wood on the fire. Don’t engage with a person in rage. Fires get out of control quickly!
  • Forgiveness–Learning to let go of resentment will help me remain on the path of wellness.
  • Peace–by pursuing peace, I am not letting this extreme behavior rob me of present happiness or future joy.

What do you have in your Emotional Emergency First-aid Kit? As caregivers and partners, we all need one!

Stay Well and Weather Any Storm, Emotional or Otherwise!

Boston 2012

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Extreme Behavior Emergency Survival Kit

Joan Winifred

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